My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 19

Karen Daly was busy until noon, and she didn’t even have time to drink water. When Kevin Kyle called, she hung up after a few perfunctory replies. She was exhausted by the afternoon, and May Lily served her a cup of instant coffee. Fortunately, her hard work paid off. Before five o’clock in the afternoon, she finally finished the first draft of the proposal. Although she was not fully satisfied, it was still acceptable. After saying goodbye to Sunnie Olsen, Karen Daly left the company early and rushed to Star Glow Corporation to look for their general manager, Ken Black.

When Karen Daly arrived, Manager Black’s attitude towards her was more enthusiastic than ever before. He not only praised her for preparing the plan well, but also took the opportunity to compliment her on various things. Ken Black’s decision to let her take charge of Star Glow Corporation’s project and his sudden change in attitude towards her made her a little worried about Gook Corp behind Ken Black If she had really been so important to the person at Gook Corp, the incident would never have happened to begin with.

After thinking about this, Karen Daly felt relieved again. It was not easy to get away from Manager Black. Karen Daly received a call from Faye Reed who asked her to go to studio. She went home to grab a set of clean clothes and went to the studio. She planned to stay at Faye Reed’s place tonight and not come back. Seeing Karen, Faye Reed turned at her happily. “Karen, I’ll tell you some great news.” Seeing Faye Reed’s excited look, Karen Daly had already guessed what was going on. She said, “It must be about that lover-boy of yours.”

Faye Reed grabbed Karen and pecked at her cheek. She said excitedly, “Sebastian Spencer finished his doctorate successfully and he has since been hired by Rovio Corporation Inc after a few rounds of interviews. He now works at the Rovio Corporation Inc’s European headquarters for the time being. Apparently, Rovio’s current director, Leo Kyle, is going to move the local headquarters from Beaford City to California, and so Sebastian Spencer will likely to be transferred to California to work.”

The Kyle family, as the founders of Rovio Corporation Inc, were really the ones at the top of the pyramid. Even the Gook and Yaleman families, which were among the best in the country, were worth less than one-tenth of that of the Kyle family. The Kyle family was famous, they were rich but still kept a low profile. Especially the current leader of the Kyle family, Leo Kyle, was so stealthy that he never showed up in the media All they knew was that he officially took over Rovio Corporation Inc at the age of 22.

After a few years, he had become a business legend, achieving much that many people would never achieve in their lifetime. There were even rumors that he did not show up in public because he has been disabled. Some people also speculated that he was a uniquely handsome man. No matter what the fact was, Karen Daly was not in the mood to guess. Anyway, she had nothing to do with Rovio Corporation Inc for the rest of her life anyway. She held Faye’s hand and clapped it. “Honey, I’ll cut to the chase.

If anything goes wrong with the studio, I will deal with it. You can be rest assured to go accompany your lover boy.” Faye Reed hugged Karen and said, “My girlfriend knows me best. You knew I would go to Europe before I had even said anything.” Karen Daly rolled her eyes. “Well, you did say something.” Faye smiled and said, “Let’s go. I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.” Karen did not refuse. They left and went to a famous barbecue restaurant nearby. The weather was cold, and the hotpot and barbecue restaurant was packed. Especially for these restaurants that served good food, customers needed to wait in line to eat.

Before they could order, Kevin Kyle called Karen on the phone Karen Daly glanced at Faye and answered the call with a red face, “Have you finished your work?” “Yea.” Kevin Kyle snorted slightly and said nothing else. Karen Daly stuck out her tongue, thinking, “Don’t call me if you don’t have anything to say. I am busy ordering dishes and eating barbecue, so I don’t have time to accompany you in silence.” After a while, before Karen Daly heard Kevin Kyle’s words, she said, “Do you have anything else to say? If not, I’ll hang up.”

He was silent on the other end of the phone. After a moment of silence, she heard Kyle Sheng’s low voice, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?” Karen Daly was stunned, and then she said very seriously, “Remember to eat after you finish your work. You have to take care of yourself outside.” Karen Daly felt that she should say so, as a virtuous wife. Kevin then stopped talking and Karen simply said, “If there’s nothing else, ‘ll hang up first.” “Do you have anything else to tell me?” Kevin Kyle added before she hung up.

Karen Daly thought about it carefully and thought of Madonna. He should be referring to this matter. All she said was, “Thank you. Kevin Kyle stopped talking and hung up the phone without saying goodbye. It was the first time that he was so rude. Faye Reed looked at Karen and frowned. “Karen, were you talking to your man just now?” Karen looked at the dark screen and nodded. Faye Reed said again, “Oh man, you have been married for a month, haven’t you? The phone calls between the two of you are still this awkward? Don’t tell me that you haven’t done anything intimate as the husband and wife by now.”

Karen Daly’s face suddenly turned red. Not only were they not behaving like a husband and wife, they also hadn’t even kissed each other yet. Faye Reed could see that. She pointed at Karen’s forehead and said, “Karen Daly, do you want to be an untouched old lady for the rest of your life? Are you reluctant to hand yourself over even after you get married?” Karen Daly rolled her eyes at Faye and whispered, “It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that he has never asked me for it.”

Faye Reed had just taken a sip of water and spat it out She said in surprise, “You, a fairy-like beauty, sleeping beside him every day, and he never wants to do anything with you? There are only two possibilities. One is that he is not able to do it, and the other is that he doesn’t like women at all.” Karen Daly waved her hand. “Don’t talk nonsense. He respects me. He said that he wouldn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to do.”

Faye Reed raised her eyebrows and looked at Karen. She said meaningfully, “Are you really the one who is unwilling? Or does he just want to find a girl to hide his true sexuality?” Karen Daly did not want to talk about this topic anymore. She immediately diverted Faye’s attention. “The dishes are served. I’ll roast them for you.” Faye did not press on further. After all, it was a private affair between Karen Daly and her husband.

If Karen Daly didn’t want to talk about it, Faye would stop asking. Faye did not speak further, but Karen couldn’t calm down. She thought deeply about Kevin Kyle’s behaviour during their brief marriage. He ate well, slept well, and was in good spirits. No matter how she looked at it, he was a healthy man. He should not be ill.

There was nothing wrong with his body. But although he had seen woman lying naked in front of him, he did not have any thoughts. Was there really some reason for this? Would it really be like what Faye had said, that the reason why Kevin Kyle had asked her to get married was to find an excuse to hide his sexuality? When she and Kevin were on that blind date, he had said that marriage was to live a normal life that everyone expects, but not for love.

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