My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 17

After a brief silence, she heard him say, “Well, I know it now.” Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him. Who was this guy? He had asked her to praise him, and then when she did praise him, this was his answer. After walking around, they went over to the fresh section. She selected a piece of fish, she planned to cook spicy boiled fish for him, it was her specialty. She pointed at the chosen fish and said softly, “Sir, please help me catch this fish and slice it for me.” The fish seller was a young man. When he saw Karen Daly, his face turned red. He nodded and swiftly slaughter the fish to slice and scale it. Then, he picked up several bags, packed the fish fillets in, and handed them to Karen Daly. “Here you go. Please come again next time!” Karen Daly smiled and took the fish. “Thank you!” After leaving the fish stall, Karen Daly walked to the vegetables area next to it. After taking two steps, she suddenly heard Kevin Kyle’s deep voice. “You’re quite popular.” Karen Daly reached out and hooked onto his arm. She raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Because I’m also quite excellent.” Kevin paused for second. He pulled out his arm and held her hand instead, and he continued to walk around. After buying the necessities, the task of carrying the bags naturally fell on Kevin Kyle. Seeing that his hands were full, she relaxed. She smiled sweetly and thought that it was really nice to have a thoughtful husband She also noticed a very touching little detail. When Kevin Kyle came to the supermarket with her, he did not bring his business mobile phone with him, but just accompanied her to go shopping. Along the way, the two did not talk. When they got home, Kevin Kyle put the ingredients he bought into the kitchen. “I’ll cook with you tonight.” Karen Daly looked at him and smiled. “You can just wash the dishes. Besides, I’ll only make two dishes. I’ll be done in no time.” She felt that Kevin Kyle would affect her performance, so it was better to drive him away Kevin thought for a while and realized that he was really not good at cooking anyway, so he listened to her. Karen first cleaned the rice and cooked it in the pot, she then washed the vegetables, prepared the seasonings, and boiled the fish. Others may like to use beansprout as the base of the fish dish, but Karen likes to add onions instead. It didn’t take long for the boiled fish to be ready. Karen Daly tasted the fish, then did only she ask Kevin Kyle, who was still busy with work, to come out for dinner. Because of her previous experience, Karen Daly prepared extra cutlery. She picked up some fish and onion with her chopsticks and looked at Kevin Kyle, her eyes fluttering. “Have a taste. See if you like it?” Kevin Kyle looked at the onions and frowned. His hand, holding his spoon, did not move for a long time. Karen Daly noticed this and asked uneasily. “You don’t like to eat onions?” “No.” Somehow, Kevin Kyle was unwilling to admit that his allergy of onions in front of her. He was thinking about the last time he didn’t eat what she had put in his bowl, she was so angry and had stayed at her friend’s house for a whole night. If he didn’t eat again this time… Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle looked up at her. Looking at her eyes which were looking at him expectantly, he stopped thinking and picked up his spoon to eat. Kevin Kyle sat upright and continued to eat very seriously and elegantly as usual. He did not speak much, nor did he say whether it was delicious or not. After living with him for some time now, Karen Daly knew that he didn’t talk much, so she didn’t care about this anymore. They had almost finished their meal. Seeing Kevin Kyle’s flushed face, Karen Daly asked worriedly, “Kevin, what’s wrong with your face?” “I’m fine.” Kevin Kyle got up. “I have to go out. I may not come back tonight.” Karen looked at him and said sadly, “Be careful” Kevin went back to his room and took a coat. He left quickly without saying another word. After arriving downstairs, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. “Drive me to the hospital right away.” It was Monday, Kevin Kyle called Karen after a night of absence and told her that he had gone on a business trip. Karen also had a new project to work on. According to Sunnie Olsen, the leader of Star Glow Corporation was very fond of the previous proposal she had prepared, so he asked her to be in charge of this project and for her to hand in a preliminary proposal within three days. With just three days, it was not easy to hand in a proposal that would satisfy him. Karen Daly was also a person who was particularly strict with her work. She couldn’t get out of it, and as soon as she was at work, and she would keep herself so busy that she wouldn’t even eat. At noon, William Baker came over and looked at Karen with some distress, “Karen Daly, let’s go out for lunch.” Karen Daly said without raising her head, “You go ahead. I’ll go when I’m done with this thing.” He had been working with Karen for three years. Didn’t he already know that Karen Daly was avoiding him? Hence, he reached out and put his hand on her hand which was holding her mouse. “Karen, let’s go eat first, and come back after eating, okay?” Karen Daly withdrew her hand and looked up at him. At first glance, Karen Daly felt something was wrong, as if she saw some emotion in William Baker’s eyes. Karen Daly’s heart skipped a beat. It seemed that she had better clarify things