My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 13

No way! Karen Daly competitiveness was immediately ignited. She raised her head and looked at Kevin Kyle provokingly Who was the one who was afraid? The host said, “Go!” The other three teams immediately took action. The crowd shouted around them, “Director Kevin, come on! Director Kevin must win!” Kevin Kyle said to Karen, “You bite onto the apple and don’t move. I’ll eat it.” This was a good tactic. Both of them were not going to be able to eat a swaying apple properly, but by stabilizing the apple simply by biting on to it would give the other person a good chance of finishing it. Karen Daly nodded. But thinking and executing are two different matters. Before they started, Karen Daly already had her thoughts scrambled by his presence. The voices of the crowd became louder. “Director Kevin, come on! Director Kevin will win!” “Don’t panic, i’m here!” Among thunderous cheers of the crowd, Karen Daly heard Kevin Kyle’s low and seductive voice. She took a breath and opened her mouth to bite the apple. Seeing Kevin Kyle approaching, she was so scared that she closed her eyes and her heart was beating fast. — Throughout the whole process, Karen Daly did not dare to open her eyes to look at Kevin Kyle, and she did not know how he looked like eating the apple. She felt that the apple was getting smaller and smaller, and her heart beat faster. Suddenly, Karen Daly’s lips felt a warm touch. It was Kevin Kyle’s lips that touched hers. “WOW.” The people around clapped and screamed. Karen Daly was stunned, as if by electric shock. Her mouth loosened and she took a big step back. Her face was as red as the apple they had just eaten. At this time, the host announced, “The blue team, the yellow team and the green team finished the challenge, so it’ s the red team who loses!” Since the red team had lost, Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle had to be punished with ice water. However, since it was the boss who had to be punished, nobody had the courage to pour the water. If this were the case, everyone would be disappointed. At this critical moment, the other special assistant to the boss, Nick Black, stood up and said, “It that case, let me perform the punishment on Director Kevin.” Then, everyone applauded and cheered. Nick Black raised the bucket but avoided pouring the water on Karen Daly. Kevin Kyle also pulled out his coat to protect her. In the end, Kevin Kyle was all wet, but Karen was not wet by the ice water at all. Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle, who was soaked all over, and was worried that he would catch a cold, but she could not show it in front of everyone. She just looked at him with worry. —- Kevin Kyle could tell that she was worried. When he took a towel from the staff and rubbed his hair, he leaned closer to Karen Daly and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” He casually wiped his face with the towel and smiled at everyone. “You guys continue to play. I’ll go change my clothes. Kevin Kyle had protected Karen Daly as far as chivalry would permit. Generally, men would protect women this way, but in the eyes of those with special intentions, this gesture would be interpreted very differently. The business manager, Madonna, stared at Karen Daly and clenched her fists. She wanted to pinch Karen to death. She had spent so much time dressing up for this. Not only did Kevin Kyle disregard her, but Karen had won the limelight. She felt that she was the prettiest employee from the Public Relations Department. However, in the eyes of male colleagues, Karen Daly from the sales department was prettier than her. Therefore, Madonna had always regarded Karen Daly as a thorn in her eyes and wanted to drive her out of the company After Kevin Kyle left, Madonna jumped out and said, “Karen, look at your blushing face just then. Are you be interested in Director Kevin?” email regarding his relationship status to the whole company so that there would be no misunderstanding, Please don’t gossip about the boss’s private life in future.” Karen Daly glanced at Madonna coldly. Amelia Gray stood up and said, “Director Kevin asked me to send the Just because her cousin was the department head, —- Madonna had always felt that she was superior to others, but now she dared not refute Amelia Gray’s words. She could only silently curse Karen Daly. After Kevin Kyle left, he did not appear again. Karen Daly was a little worried about him. After playing a few games, she found a quiet place and sent a message to him, “Remember to take a hot shower. Don’t catch a cold.” “Some people never change. It’s uncomfortable not to hook up with a man even for a day huh?” At this time, there was no one else around. Madonna’s words were direct and vulgar. Karen Daly usually ignored Madonna, she looked down at Madonna from the bottom of her heart, but that did not mean that she could be easily bullied. Karen Daly put the phone back in her pocket, got up, and walked over to Madonna. Being choked by Karen Daly’s deadly aura, Madonna stepped back cowardly. “What, what do you want to do?” Karen Daly continued step by step until she cornered Madonna against the wall. She reached out to pinch her chin and said darkly, “Don’t try to bite like a mad dog when your teeth are yet to finish growing.” Madonna sneered, “Ha, even if I were a mad dog, would still be better than you, you’re a shameless woman. Look at what you’ve done before. You want to climb into Director Kevin’s bed. Dream on!” Karen Daly sneered and said, I heard that you were dumped by your boyfriend last month, and you were crying so hard about it. Now you’re thinking about the boss’s bed already. You’re really shameless!” Madonna said angrily, “It’s none of your business that I —– was dumped.” Karen Daly said with a smile. “Then why am your business? Madonna, you’re not the only one who can launch personal attacks. Don’t use old news as your weapon. No matter how ugly other people’s scars are, it’s not up to you to show them off.” Madonna said arrogantly, “Hum, you still have the nerve to mention those things. Believe it or not, I’ll bring them all out, and let everyone in the company see who you really are!” “She’s mine!” A cold voice came, and both Karen Daly and Madonna were shocked. Karen did not expect that Kevin Kyle would appear here, so she was a little worried. If Kevin saw her like this, what would he think of her? Madonna was so scared that her face turned pale. “Boss, Director Kevin, this is not what it looks like. Karen..” Kevin Kyle didn’t even look at Madonna, he spat out a word coldly, “Get out!” Madonna’s face turned red, and then pale. She wanted to explain, but she was scared speechless by Kevin Kyle’s cold look. She gritted her teeth and ran away reluctantly. Kevin Kyle walked towards Karen Daly and stared at her. Karen was a little nervous when he looked at her. She opened her mouth and wanted to explain what had just happened, but Kevin Kyle said in his seductive voice before she could open her mouth, “I know it is not you who stirs up trouble.” Karen Daly looked up at him and pursed her lips. “What if I’m really the one stirring up trouble and bullying others?”

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