My Husband Warm the Bed – Chapter 2

“Yes.” The employees of the Public Relations Department, who were assigned temporarily to support this reception, responded in unison.

Emma Wilson’s eyes finally fell on Karen Daly again. “Karen, I heard that you are the top employee in the Sales Department. You will be with the new boss later and be responsible for him. You don’t have to worry about other things.” Karen Daly nodded, but Madonna, another employee of the Public Relations Department, gloated and said, “Karen, if our new boss is still single, would you take advantage of him?”

It was actually easy to get close to the new boss, but everyone knew that it would be a difficult job. No one wanted to pick it up, so Karen Daly took the job. Emma Wilson stared at Madonna with a straight face and said, “What happens today will highly affect our future. Be serious.” After being scolded by Emma Wilson, no one made a sound. They took in a quiet breath and put on their best behavior. It was not Emma’s fault that she was nervous.

After all, this matter had come so suddenly. Just as everyone had thought that everything was finally at peace in the company, the board of directors suddenly issued a statement saying that the boss wanted to have a new person take over the business However, this new- appointed big boss was very —- mysterious. The heads of various departments enquired about him through various means, but they could not find any information about him. Karen Daly was usually not nosy. But even she could not help but stretch her neck to look at the entrance, wanting to see who this big boss was.

“Yes, yes. All the directors and the new boss are here.” The voice of the reception staff channeled from the walkie talkie to the other employees. Her colleagues subconsciously adjusted their clothes and stood respectfully in their positions. Karen Daly followed closely behind Emma Wilson to welcome the mysterious boss that everyone has awaited for long time After a few steps, a tall man in a silver-gray suit walked elegantly towards the lobby, surrounded by several men in black suits.

At first glance, she was stunned. The tall man in a silver-gray suit in front of the crowd was her newly married husband, Kevin Kyle! “Impossible!” Karen Daly thought that it was an illusion. She immediately closed her eyes and shook her head. But when she opened her eyes and looked again, the man’s appearance did not change. If it were someone else, she could have made a mistake, but this was her new husband. She couldn’t be wrong. His features were as sharp as a knife, his height was exactly at 1.88 meters. He had a strong build, and walked with a discreet air of elegance.

No matter what this man did, he was perfectly the same as her new husband. “Kevin?” Karen Daly stared subconsciously called out his name. at the man and When he heard her voice, the man’s gaze shifted to her. Looking at his eyes, Karen Daly felt so nervous that she almost forgot to breathe She would never think that her “ordinary” newly married husband would become the new boss of her company. She looked at him with her head buzzing, she felt as if she might explode The man’s gaze lingered on her for a moment and then moved away, as if he didn’t know her at alL After what he just did, Karen Daly’s heart sank rapidly. He was obviously Kevin Kyle, her new husband. Why did he look at her with such indifferent eyes? After a while, various thoughts flashed through her mind. The most possible scenario was that she was dreaming. It was an unrealistic dream. Kevin Kyle had always been gentle and patient. He spoke and did things politely.

He would never pretend that he didn’t know her. She pinched herself hard and twitched her mouth in pain, only to find that this was not a dream at all. Since it was not a dream, there was another possibility This man might have the same face as Kevin Kyle did, but he might be a completely different person. Emma Wilson pulled Karen Daly aside and scolded her in a low voice, “Karen, do you know what kind of occasion is this? What the hell are you doing?” Karen Daly was a little annoyed, as if she was rudely woken up from a dream. Emma Wilson whispered again, “Hurry and keep up.”

Karen Daly nodded and quickly followed the new boss. She had concealed her emotions and faced the big boss who looked exactly like her new husband professionally. Emma Wilson quickened her pace and caught up with the new boss and the others. She pushed open the door of the banquet hall for the reporters and said, “Let’s welcome all the directors and our new boss!” As Emma Wilson’s voice fell, there was a fierce applause in the conference hall. Everyone stared at the entrance, waiting for the mysterious big boss to show up. Karen Daly gasped quietly and followed closely behind the big boss. After the big boss was seated, she quickly handed over some documents. Even though she had professional training, the fact that the company’s new boss was actually her new husband, still shocked her too much. She trembled, and two pieces of paper from the documents in her hand fell to the ground. Karen Daly was about to bend down to pick up the files, but Kevin Kyle picked them up before she did. Then he whispered in her ear, “Wait for me at home tonight.”

If Kevin Kyle had not said these words, Karen Daly would still treat him as a man who only looked exactly like her husband. As soon as he said this, Karen Daly was mind blown, she was dumbfounded and forgot what to do. Fortunately, the attention of the reporters was not on her, so she had some time to adjust her emotions. The reporters did not notice her. However, the sharp eyed employees of the Public Relations Department did not miss this little episode.

The Public Relations Department was well prepared for the event and all other departments cooperated well. Kevin Kyle was charismatic enough to take on the press, so the conference went very well. As soon as the new boss and the other directors left, Madonna rushed over and said, “Karen, the way you “accidentally” dropped the documents just now was great you successfully attracted our new boss’s attention.”

Karen Daly frowned slightly, she turned to Emma Wilson and said, “Manager Emma, I’ll go back to the Sales department after finishing my work here.” Looking at Karen Daly turn away from her, Madonna was so angry that she stomped her feet. “She ignored me! She just ignored me! Why is she so arrogant?” Emma Wilson glared at Madonna and said, “Don’t just stir up trouble all day long. If you continue to make trouble, you will be the next one to leave. If you are capable enough, just do your job well.

As long as you climb to a higher position than she does, you will be qualified to be arrogant as well.” Madonna glared at Karen Daly’s back as she walked away. She gritted her teeth and replied, “Understood, cousin.”.

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