My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 20

Recalling the things that Kevin Kyle had said to her all this time, Karen suddenly felt that it was possible that Kevin Kyle did not like women. For the entire night and the next two days, all Karen could think of when she was free, was this problem. When she sank deep into thought, she could not even hear her phone ring. May Lily walked over and knocked on her table. “Karen Daly, your phone has rung several times. Why don’t you answer it?” Karen Daly reacted quickly. She grabbed her phone and found that the three missed calls were all from Kevin Kyle. She bit her lip and called back. Kevin answered the phone but did not speak. It seemed that he was waiting for her to speak first. Karen Daly scratched her head and said cautiously, “I was busy earlier, so I didn’t hear the phone ringing. Is there anything you want to tell me?” After a long silence on the other end of the phone, Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice spoke, “I was just calling my wife, checking up on her, in my free time in between work.” Karen Daly smiled silently. “Well, I see.” In actual fact, at this time, Kevin Kyle had just come back from his business trip. He wanted to tell her that he was back, but suddenly wanted to see her reaction when he surprises her, so he did not tell her. Amelia Gray knocked on the door and came in. “Director Kevin, Rovio Corporation Inc’s headquarters in California will be completed next month. This will also become a new landmark in California and even in the whole of America. The word that you are in California has gone around. The people who want to see you have already made appointments up to three months later. I’m afraid that you won’t have much free time these days.” “When have I been idle these years?” Kevin Kyle waved his hand gesturing for Amelia Gray to leave the room. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked, 1 was walking around and heard someone talking about 500 dollars.” Kevin Kyle usually didn’t care about gossip, but he overheard Karen Daly’s name by chance, so he asked casually Amelia Gray said with a smile, “Not long ago, when we were organizing the company retreat, everyone was betting on whether you would join or not. Speaking of which, I have to thank Karen Daly. She had bet that you will join. So I also bet 500 dollars on that and won hundreds in the end.” Kevin Kyle narrowed his eyes under the golden mirror, and his face darkened instantly. It turned out that Karen Daly had hoped him to participate in the event just for 500 dollars. Was it possible that he, Kevin Kyle, was not as important as 500 dollars?! Noticing his face turn dark, Amelia pretended not to see it and added, “Director Kevin, you didn’t use to participate in such activities in the past. This time, you went there for Karen Daly, right?” Kevin Kyle glanced darkly at Amelia Gray. “Don’t you want to get off work early?” Amelia Gray quickly left. Kevin Kyle’s face was displeased for the whole afternoon. He did not say a word, wondering why he was not as important as just 500 dollars. Karen Daly did not know that Kevin Kyle had returned. When she went home, she only prepared a meal for one, and Molly’s dog food. While they were eating, Kevin Kyle opened the door and walked in When he looked over, Karen Daly had a mouthful of rice in her mouth and a bone in her hand, feeding Molly. The vision of her with the dog was very warm and welcoming. Kevin glanced at them coldly and said nothing. Karen quickly swallowed her food and hurriedly explained, “I didn’t know you were back, so I didn’t wait for you to eat.” Kevin Kyle changed his shoes but still didn’t say anything. Karen was so embarrassed that she didn’t know what to say. Molly, who was next to her, suddenly jumped at Kevin Kyle and barked at him a few times. Kevin’s face grew even darker. He frowned and looked at the dog, who was trying to claim dominance in front of him. Seeing Kevin Kyle’s face, Karen Daly felt a sense of danger. She immediately pulled Kevin back into her arms and said, “Kevin, don’t bother yourself arguing with her.” Faye Reed was going to the Europe to look for Sebastian Spencer. Of course, she would need to take care of Molly The corner of Kevin Kyle’s mouth twitched again and again. It seemed that he was really angry. If had not been brought up well, he would have thrown the puppy out. However, he did not say anything. He went straight to the bathroom and took a bath. After entering the study, he never came out again. Karen Daly guessed that Kevin probably didn’t like the dog, so she couldn’t help but hold Molly tighter. “Molly, Uncle Kevin doesn’t seem to like you. What should I do?” Molly seemed to feel that she was unwelcome here, and whimpered. Karen Daly won’t leave you alone. Tomorrow, I’ll take you to Aunt Faye’s house. I’ll stay there until she comes back.” stroked her head and said, “Don’t be afraid. I With a few whines, Molly’s round head rubbed Karen’s face twice, like a sensible child who understood. Looking at Molly, Karen Daly felt distressed. Molly had been taken in by Karen Daly three years ago, when she first came to California. At that time, Molly had been seriously injured and had almost died. Karen found her and sent her to the animal hospital in time to save her life. Later, she kept Molly by her side and since then, it has been three years. Her feelings for this little pet were like how she would feel towards her own child. Before Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly had been on countless dates, and she brought Molly along every time. However, she didn’t bring Molly on the blind date with Kevin Kyle, but she had married Kevin instead. If she had known that he couldn’t accept Molly, perhaps she wouldn’t have agreed to marry him. However, now that the marriage had become a fact, she couldn’t separate with Kevin Kyle just for a dog. After thinking for a while, Karen Daly picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to Kevin Kyle, “Kevin, didn’t discuss with you before I came back with Molly. I’m sorry! However, don’t worry, I won’t bring Molly back again in future.” After reading these words several times, Karen felt that there should be no problem and clicked send. However, the sent message, was like a stone thrown into the sea, and Kevin Kyle did not pay attention to it at all. Karen made another bowl of fried meat noodles for him and sent it over to him. She wanted to have a good talk with him, but he did not even look up at her. She swallowed all the words she wanted to say, smiled awkwardly and left. Although there was no basis of love for their marriage, she had agreed to marry him because she wanted to live a better life. She didn’t want to end this marriage just because of Molly. After a whole night of bad sleep, Karen Daly got up early the next morning. She planned to send Molly back to Faye’s place early in the morning, and then she would go look after Molly after work. When she came to the kitchen with Molly in her arms, Kevin was already sitting there. He looked up at her and ask her to sit down Karen Daly sat opposite him. After a while, he said in a deep voice, “Karen, do you like money?” Karen Daly did not understand why he suddenly asked this. She blinked her eyes and nodded honestly, “Of course, I like money.” Kevin Kyle took out a platinum credit card and handed it to her. “This card has no limit. You can use it.” Suddenly realizing something, she hugged Molly tighter and said, “Don’t even think about it. No matter how much money you have, I won’t sell Molly.”

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