My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 11

Although everyone was excited, they did not forget to gossip about the big boss. Suddenly, the topic of whether the boss would take part in this event became the focus of discussion. While her colleagues were thinking about this question, Karen Daly was also thinking about Kevin Kyle. Kevin was on a business trip this week. She hadn’t seen him for several days. When would he come back? Although he did call her on time every night, his relationship with her had not reached the point where he could say much. Most of the time, the two people on both sides of the phone were silent. Meanwhile, someone had started a bet in the employee’ s casual group chat. The bet was on whether their boss would take part in the event, and each participant would place a stake of 500 dollars. Five hundred dollars was not that much. Many people responded quickly, and dozens of people were now in on the bet. The votes were almost equal. May Lily and William Baker came to look for Karen Daly at the same time and asked, “Karen, do you want to bet on this?” She did a quick analysis. Although Kevin Kyle was cold and distant, this was the first time that the company had organized such a big event after he had taken office, and they were going to such a luxurious place. He must have ordered Special Assistant Amelia to organize this, so Karen placed a bet on Kevin Kyle attending it. — As they were about to get off work, Karen Daly received a call from Kevin Kyle. She knew that he had just come back from a business trip, so she went to the supermarket and bought some ingredients, daily necessities and snacks for tomorrow’s trip. When they got home, Kevin Kyle was still busy in the study. After saying hello to him, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. While eating, Kevin Kyle still did not say a word, he ate gracefully. Karen peeped at him several times, and finally ventured to ask, “Kevin, will you be going for the company’s activities tomorrow?” Kevin Kyle did not seem to hear her question but continued to eat seriously. As he did not answer, Karen felt a little embarrassed. She lowered her head to eat. After some time, Kevin Kyle put down his cutlery, picked up a paper towel to wipe his mouth, and casually replied, “I’m not interested in such activities.” Kevin didn’t say it directly, but it was obvious that he didn’t want to go. “Oh.” Karen Daly whispered, and her voice was full of disappointment “What is it? Do you want me to go?” Seeing her disappointed look, Kevin Kyle suddenly said. Karen Daly scratched her head and giggled, thinking, “It doesn’t matter whether you go or not. What I care about is the 500 dollars I have bet.” Under the bright chandelier, Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows slightly. Since she wanted him to go, as his —– husband, he would take the time to go there The next day, Karen got up very early, but Kevin Kyle had gotten up earlier than she did. They had been living together for some time, but no matter how early she got up, Kevin Kyle was always already dressed neatly when she wakes up, sitting by the window and reading the financial newspaper. Sometimes, she felt that Kevin Kyle did not seem to be a person living in this era. His daily routine was extremely unusual. Every day, he would take time to read the newspaper, which was about to go extinct, instead of reading news off the internet. “Get up!” He looked up at her and then looked down at the newspaper “Well, good morning!” Karen Daly looked at him, she suddenly couldn’t move her eyes away. He wore a white casual suit today and sat quietly on the armchair by the window. His long slender legs were crossed casually. The morning sunshine gently shone on him through the window, making him look a little warmer. This man was not a human at all, but a rare work of art in this world, which made people want to collect him. Karen Daly’s warm gaze attracted his attention, but he ignored it and continued calmly to read the newspaper in his hand. His appearance often attracted the attention of promiscuous women, which made him very disgusted. However, he did not dislike the way Karen stared at him so firmly. —- After a long while, Karen Daly’s eyes were still fixed on him. He looked up at her and said, “Don’t you want to go to the company’s event?” “I’ ve almost forgotten that if you didn’t mention it.” Karen Daly smiled awkwardly and casually found an excuse. She was thinking that a work of art like Kevin Kyle would definitely be sold at a high price. His voice was like a bucket of cold water that splashed over her and woke her up. The company rented two buses with 50 seats each to ferry their employees to Azure Ocean Villa for the vacation. When the department manager was counting the number of people present, everyone’s eyes were looking left and right. They were all looking forward to see whether the boss would come or not. May Lily said to Karen Daly. “God help me, the boss must come, he must come. Karen Daly blurted out, “He won’t come.” May widened her eyes and looked at her. “How do you know?” Karen realized that she had spoken too much and immediately added, “The boss is usually very punctual. Nobody has seen him today, so it must mean he won’t be coming.” May Lily lowered her head in disappointment, and the female colleague next to her who heard their conversation also sighed with disappointment. The thoughts of all the female employees were very obvious. They rarely saw the boss at work and had no —- opportunity to do that. Everyone wore their best clothes and wanted to show off to him, but he was not coming today. More than an hour later, they arrived at Azure Ocean Villa, it was located by the sea. The first thing they did was to get their room cards ready. Karen Daly had originally been assigned to stay in the same room as May Lily, but Amelia Gray suddenly stood up and said, “Karen, the rooms here are full. We can share a room instead.” Amelia Gray was a woman who was always around the boss. She requested for Karen Daly to stay in her room instead, which made everyone envious. When everyone was busy checking their room cards, Amelia Gray said, “Please wait, Director Kevin wants to talk to all of you.” Director Kevin Kyle! For a moment, everyone’s eyes lit up. Had Director Kevin Kyle really come? With everyone’s expectant eyes, Kevin Kyle, wearing a silver-gray hand-made tailored suit, came out the door. Every step he took made his female colleagues’ hearts beat faster. When Karen saw Kevin Kyle, she thought that not only did she get her 500 dollars back, she had won a few hundred more! Kevin Kyle at her and saw that she was smiling brightly. He thought to himself, how did this make her so happy – just by him spending some time here? He came over and smiled politely at everyone. “Everyone, enjoy yourself. The company will cover all the expenses.” Everyone was so excited that they jumped up and down, almost chanting, ‘Long Live the Boss’. Only Karen Daly stood quietly behind them, she thought, you can do whatever you want as long as you are rich. Amelia Gray then said that the rooms have all been allocated, and then she took Karen Daly to the private villa area on a buggy Seeing the luxurious setting and facilities at that area, Karen Daly felt a little nervous. Was there another reason that Amelia Gray took her here? She guessed it right, Amelia Gray had sent her to Kevin Kyle’s private quarters.

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