with William before the misunderstanding continued. She locked her computer and got up. “Let’s go.” This was the first time that Karen had ever agreed to have a meal with him. William Baker was secretly happy, so he chose a quiet restaurant so that he could have the opportunity to talk to her properly Sitting down, William Baker ordered several expensive dishes quickly. He didn’t ask whether Karen Daly liked them or not, and then looked at Karen Daly with a smile. Karen Daly understood his smile, but pretended not to understand, thinking how good it would be if Kevin Kyle called her at this time. As soon as she this idea popped into her mind, her mobile phone rang as expected. Karen smiled apologetically at William Baker and answered, “Honey, I’m having dinner with my colleagues now. You don’t have to worry about me.” “Karen, you are showing off in front of me, aren’t you? Faye Reed, who was at the other end of the phone, said discontentedly. Karen Daly smiled even more gently. “Well, I know. I’ve done what you said. I won’t skip any meals. If you don’t believe me, I’ll take a picture when the dishes are served.” Faye Reed and Karen Daly had been friends for so many years. They were very close. If Faye couldn’t sense what was happening now, she wouldn’t be Faye Reed. So, Faye played along with Karen and said, “Then baby, please come back early at night. Your hubby is waiting for you to warm the bed.” Karen smiled shyly and said, “Don’t be so nauseating.” After that, Karen hung up the phone. However, as soon as she hung up, another phone call came in. This time it was her real husband-Kevin Kyle! Karen Daly was slightly surprised. Looking at William Baker, she smiled shyly and answered, “Hello?” Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice came from the phone. “I ve asked for someone to prepare lunch. Why didn’t you go over?” Karen Daly couldn’t answer him that she was already eating. What had already put on a show in front of William Baker. She gritted her teeth and said sweetly, “Hubby, I will take care of myself. Don’t worry.” Hearing her words, Kevin was silent on the other end for a long time. It was so silent that Karen Daly thought that Kevin Kyle had hung up the phone. After a long while, when she did not hear him speak, Karen Daly thought that something bad was going to happen. She did not know what Kevin Kyle would think of her After a long time, Kevin Kyle’s low voice came from the phone. “I won’t be back until Thursday. Take care of yourself.” “Okay.” Karen Daly secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Kevin Kyle would only come back in a few days. When he came back, he would have forgotten about this matter. William Baker was hurt when he heard Karen calling another person her husband. After Karen Daly hung up the phone, he said, “Karen Daly, are you married?” Karen Daly nodded and said, “It isn’t strange for me to get married at this age.” William couldn’t say anything that he was prepared for this. He just smiled gloomily and said, “Good luck to you.” Although he was interested in Karen Daly, he felt that he was not worthy of Karen Daly. He comforted himself by thinking of how good it was for Karen Daly to find her partner Karen Daly said thank you, with a smile, and then she also praised her own intelligence in her heart. Before William Baker did anything, she had successfully let him know that she was married. In future, they would be able to work as well as they did before, and there would not be any awkwardness between them. However, she didn’t feel very smart that night. In the evening, when she while she was half asleep, Karen Daly felt a person sitting next to her. She was very sleepy at first, but when she smelled the clean scent of a familiar person, she was frightened awake. She suddenly sat up, rubbed her eyes, and looked at the man sitting by the bed in surprise. “It’s you, didn’t you say that you are coming back only on Thursday?” Kevin Kyle replied calmly. “I have something to deal with here. I’ll fly back to Hill City early in the morning.” His work originally was to be completed only by Thursday, but since Karen Daly had signaled that she missed him, as her husband, he could not ignore it. After talking to her during lunch, he asked his assistant to book the next flight back at night. He would fly back early tomorrow morning to continue his work. Recalling their phone call at noon, Karen Daly scratched her head with a red face. “Have you eaten dinner? Do you want me to cook some supper?” It was eight o’clock in the evening after Kevin Kyle finished his last call. After that, he rushed to the airport to take a flight back to California at ten o’clock in the evening. It took more than two hours to fly from Hill City to California. It was nearly one o’clock in the morning when he reached the North River Airport and then to get home. By then, it was already two o’clock in the morning. At nine o’clock in the morning, there would be a very important meeting that must be hosted by him. The secretary booked Kevin Kyle a flight from the California back to Hill City at five o’clock. Hence, an hour from now, he would need to depart for the airport again. Time was running out, and Kevin Kyle never eats the food provided on the plane, so he hadn’t eaten until now. He was so busy that he had come back without eating anything, all because Karen Daly hinted him that she missed him. She wanted to make him a midnight snack, so she that could spend more time with him

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