My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 21

Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows; his eyes were dark under his golden glasses, He was the head of Rovio Corporation Inc. Many people had tried various methods to chance a meeting with him, and they still did not succeed. However, in Karen Daly’s eyes, Kevin Kyle was not as important as 500 dollars or even a dog. For the first time in his life, he felt upset and neglected. “Woof, woof, woof…” To express its dissatisfaction and protest at this stranger, Molly felt that it was appropriate for her to bark a few times. Karen Daly quickly covered Molly’s mouth and said, “Don’t cause me any more trouble. Let me have a good talk with Uncle Kevin. I believe that Uncle Kevin is a well-educated person. He will not be unreasonable.” Kevin Kyle looked at the woman and the dog in front of him. After a long time, Kevin Kyle said in a deep voice, “I didn’t say I don’t like the dog, and I didn’t ask for you to sell it.” Karen Daly bit her lips, “.” Kevin added, “Since it is yours, I will try to accept it.” Karen said, “Thank you!” Kevin did not speak any more and ate his breakfast with grace. After eating, Kevin went out for work as usual. Karen Daly had wanted to take start a conversation with him several times, but she didn’t say anything in the end. This man was really cold when he wanted to, it made people feel chill from the bottom of their hearts. At noon, Karen Daly needed to reorganize the proposal for the Star Glow Corporation project, as she wanted to submit it the next day before Manager Black returns, so she didn’t want to have lunch at Happiness Restaurant. When Kevin Kyle called Karen that afternoon, Sunnie Olsen was giving Karen Daly some advice on her proposal, so Karen did not get to answer the call from Kevin. Karen Daly was thinking to call him back later, but she was so busy and her mind was full of work, so she completely forgot to call him back. When she was about to get off work, Kevin Kyle stopped Special Assistant Amelia Gray. “What do you women usually get angry about?” Amelia Gray immediately guessed that there must be something wrong between him and Karen Daly. Amelia thought for a moment and said, “Women don’t need any reason to be angry.” Kevin raised his eyebrows. Perhaps last night, he had been angry and ignored Karen Daly. And today, Karen was protesting, in a way, by ignoring him too. Amelia Gray added, “However, women are all soft hearted. As long as you coax her, she will be fine. After listening to Amelia’s answer, Kevin Kyle thought about it again. He really had not tried comforting a woman his whole life. He did not really know how to coax a woman back to happiness. Amelia Gray silently thought about her boss’s thoughts and said at the right time, “Women like men who are romantic. For example, sending her flowers and inviting her out for dinner. That’s enough.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and looked at her. Amelia immediately added, “I know there is a rooftop restaurant here in California, it’s a place where many couples love to go. Fortunately, the restaurant is also under Rovio Corporation Inc, it would be great that your own restaurant can enjoy your patronage!” Kevin Kyle still did not say a word, but from his subtle change of expression, Amelia Gray knew that he agreed. Amelia smiled and said, “Then I’ll go and arrange it for you.” Kevin didn’t like to spend his time on comforting women, but since the one he needed to coax was Karen Daly, he would be go with it. In the afternoon, Sunnie Olsen gave some opinion on Karen Daly’s proposal and made a lot of adjustments It was already seven o’clock in the evening when Karen Daly finally thought of Kevin Kyle. She saved her file and turned off the computer… However, as soon as she looked up, she saw a tall figure standing in front of her desk, and two cold eyes fell on her silently. Instinctively, Karen Daly immediately looked around. There was no one else around, and she asked, “Why are you here?” Kevin Kyle had called Karen but she did not answer, so he came over to wait for her. Kevin Kyle had been standing there for at least ten minutes. However, Karen Daly was so busy with work and did not notice him at all. At this time, when she was done, she finally saw him with a frightened expression. Kevin Kyle suddenly wanted to fire her from the company very much. He coughed to conceal his dissatisfaction with her. “Are you waiting for me to go home and cook?” Karen Daly said as she packed up, “Sorry, I forgot was busy. Why don’t we go out and eat tonight?” about that as I Seeing that Kevin Kyle did not speak, Karen said simply. “It’ll be on me.” He did not say anything and stretched out his hand to grab her and walked away. They was still in the office. Although there was no one around at the moment, but there were security cameras all around. It was not good to be seen by others. Karen Daly wanted to get rid of him, but he pulled her close more tightly Kevin Kyle dragged her into the CEO’s special elevator, which went directly to the underground parking lot, and got into his silver Bentley Karen Daly sat in the passenger’s seat and looked at Kevin Kyle, tilting her head. Seeing his cold face, which normally made people feel very serious, she subconsciously moved a little bit towards the door. However, Kevin suddenly turned sideways and threw himself at her. Karen dodged by instinct and slammed her own head against the door, which made her gasp in pain. “Don’t move, seeing her hit her head, Kevin Kyle’s face grew more serious. He quickly buckled her seat belt and said, “Let me have a look.” “…” Karen Daly wanted to refuse, but when she saw his face, she did not da ret She obediently approached him with a blushing face. It turned out that he had just wanted to help her with buckling her seat belt, but she had thought wrong again. Thinking that her thoughts had been exposed, Karen lowered her head and bit her lip. She felt so embarrassed and wanted to hide under the car if she could. Karen Daly felt Kevin push her hair away and press his fingers lightly on the top of her head, as if he was looking for the spot where she was hurt. The next second, Karen felt something was wrong. Kevin Kyle’s slender fingers moved down from her head, then they slowly moved around her cheeks. The movements of his fingertips were very light and soft, as if he was caressing a diamond. Karen Daly was so scared, her breathing almost stopped. Her heart was beating too fast and she closed her eyes, not daring to look at him. However, after a long time, he didn’t make another move. She opened her eyes and wanted to see what he was doing. As soon as Karen Daly opened her eyes, she saw that Kevin’s handsome face was approaching her, and his warm lips gently pressed on her lips. It felt like Kevin Kyle was just lightly touching her lips with his, then he let go of her, and said in his extremely attractive sexy voice: “Are you feeling okay now?” her! “What?” Karen Daly did not understand what he had meant. He had thought that she was waiting for him to kiss Urghhh! Karen Daly clenched her fists and resisted the impulse to hit him. He had actually thought that she was waiting for him to kiss her, and she… Karen Daly unbuckled the seat belt and rushed over to him. Her pink lips pressed on his heavily. Karen Daly stayed this way for a few seconds, it was longer than when he had kissed her, as if she was competing with him. Then she quickly moved away and sat back on her seat. Karen wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, but her face blushed redder and redder.

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