My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 10

Hearing what Faye Reed said, Karen Daly’s heart skipped a beat. She carefully recalled the day of the blind date. On that day, Kevin Kyle had come straight to find her. She couldn’t have made a mistake. “Karen..” Faye grabbed Karen’s hand nervously. “Tell me what’s going on.” She was worried that Karen Daly, this silly girl, had been cheated by a big liar. Karen Daly then told Faye about the blind date, the marriage registration and how Kevin came to be the new boss of her company in detail. Hearing this, Faye Reed’s eyes almost popped out. “Karen, what do you think I should say about this?” Faye took back the iPad that she had tossed aside, quickly clicking on the browser to search for the boss of Innovative Tech, Kevin Kyle. She said, “I’m sure that Kevin must be a bald and big-bellied old man. How can he be worthy of such a beautiful woman like you..” Before she could finish speaking, Faye Reed was shocked by the pictures she saw on the Internet. Although only two photos taken during the press conference on Kevin Kyle’s appointment day could be found on the Internet, it was enough to see his unparalleled appearance Faye said excitedly, “Bitch, slap me. Tell me i’m not dreaming.” Karen slapped Faye on the back. “That’s the person.” Faye did a little dance and said, “Such a handsome man —- he is, and on top of that, he is so capable – and he has become your husband! You have been unlucky for so many years. Are you a lucky dog now?” Karen Daly was not in the mood to joke with her. She asked, “Are you saying that you really didn’t introduce Kevin Kyle to me? Faye Reed said, “Actually, perhaps it was an indirect introduction. It was a client of mine at the studio. He told me that he knew some quality men around him. I thought of you when I heard about it, so…” Karen grabbed the cushion on the sofa and threw it at Faye Reed. “How worried are you that I can’t get married?” “I’m not worried that you can’t get married, but I’m worried that you don’t want to.” Faye Reed suddenly hugged her, feeling happy but a little sad. “Karen, you must live a happier life than anyone else, and give those who doubt you a hard slap.” Karen Daly patted Faye on the back and said gently, “Faye, the past is the past. I won’t trap myself anymore. I will live happily, not for proving to the others, but only for myself.” Karen Daly had really thought so. Of course, Faye Reed was the happiest person upon hearing these words. She rushed to the refrigerator and took out two cans of beer. “B*tch, I wish you a happy new marriage! You must be blessed in future. If that Kevin Kyle dare bully you, as long as I am here, you don’t have to be afraid.” Speaking of Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly felt very satisfied. There was a little smile in her sparkly eyes. “Although we don’t love each other, I believe in his personality. I think we will get on well.” —- That night, Karen Daly and Faye Reed chatted for a long time. They didn’t finish until dawn came. But after the conversation which lasted all night, Faye was finally relieved It was really great that Karen had opened her heart to another person. Despite losing a night’s sleep, Karen Daly still had to get up early to go to work. Work was more important than anything else in her eyes. No matter how tired she was, she would not allow herself to leave her work behind. At noon, Kevin Kyle waited for Karen to eat lunch together. When he saw that she seemed much more tired than before, he said thoughtfully after lunch, “Karen, there is a break room at the here. Go rest for an hour.” Karen Daly opened her mouth and wanted to tell him not to bother, but when she saw his caring eyes, she swallowed the words back. Although there was no love, Kevin Kyle was more than qualified to be her husband, he really cared about her. Moreover, without any energy, her work efficiency would naturally decrease. Karen Daly understood this simple principle. The break room was right next door to room 1808. The room was set up in a fresh and simple manner, making people feel comfortable in it. Kevin closed the curtains in the room, and place fell into darkness. In an instant, Karen felt sleepy. Kevin went over to the bed and sat down on it. He — pulled the quilt over Karen and said, “Go to sleep. I’ll wake you up when the time comes.” Karen tried hard to open her eyes, but they were about to close. “Don’t you want to rest too?” Kevin Kyle said, “I slept well last night. I’m not sleepy today.” “Okay.” Karen nodded obediently and fell asleep after lying in bed after a while. Kevin sat by the bed and did not leave. He looked at Karen carefully with deep eyes. In his eyes, Karen was not the kind of woman who would amaze at first sight. The more he looked at her, the more beautiful she became. Her eyebrows were like a painting, her eyelashes were long, her eyes were crystal clear, her skin was fair as jade, and her figure was very good. She usually looked gentle, but there was a strong tenacity in her bones. It was her seemingly gentle but tough demeanor that attracted his attention and made him feel that it would be good to share a life with her. Karen Daly slept soundly. She believed that Kevin Kyle would wake her up on time. However, it was already dark when she finally woke up. Tomorrow was the opening day of Star Glow Corporation’s tender, but she had done such a stupid thing the day right before it, this made her feel very bad about herself. She bit her lip and looked at Kevin angrily. Kevin Kyle said calmly, “I have asked Special Assistant Amelia to apply leave for you. You’ve also prepared well for the Star Glow project. Don’t worry.” —- Even if Karen was full of anger, the big boss of the company had spoken, so she had no reason to be angry anymore. However, she still did not compromise and said, “Next time, you can’t do this again.” Aside from work, Karen Daly was easy going, but this was related to work, so she was very strict with herself. Kevin Kyle nodded, “Then let’s have dinner first.” Karen Daly turned around and walked out, muttering in a low voice, “Do men always lie?” Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle’s face darkened. He wanted to explain, but he still didn’t say anything. Although all he had wanted was for Karen Daly to rest more, he did after all, break his promise to her. The bidding for the Star Glow project might take up to half a month, and Innovative Tech had the advantage on this bid. In order to reward everyone, under orders from the boss, Special Assistant Amelia, sent an email out announcing, during the coming weekend, the company will be organizing a two-day trip to Azure Ocean Villa. Hearing these news, all of the employees were very excited. Azure Ocean Villa was a top vacation resort developed by Rovio Corporation Inc. It had guest rooms, a golf course, a natural hot spring and all kinds of leisure facilities. It was said that the room rate for one night was so high that ordinary people dared not think about it. All their guests were super wealthy businessmen or visiting leaders from various countries. Apart from the employees of Rovio Corporation Inc, no employees from any other company had had such a luxurious treat.

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