My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 16

Kevin’s eyes darkened and his throat pulsated. He swallowed nervously and pretended that he had seen nothing. But Karen Daly’s body was very unforgiving. She twisted her body and reached out to hold his waist. She leaned her head on his chest and breathed out heavily. Kevin Kyle was a normal man. If she went on like this, he couldn’t guarantee that he could still suppress his desires. So, before things went out of control, he took a deep breath, grabbed a bath towel to wrap her, and then carried her back to the room. Kevin Kyle covered the blanket for Karen Daly, took a robe and put it on her. Looking at Karen Daly’s blushing face, his eyes became darker. His male hormones were shouting wildly in his body Kevin Kyle took another deep breath and immediately turned to take a cold shower in the bathroom. After his shower, Kevin Kyle went back to the room. Karen Daly, who was lying on the bed, kicked the quilt off the bed and sprawled out on all fours indecently. It has been nearly a month since they had signed the marriage agreement letter. Whenever he was not on a business trip, the both of them slept together. Karen Daly was always very ladylike and behaved very properly even at night. But now, after a drink, she was showing her true colors. He went over to pick up the quilt and covered her again. Karen Daly suddenly turned over and kicked the quilt aside again. They were located in the south. Although the weather was not very cold, but this was the seaside. The wind was strong at night, so she would catch a cold if she continued to fuss around like this. Kevin Kyle shook his head and had to lie on the bed himself. He hugged her while covering her with the quilt. She approached the heat source by instinct and plunged into his arms. She sank deeper into his embrace and finally became more obedient. When Karen Daly woke up, it was already daytime. When she opened her eyes, she instinctively looked at the window. Unexpectedly, she did not see Kevin Kyle this time. Normally at this time, she could see Kevin Kyle sitting by the window and reading newspapers when she opened her eyes. She was not used to not seeing him today. She turned over and picked up the phone. She saw that the phone had been switched to flight mode, the time showed 12:23 That meant that she slept until noon and completely missed the department’s training session in the morning. She suddenly sit up, jumped out of bed, and rushed to the bathroom. However, as soon as she took a step into the bathroom, she stopped abruptly. She only remembered being in the hot spring last night, and now she was wearing a robe, but there was nothing beneath the robe. That was to say, she had fallen asleep in the hot spring last night. And it was Kevin Kyle who took her back to the room and helped her change her clothes. Karen Daly quickly pulled on her collar and looked down at herself. When she saw that she was fine, she could not help but let out a sigh of relief. However, before she could finish her sigh, she took in another breath sharply. Thinking of how she had been seen naked by Kevin Kyle, and without knowing anything about it, she felt uncomfortable. ah…” She plunged back into the bed and said shyly, “Ah ah “What’s wrong? Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice sounded in the room, it scared Karen Daly and made her body stiff. She felt even more unpleasant. Karen Daly looked up quietly. He was sitting on the sofa on the other side of the room, holding a folder in his hand and looking up at her. It turned out that he had been in the room all the time, but he did not say anything. Then he would have seen her childish behavior just then. Karen Daly suddenly wished that there was a crack on the ground, so that she could stuff herself in it and hid for a while. Seeing that she did not respond, Kevin Kyle put down the document and came over. He asked, “Are you ill?” “I’m fine.” Karen Daly picked up a pillow and covered herself with it. She really felt like she had lost her dignity in front of him Kevin Kyle had already seen her behavior earlier, but he said calmly, “Get up and clean up. After eating, you can leave with me first.” Karen Daly said in a low voice, “I have to go for the department activities in the afternoon.” Kevin Kyle said, “I’ve asked Special Assistant Gray to apply for your leave.” Karen Daly was speechless, .” This time, the car was not the Land Rover normally driven by Kevin Kyle, but a silver-gray car driven by the chauffeur. The number of the car plate was A16888, and the logo on the steering wheel was even pricing. Karen used to have people around her who liked to research cars, so naturally she knew a lot about them. She knew immediately that this was a Bentley Mulsanne, and it was worth millions of dollars. Seeing as Kevin Kyle was so rich, Karen Daly looked around and asked curiously, “Kevin, what business have you been involved in previously?” Kevin Kyle said, “Anything profitable.” What he said was the truth, he had dabbled in hotels and catering, real estate, travel, film and television companies, electronic technology and so on. If there was any business that made money, his family’s Rovio Corporation Inc, would definitely have been involved in it. Karen Daly did not know the truth, but she thought that he was brushing her off, and she was not in the mood to ask again. Kevin Kyle was busy After getting on the car, he turned on his computer to look through some documents, and the work phone beside him kept ringing. The car drove for about ten minutes. Within that time, he had answered more than a dozen phone calls. On those calls, Kevin Kyle spoke in fluent French. When she was in college, Karen Daly’s French was also above grade six, but she didn’t know much of the business terms Kevin had used. She vaguely understood that he was issuing some orders. His words were sharp, his decisions were quick, accurate, and ruthless. Innovative Tech was set up in the past two years, and its business had not yet gone abroad. She could guess that Kevin Kyle was closing a deal for his own business. About half an hour later, Kevin Kyle finally stopped and looked at Karen, tilting his head. “What are you thinking about?” It was rare for him to talk to her, so she simply smiled and said, “I was thinking about how your family is like.” In the past, Karen had not thought about asking about Kevin Kyle’s family members. Perhaps because he had trusted her unconditionally the previous day, it made her want to know more about him. Kevin Kyle paused and said, “I have my grandfather and parents, and a notorious sister.” When he spoke of his sister, it seemed that he was biting his teeth, as if he was holding back on something. Hearing this, Karen Daly was interested and asked, “A notorious sister? Why do you call her so?” Kevin Kyle frowned, unwilling to speak again. They had registered for marriage for almost a month now, but Kevin Kyle had never mentioned anything about taking Karen to see his parents. Now that she asked, he also didn’t want to say anything. She also didn’t want to mention her own family in front of Kevin Kyle because of the incident which had happened to her family. But why did Kevin Kyle avoid mentioning his family as well? Was it because he had a bad relationship with his family? Or was there any other reason? Karen Daly didn’t want to think about it in a bad way, but she didn’t believe that there were so many coincidences in the world. Perhaps Kevin Kyle just didn’t want to take her to see his family. After this thought, she pursed her lips and stopped asking After a long while, she heard Kevin Kyle say, “Karen, my family is not in the country. When they come back, I will take you to see them.” Karen smiled. “That’s not what I meant.” Kevin asked, “Then what do you mean?” Karen was speechless, she did not what to say. Two hours later, their car finally returned to California. After getting off the car, Karen Daly planned to go to the supermarket to get some grocery Kevin Kyle, who was still busy, put down the document in his hand and got off with her. “I’ll go with you.” Seeing that he was so busy, Karen Daly could not bear it. “You go and do your work. I can go alone.” Kevin Kyle glanced at her and took the lead in walking forward, he said simply, “Your husband isn’t here just for show.” Karen shook her head helplessly and had to keep up with him Kevin took the initiative to push the shopping cart, walking on Karen’s left. Whispers came from all around. “That man is so handsome and charming.” Karen Daly couldn’t help but look up at him and smiled with her eyebrows curved. “People are praising you.” Kevin Kyle answered coldly, “I don’t need them to praise me.” Karen curled her lips and asked, “Then by whom do you need to be praised?” Kevin Kyle lowered his head and looked at her. Her face turned red again. She whispered, “You’re really good looking. You’re the most good-looking man I’ve ever seen.” Karen Daly was telling the truth, but she did not dare to meet his eyes when she spoke. His eyes were too sharp and seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts..

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