My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 23

Karen Daly looked up and saw him cutting his steak gracefully without making a sound. It was a perfect and eye catching scene. Looking at herself, she didn’t feel that she was any different than him when eating steak, but it showed perfectly now Kevin Kyle cut his steak and passed it to her. “You eat first.” Karen Daly smiled. “Thank you!” Eating the steak cut by Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly’s heart was bubbling with sweetness. It had been a long time since she felt this way. After the meal, she was full. The bottle of wine was almost finished entirely by her, and her head was dizzy. She usually had a good capacity for liquor. Today, she only drank a bottle of wine with Kevin Kyle, but she already felt drunk She thought, “Perhaps I am not drunk because of the wine, but because of this indulgence.” In the restaurant, she could see the night view of California, while listening to beautiful music and having dinner with such a good-looking man like Kevin Kyle (which was her husband!). There was no need to drink at all. The atmosphere alone could make someone drunk She smiled and said, “Kevin Kyle, thank you for treating me to such a romantic dinner.” Kevin smiled and said calmly with his low and sexy voice, it was seductive enough to impregnate someone, “If you want to thank anyone, you can thank Special Assistant Amelia Gray. Everything tonight was arranged by her.” Karen Daly’s heart was suddenly in a mess. She had really wanted to challenge and question him. “Do you know what nonsense you’re saying? Do you want to die a painful death?” Of course, she could only think those words. She really did not have the guts to challenge this aloof big boss. However, she also understood that even if it was specially arranged by Special Assistant Gray, if it was not for the director’s approval, how could the night even go so smoothly? After thinking about it Karen Daly felt much better. Perhaps because of alcohol, she was no longer reserved in front of Kevin Kyle. She pouted mischievously at him and said, “A dishonest man.” Her action of pouting made her lips, stained with red wine, look like juicy red cherries, it could make someone salivate. Kevin Kyle’s eyes darkened. “Sit closer.” His voice was sexy and low, and his tone was overbearing. Her heart was simply resisting, but her body was earnestly closing on with him. “Karen..” He called her name deeply, as intoxicating as the red wine she had drunk earlier. Karen Daly blinked her beautiful big eyes and looked at him in confusion. “Hmm?” The next moment, Kevin Kyle wrapped his arms around her waist and lowered his head to kiss her hard. At first, it was just 2 pairs of lips crashing against each other, but Kevin proceeded to become more invasive. “Hmm..” Karen was surprised and shy, and she couldn’t help but hum in disagreement. Kevin Kyle took the opportunity to pry open her white teeth and entangled his tongue with the tip of her tongue. He showed her a real match between lips and tongues. The kiss lasted for a long time, making her body go soft. Her hands subconsciously grasped at his clothes. Before she came to her senses, she could see his fingers gently stroking her lips and saying in his lazy voice, which was even more intoxicating than red wine, “This is what kissing is. Karen Daly’s heart was in a mess again. This man had remembered what had happened in the car earlier. What a calculative man. She gritted her teeth and wanted to pounce on him to kiss him harder, like how he kissed her. Then she proudly told him loudly, “Don’t think that only you can do this, and I can do it too.” However, one’s imagination was never the same as reality. She was then too ashamed to raise her head at this idea. She didn’t even have the courage to peek at him. On the way home, Karen Daly kept looking out the window, thinking a lot. Kevin Kyle had prepared such a romantic dinner for her. He had also just kissed her. If she went back to sleep in the same bed at night, she could figure out what would happen. It was natural for her and Kevin Kyle to have that kind of relationship, but she felt that she was not fully prepared, so she felt a little guilty. When the driver passed by the forest not far from the area where they lived, she suddenly shouted, “Stop the car.” The driver glanced at Kevin Kyle from the rearview mirror. When he saw Kevin nod, he slowed down and found a place to stop the car. Karen Daly quickly opened the door and got out of the car. She stood outside the door and said to Kevin, “I want to walk for a while. You go back first.” She thought to herself, I will go back after he falls asleep. Then there would be no need to face the embarrassing prospect of them lying in bed and just talking under the covers.” However, Kevin Kyle also got off the car and handed her a thick pair of gloves. “Put them on. I’ll walk with you for a while.” “You don’t have to accompany me. Her purpose was to get rid of him. If she let him follow her, it would seem like she wanted to take a walk with him. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her, then said in a low voice, “Let’s go back together or walk around together. Choose either one.” “This man has turned on his dominant mode again,” she thought Neither of these choices was what she wanted, but it was better to take a walk together than to go home and lie in bed together, so she chose to take a walk together. Putting on the gloves he gave to her, she smiled and said, “Thank you.” Kevin Kyle did not speak. He held her hand and walked slowly along the road of the seaside park. At this time, it was getting late, but there were quite a lot of people strolling inside the seaside park. There were couples passing by from time to time, Some of them held hands, some boys carried their girlfriends on their backs, and some ignored passers-by, busy hugging and kissing each other. Watching others kissing, Karen Daly thought of what Kevin Kyle had done to her just now. When he kissed her, she was really frightened. She did not enjoy the first real feeling of kissing between them. At this time, she slowly recalled that she only had one feeling, and that was that did not hate Kevin Kyle’s kiss. Thinking of this, Karen Daly quietly looked up at Kevin Kyle and saw his gentle eyes, which made her involuntarily lean into his arms. The sea breeze was very cold at night, but Karen Daly, who had always been afraid of the cold, did not feel cold this time. Perhaps it was because there was someone around her who could help her block the wind. After walking for a while, Karen Daly stopped and said in a hurry, “Kevin, do you know what I thought when I came here for the first time?” Kevin Kyle did not say anything, but his eyes told her to continue. Karen Daly pointed at the shallow bay and said with joy. “At that time, I thought if I had enough money, I would dig the bay deeper, and then build a sea paradise in the middle. be so beautiful.” Not for or in a bad mood, I would come alone to take a walk, listen to the sea breeze, and look at the birds flying freely. It would the public, but only for myself. Whenever I am tired She said a lot in one breath, as if the ocean paradise in her mind was in front of her, and she was enjoying all the beauty in her mind. Kevin Kyle listened carefully and did not interrupt her. Instead, he reached out and grabbed her hand. Karen smiled and said, “Of course, I’m just thinking about it.”

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