My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 15

Karen Daly returned at eight o’clock in the evening. When she came back, Kevin Kyle was busy in the study. The staff of the company were all relaxing, but the boss was the only one who was still busy with work. No wonder he could get reach such a high position at such a young age. Kevin Kyle put down the documents in his hand and looked up at her. “You’re drunk.” Karen Daly nodded with a red face. “I drank a little.” She didn’t drink “just a little”. If she hadn’t been drinking and practicing with clients over the past three years, she would have been already been drunk. Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and said, “Drinking is harmful to your body, especially for women. Try not to drink so much in future.” “Well, what Director Kevin says is right. I will drink as little as possible in future except for when it is necessary.” Seeing Kevin Kyle frown, Karen Daly stood straight like a child who had done something wrong. “I will go back to my room first. You should rest early.” After that, she ran back to her room. She could smell the trace of alcohol on her body, and not only did Kevin Kyle hate it, she also hated it. She decided to go to the backyard to bathe in the hot springs. Alone in the hot spring, she felt very comfortable and relaxed. It was better to bathe in a pool alone than with a group of people. —- Karen Daly sat in the pool and looked up at the sky, Today was the 15th day of the lunar month, and the moon hanging in the sky was bright and round. It was said that a full-moon night was a night perfect for family reunion, but her heart was empty and lonely A man without a home was like a tree without roots, a kite without its string. No matter where he went, his heart would not be at ease. “Dad, mom..” Karen Daly gently called the people she had missed for a long time. Her eyes were teary. “It’s been three years. Have you ever missed me?” She was also daughter of her parents. But since that fateful incident, they had abandoned her and let her go alone to another city. It’s been three years since anyone thought of her. Three years. Sometimes Karen Daly felt like it was just a blink of an eye, but sometimes she felt like it’s been a lifetime. Over the years, she didn’t pay attention news on her family on purpose, because she was afraid that what she saw would refrain her from forgetting her pain. However, would it be that easy to stop caring by simply avoiding them? She shook her head with a wry smile. In actual fact, the scar in her heart felt like a malignant tumor, torturing her from time to time. Now, although she she had married a man who was considerate and excellent in every aspect, her drifting heart still could not find a sense of security and belonging. Perhaps the aftereffects of the wine were too strong, as she had drunk while thinking, that she simply felt that her — head was getting more and more dizzy until she lost consciousness and knew nothing afterwards. Kevin Kyle finished with all his documents for the day and went back to the room. The lights in the room were still on, but he did not see Karen Daly. He waited for a while, but before he could see her return, he took out his phone and called her. After the call was connected, her phone rang inside the room. Kevin Kyle immediately thought that she must have gone to the hot spring. After drinking, she had gone to the hot spring, and just in case… He immediately went downstairs to the hot spring in the backyard. When he arrived, he saw that Karen Daly’s head was facing the water surface as if she was a chick eating rice and her head just plunged into the face. Kevin Kyle rushed into the hot spring quickly and her up. He was a little angry. He was angry because she had carelessly fallen asleep while soaking in the hot spring. If he didn’t arrive timely, she would have lost her life. His face was cold, but Karen, in his arms, did not realize his anger at all. She instinctively rubbed her face against Kevin’s warm body. The water from her hair wet his chest. Kevin Kyle’s face darkened as he carried Karen Daly back to the room. Then came another problem. It was impossible for him to throw her directly under the covers in a wet swimsuit. Kevin Kyle carried her into the bathroom, preparing to shower her As he poured water onto her, she fell into his arms unconsciously. Her graceful figure and smooth skin seemed to be quietly tempting him.

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