My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 18

Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle nodded and said, “Then please prepare it for me.” Karen Daly got out of bed and put on a dressing gown. “Wait a minute, it’ll be ready soon.” Kevin also came to the kitchen. “Do you need my help?” Karen looked back at him. “Are you very hungry?” He nodded. “Yes.” Karen handed him some prepared vegetables. “Then you’ll help with washing the vegetables.” Kevin Kyle appreciatively agreed. “Okay.” When he was washing the vegetables, Karen glanced at him quietly. He washed very carefully and she gave him 99 points just judging by his attitude. She didn’t want to give him full marks because she thought he would be too proud. They cooperated well with each other, and soon a bowl of fragrant vegetable noodles came out of the pot. Karen Daly put the bowl in front of him and looked at him eagerly. “This vegetable noodle is also my signature dish. What do you think of my skills?” Compared with the chef who worked for Kevin Kyle, Karen’s cooking skills were really ordinary, but he did not dislike her food. He nodded and said, “It tastes good.” After being praised by Kevin Kyle, she simply smiled and turned back to the kitchen and busied herself for a while. After eating the noodles, Kevin walked in and asked, “What are you busy with?” Karen Daly turned back and smiled at him. “Didn’t you say that you have to fly to the Hill City early in the morning? I made some pastries and sushi last night. I’ve put them in the thermal lunch box. Take them with you later and eat them whenever you’re hungry.” Karen Daly knew that Kevin was trying hard to be a good husband and she also wanted to be a good wife, but she didn’t know how to play the role of a good wife. What she could think of was, he already had. What she did not think of, he also already had. Therefore, she simply poured her heart and soul out to do something insignificant but heartwarming for him, in efforts to be a considerate and virtuous good wife. Looking at her serious expression, Kevin raised his hand and rubbed her head. “Thank you for being so thoughtful.” “You’re the one who says that a couple should take care of each other.” Karen Daly smacked his hand and curled her lips. “Don’t keep rubbing my head.” The way he rubbed her head felt as if he was rubbing his pet. She was his wife, not his pet. His sexy thin lips rose slightly and he held her in his arms. “What about this?” Karen Daly’s face suddenly turned red. She was so nervous that she pushed him away, but Kevin held on tighter. She also felt that his chest was shaking because he was holding back his laughter. She bit her lip, raised her hand and pinched his waist. But he was too strong, it did not do anything to him. Instead, her hands hurt from pinching him. Karen Daly was angry and raised his head to hit his chest again. She wanted to teach him a lesson, but he reached out and touched her head again, as if touching a little pet. He also heard his low and sexy voice and said, “Honey, stay still and don’t play around.” Uh… Karen Daly was a little confused. Was it her who was playing around? Did she play around? She’s the one who was being bullied badly, okay? She reached out to pinch him, but this time, he grabbed her moving hand and gently squeezed it in his palm. “I’m ready to go. You have to take care of yourself at home.” “Wait a minute.” Karen Daly escaped from his arms, put the steamed pastries and sushi into the thermal lunch box, and then packed the box in a bag. “Take them to eat on the way.” When Kevin Kyle took the bag, there was a smile in his cold eyes. He said in a gentle voice, “Wait for me at home.” Karen nodded with a red face. “Yes.” Kevin rubbed her head again. “Then I’ll go.” Karen sent him out, standing at the door and watching him enter the elevator As soon as the elevator door closed, she shook her head quickly, raised her hand to touch her forehead, and said to herself, “I don’t have a fever. That is to say, what just happened is true. It’s not what an imagination.” She was not ill. Perhaps it was more likely that Kevin Kyle was ill. That’s why he had said and done things he usually wouldn’t do. After seeing Kevin Kyle off, she did not feel sleepy anymore. She simply got up and went for a jog, and then rushed to the company early After working for more than half an hour, May Lily arrived at the office. May did not go to her seat. She leaned over to Karen Daly and said mysteriously. “Karen, do you know that Madonna from the Public Relations Department has been fired?” Karen Daly’s heart skipped a beat and her face darkened. May Lily didn’t notice thus and continued, “I heard that she seemed to have done something to Director Kevin. Director Kevin ordered for her to be fired.” Karen Daly guessed that it must have been Kevin who deliberately ordered this. He did not want to involve her in this matter. Kevin Kyle had said that he was the boss, and she could rely on him, and he showed her this through his actions, which was also very touching. However, she was not happy. Karen Daly did want Madonna to leave the company, but she didn’t want her to leave because of her relationship with Kevin Kyle. She didn’t want to make her relationship with Kevin Kyle publicly known. She just didn’t want to get special treatment from the company. She wanted to climb the corporate ladder within the company on her own efforts. And now, things were going in a direction she didn’t want them to May Lily continued, “A person like Madonna deserves it. I don’t know how many people in the company are looking forward to her leaving. This time, Director Kevin has finally helped everyone get rid of her.” Karen Daly smiled and said, “May Lily, I don’t care whether Madonna stays or leaves. I only care about the proposal that will be handed over tomorrow.” Karen Daly didn’t like to talk behind people’s backs, and she also knew that the workplace was never as simple as what she sees. There were traps everywhere, and it was hard to determine when a trap is approaching. The more you talk, the higher the risk of you getting into trouble. Karen understood this. In the past three years, she maintained a good relationship with her colleagues, but it was all just superficial, they were never really that close. Sunnie Olsen rushed over and said, “Karen, how is the preparation of the first draft of your business plan?” Karen said, “I’ll put in more effort. I’m sure I’ll be able to finish it by tomorrow.” Sunnie Olsen said, “There’s not much time left. Manager Black of Star Glow Corporation is going to New York tonight. If he doesn’t see your business plan before he leaves, there will be no chance for this project.” Karen Daly bit her lip and said, “Manager, I will try my best to deliver this proposal today.” Sunnie Olsen glanced at the time and said, “If you need help, ask May Lily and William Baker to help you. Manager Black will take the flight at nine o’clock in the evening and will leave for the airport before seven o’clock from his office. You can rush to hand him the documents before then.” Karen Daly nodded. “Okay.” Three days was a short enough period of time, and now it had been shortened to one and a half days. The pressure had just doubled in an instant, but Karen Daly did not retreat. In her opinion, there’s wasn’t any task that couldn’t be done, there were only people who did not work hard enough. This time, since it had been Manager Black of Star Glow Corporation who appointed her to be in charge of the proposal, and she had no reason to not deliver.

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