My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 22

Before starting the car, Kevin Kyle raised his hand and gently touched the corner of his mouth. There was a faint smile in his cold eyes. Karen Daly had finally looked a little like the way she did three years ago. The car slowly drove out of the parking lot and quickly merged with the busy traffic in the city, but inside the car, the atmosphere was so quiet that even their breathing sounded very loud. Karen Daly sat upright and looked out of the window. She did not dare to look at Kevin Kyle properly, but still she couldn’t help but peek at him time to time. He was very serious when driving and looked steadily forward, as if nothing had happened just now. She pursed her lips and snorted in her heart-this cold-hearted man! Half an hour later, the car stopped at the lobby of a skyscraper. Kevin Kyle handed the car keys to the valet and walked into the lobby with Karen Daly. The skyscraper was 69 floors high. When it had been completed, it was the tallest building in America, and it was also the landmark building of California for many years. The skyscraper was located in the busy commercial center of in California. There were many people, many cars, and many buildings in this area. It was famous for its scenic rotating restaurant which was located on the top floor. Many tourists would buy entrance tickets to come and sit at the restaurant, ordering a cup of coffee and sitting quietly to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Port Temsin across the Chattertown River. Karen Daly had come her before, when she first came to California with Faye Reed. It already costed 80 dollars just to enter the building, and the price of meals at the sightseeing area in the restaurant were unfathomable. However, even though it was expensive, there were still endless customers visiting every day, they never stopped coming. Today, Karen Daly was surprised. It was not yet eight o’clock in the evening, but when she waited for the elevator, she didn’t see anyone else around. While she was thinking, her hand was grabbed by a big warm hand again. Kevin Kyle took her hand into the VIP elevator and went straight to the top floor. His hand was really warm, or perhaps her hand was really cold. When he held her this way, Karen Daly was very fond of the warmth he was giving her She looked up at him and smiled, “Kevin Kyle, are you bringing me to dinner here?” He faced the elevator door, standing straight. Just when Karen Daly thought he would not answer, she heard him say, “Hmm.” It was just a slight word “Hm”, but Karen Daly knew it was enough. He was a man with a few words, and it was not the first day she knew this fact. Soon, the elevator reached the top floor. It was always crowded, but today it seemed very deserted. Except for the staff, there was no one else around. The restaurant was covered in roses of various colors, with a table placed in the middle. The roses on the table arranged in heart- shapes, the setting was very dreamy, bathed in warm light. “Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Kyle, this way please!” A beautiful waitress came up and said politely, but she did not look at Karen Daly at all. The waitress’s eyes were almost glued on to Kevin Kyle, as if she didn’t care about Karen’s presence at all. Karen Daly thought in her heart, “When a woman looks good, she is dangerous. When a man looks good, he is a devil! This woman is looking at him more crudely than when a man checks out a beautiful woman.” Kevin suddenly stopped and looked coldly at the waitress. “Ask your manager to come over.” The waitress smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, I am the person in charge of this restaurant.” He raised his eyebrows and said darkly, “It’s time to change the person in charge of this restaurant.” The waitress didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but she was remained professional. She forced herself to smile and said, “Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Kyle, please come in. I’ll ask for another staff to come over. After sitting down, Karen Daly couldn’t help but laugh. Kevin Kyle looked at her strangely. “What’s so funny?” She forced herself to hold back her laughter and looked up at him. “Was that how you treat every woman who has a crush on you?” “A crush on me?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said straightforwardly, “I don’t like her.” The woman earlier was pretty and had a good figure. Most men would not refuse her this way. Perhaps it was the first time that the woman had been rejected so quickly, that she had seemed so upset. Karen Daly suddenly thought of what Faye had said and couldn’t help glancing at Kevin Kyle. Normal men couldn’t bear to refuse beautiful women. Did Kevin Kyle really not like women? Thinking of this, Karen Daly looked at him with some doubt. If he really didn’t like women, would that be good for her? Some music began playing in the background. It was a song that Karen was very familiar with and liked very much. It was called “Your Fragrance”. While listening to it, Karen Daly could not help but hum along. Her eyebrows were dancing and her eyes were sparkling. She looked like a fairy As she hummed, she found an unusually gentle pair of eyes looking at her. When she looked up, she saw Kevin Kyle looking at her quietly. She smiled at him and said, “This is a song I like very much.” Kevin Kyle signaled for the waiter to pour some red wine and gently raised his glass. “Would you like some?” Karen Daly took a quick look at the bottle of Lafite, it was made in 1982. This kind of wine was too expensive for her, and she had no chance to drink it on a normal occasion. Now that a rich boss was treating her, she, of course, would not be courteous. She raised her glass and clinked it against his. “Cheers!” Kevin raised his eyebrows. “Cheers!” Karen raised her glass and finish the wine in one gulp. She drank with the spirit of a Viking. Kevin Kyle shook his head helplessly. “You don’t drink this way It was not that he felt sorry for this wine, but that Karen s way of drinking would make it easy to get drunk, and that was not how a woman should drink. It exposed her true self, who is straightforward and wild. Three years ago, Karen Daly was full of incomparable vitality and youth. Now she hid all her rough edges from three years ago, and had become more quiet and graceful. Whether it was three years ago or three years later, the only thing that did not change in Karen was her optimistic attitude towards life and her enthusiasm for work. She licked her luscious lips instinctively It was an unintentional action, but in Kevin Kyle’s eyes, it was extremely enchanting. A different light slowly rose in his eyes. Karen Daly did not notice this at all. She said in a hurry with great interest, “This wine tastes good. Let’s have another glass before the dishes are served.” This time, Kevin Kyle stopped the waiter and poured for Karen Daly himself. He said, “Take it slow.” “Okay.” Karen Daly replied, but her body did not listen to his orders. She drank up all the wine in her glass again. “It’s easy to get drunk on an empty stomach.” Kevin Kyle beckoned for the waiter to serve the dishes. He had ordered two sets of fruit salad and fillet steak, which were cooked to a medium well. It was almost nine o’clock in the evening, and Karen Daly didn’t eat anything at noon. As soon as the steak was served, she couldn’t wait to dig into. However, while her knife and fork clinked against each other, Kevin Kyle ate so quietly as if he wasn’t moving at all.

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