My Husband Warm the Bed – Chapter 1

“Karen Daly, this is my bank card, and the password is 131224, you can use it to buy anything necessary.”

A few hours had passed, but Karen Daly was still thinking about what her new husband had said as he handed her a bank card before going out in the morning. Honestly, she knew very little about her husband. Apart from the fact that his name was Kevin Kyle, she knew nothing else about him, not even who his family members were Karen Daly did not know where she got the courage to get married to a man she had only met twice. Ten days ago, with the help of Faye Reed, her best friend, Karen Daly met Kevin Kyle for the first time on a blind date. She was not hopeful.

After all, she had been hurt three years earlier, and she no longer had the right to be picky about others, but had to succumb to letting others pick her instead. She was 15 minutes earlier on the day of the blind date. Since she didn’t have any good qualities, she could only do better in other aspects, hoping to leave a good impression If she could marry a man that was suitable for her, she could also make her parents feel at ease. The man came on time. The man’s suit and shoes were very formal, which made her feel how important he viewed this blind date, which gave her a good first impression of him. His way of greeting was also very ordinary.

“Miss Karen Daly, Hello! I am Kevin Kyle.” It was a very ordinary sentence, but because his voice was very magnetic, it made Karen Daly feel unusually pleasant, leaving behind better impression than before. After a brief chat, they exchanged their phone numbers and left. Since Karen had been on many blind dates before, she did not take this blind date seriously. She thought that this blind date would end up the same as those before. Unexpectedly, she received a call from Kevin Kyle two days later.

His voice was as polite as before, “Miss Karen, are you free tonight?” That night, Kevin Kyle invited her to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Karen Daly didn’t like the awkwardness of a blind date. There spoke very few words in at the restaurant. During the meal, she felt a little cautious and she didn’t eat much. Originally, she wanted to find a reason to leave early. While she was hesitating, Kevin Kyle spoke first, “Miss Karen, I have some time next Wednesday, how about we get our marriage certificate picked up then?” “What, what certificate do you want?”

Karen Daly was shocked by Kevin Kyle’s words. “A marriage certificate,” he repeated in a serious tone. He did not sound like he was joking at all. “A marriage certificate?” Karen Daly still did not believe what she had heard. She put her hand on her thigh and pinched it hard to make sure that she was not dreaming, then she looked at the man in front of her seriously. Kevin Kyle had a pair of thick sword-shaped eyebrows, bright eyes, and a beautiful face. He was so eye-catching that others could spot him immediately in a crowd. His expression and attitude were very serious, and he didn’t look like an impulsive person.

This was only the second time they had met, and he yet said he wanted to marry her? Then, the man’s deep magnetic voice arrived at her ears again. “I thought that you were just like me. Going on a blind date with the objective to form a family, to get married and have children, and live an “ordinary life.” “Yes, I think so too, but after all, we have just met for the second time. Don’t you think it’s too fast?” Karen Daly said. She wanted to have her own family, but she didn’t expect it to be so hasty. “It is a bit too fast.”

Kevin Kyle continued with a calm look, “After the first meeting, I went back and thought about it for two days. You have given me a good feeling. I personally feel that our personalities don’t clash, so I want to have a try.” Karen Daly frowned slightly and was a little unhappy. “In my opinion, marriage is not a trivial thing. Try? If this doesn’t work out, does it mean you want to… Before she could finish, Kevin Kyle interrupted her, “Miss Karen, we are all adults. Of course, we would never yearn for a love that does not even exist. We all know what we want.” Karen Daly did not answer and continued to stare at him.

On the surface, this man was calm and not flamboyant. He would be a good husband. However, could she really hand over the rest of her life to this man whom she had only met twice? Really? Seeing that she was hesitating, Kevin Kyle added, “Maybe it was impatient of me, to not have considered your feelings. If you think I’m suitable, you can go back and think about it. I’ll wait for your call.” After returning home that day, Karen Daly had been thinking about it all night. She admitted that some of her opinions were similar to those of Kevin Kyle’s.

For example, she also believed that there was no true love in the world, After being deeply hurt, she no longer believed that there was love in this world. After a sleepless night, Karen Daly called Kevin Kyle early the next morning and agreed to his so-called proposal. In the afternoon, Karen Daly brought along her household registration book and went to register their marriage at the Registry of Marriages with Kevin Kyle. When they collected their and walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau together, she had a feeling that she could not explain It was said that for women, marriage is the mark of a new life, but now it seemed to be just so simple. All it took was 9 dollars for a certificate that now meant that Karen Daly legally belonged to Kevin Kyle.

Karen Daly then moved into Kevin Kyle’s apartment. Kevin Kyle had behaved with chivalry that night. He —- took the initiative to leave the main bedroom for her to rest alone, while he slept in another bedroom. Karen Daly had never expected for Kevin Kyle to hand over his bank card to her before he went to work today. They didn’t even know each other that well. How could he be so sure with giving all his property to her?

“Karen Daly, the reporters from the media are waiting inside. The directors and the new boss are coming soon. Why are you in a daze at this time?” The stern voice of the Public Relations Manager, Emma Wilson, interrupted Karen Daly’s daydreaming. She quickly pulled back her thoughts and said with a straight face, “Manager Wilson, I’m sorry, I’ll pay attention.”

Emma Wilson looked at Karen and said in a harsh tone, “Karen, although you are an employee from the Sales department, your manager has sent you to assist with the Public Relations Department. You had better wake up and don’t drag me down with you.” Karen Daly pursed his lips and nodded. “Manager Wilson, I was just distracted. It won’t happen again.” Emma Wilson looked at Karen Daly again and then looked away. She clapped her hands and called several employees who were also responsible for the reception over. “Everyone, try your best. We must hold today’s press conference smoothly. We can’t afford any mistakes.” While speaking, Emma Wilson glanced at every employee..

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