My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 24

Kevin Kyle reached out and gently rubbed Karen Daly’s head. “No matter what you do, you must have ideas first. If you don’t have ideas, how can you succeed? When the company recruits employees, I pay great attention to their imagination.” When he said this, his tone was mixed with the tone of a leader, which made Karen Daly feel that she was walking with the cold director of the company, and not with her husband. However, Karen Daly did not mind Kevin Kyle accompanying her at all. He was a person willing to listen to her unrealistic thoughts and she appreciated that deeply. She added, “Not to mention that I won’t be able to earn that much money in my entire life, even if one day, I’m lucky enough to win the first prize in the lottery, I won’t even be able to get the approval of the government to do that.” Karen Daly was very clear that this was only an idea, a beautiful dream she had weaved for herself. It was not only in this life, but also a dream that could not be realized in the next life. Hearing her disappointed tone, Kevin Kyle did not say anything to comfort her, but he held her hand more tightly. At the same time, Kevin Kyle also noticed that when she was talking about all this, in her plan, in her fantasy, she was alone, and he, as her husband, was not a part of it. After a while, Karen Daly could not resist her sleepiness due to alcohol. She yawned and tried hard to keep her eyes open In her daze, she vaguely felt Kevin taking off his coat to cover her body. He held her in his arms and patted her on the back with his thick palm. Perhaps this was only an illusion caused by alcohol, but she was still very optimistic. She was willing to believe that this beautiful moment was real and that she could still have happiness after being abandoned by so many people. Yes, she worked so hard to live, so hard, didn’t she want to live a happier life? Now that happiness was waving to her, she seemed to be getting closer and closer to it. Thinking about it, she was almost about to fall into a sweet dream. Later, Karen Daly could not remember anything. She didn’t know how she had gotten home and how she came to the bed. Anyway, when she woke up, she was only wearing a nightgown, it was just like the last time at Ocean Villa. This time, she was not as surprised as then. It seemed that she knew that even if she had been drunk senseless, Kevin Kyle would not touch her. She raised her head slightly and saw a man in a silver gray suit sitting on the sofa by the window, reading the newspaper Over the month, every day when she opened her eyes, she had looked at the figure sitting by the window. It seemed that it had become a simple habit. “You’re awake. Hearing her voice, Kevin Kyle looked up. His eyes were clear and cold, as if the man who kissed her hard and walked with her last night was not him at all. However, compared with Kevin Kyle’s cold reaction as usual, what made Karen Daly more surprised was that Molly was curled up next to his feet. Yesterday, Molly had even wanted to drive away this “third party” who had broken into their “mother and daughter” relationship, but today, she was docile and lay beside Kevin Kyle’s feet. From time to time, she rubbed her little head on Kevin Kyle’s feet, and was so well-behaved. “The relationship between a man and a dog changing in one night. What had happened between them that she did not know of?” “Morning!” Seeing that Kevin Kyle in a good relationship with Molly, Karen spoke animatedly. Hearing her voice, Molly immediately ran over, wagging her tail and jumping onto the bed. She threw herself into Karen Daly’s arms and whined a few times playfully, Karen Daly touched her head. “Good girl, I’m very pleased to see you and Uncle Kevin getting along well.” Kevin Kyle put down the newspaper in his hand and strode over. He picked Molly up and said, “Let’s go out first, and wait for you to join our breakfast.” “Woof, woof, woof…” Karen Daly was speechless, “..” Why did she feel that these two people… No, not two people, it was Kevin Kyle and a dog. Their relationship seemed to be very harmonious on the surface, but in actual fact, they were secretly competing. After changing into her work attire and washing up, she saw that the breakfast table had welcomed a new set of dishes, which were all still exquisite snacks. Karen Daly had to praise her. The lady servant who was cooking for Kevin Kyle was really an amazing cook. Every day, she would change her style and make breakfast without repeating most dishes. Molly was already enjoying her breakfast, but Kevin Kyle was waiting for Karen at the table. His eyes fell on her body, as if he was very satisfied with her new work attire. The company had changed the employees’ attire policy yesterday, the female employees were not required to wear pants all year round. May Lily and others also said that Director Kevin was being considerate. They no longer had to wear short skirts in the cold winter, they no longer needed to look beautiful but cold. Of course, except for Special Assistant Gray, other people would not know that Director Kyle, who was considerate in their hearts, had ordered for this change just because he didn’t want his wife to be exposed to others while wearing a skirt. Kevin Kyle handed the porridge over to Karen Daly and said, “I’m going out of town to discuss a project today. I won’t be back until tomorrow.” Karen Daly took a sip of the warm sweet potato porridge and nodded. “You go and do your work. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be accompanied by Molly.” Molly barked twice, indicating that she had did not care for Kevin’s absence. She could accompany her mother at home. Karen Daly reached out and touched her head. “You have to behave well at home today. Mommy will bring you delicious food tonight.” She rubbed her head against Karen Daly’s hands with her little head and whined twice, as if to show that she had always been well-behaved. Karen Daly was so happy playing with Molly that she completely ignored Kevin Kyle, who was sitting next to her. Kevin Kyle ate silently, and his movements were still as elegant as before. However, after a careful observation, one could see the dissatisfaction in his eyes. He even stared at Molly very childishly. Molly was a very intelligent animal. When Kevin Kyle glared at it, it understood and roared back without showing any weakness. Karen Daly glanced at Kevin Kyle and then at Molly. Finally, she concluded that Kevin was really calculative and Molly was obedient and sensible. When Manager Black from Star Glow returned from the capital today, Karen Daly would need to hand in the new plan, she had no free time. As it was Manager Black who had requested for her to take charge of the new plan, she told herself that she had to be more careful than before, and she would not let Manager Black down. Karen Daly was been busy in the office for the whole morning. After lunch, she reported to Sunnie Olsen and went over to Star Glow Corporation to meet Manager Black with the proposal The secretary brought Karen over to Manager Black’s office, she mentioned that Manager Black had been waiting a long time and she can enter immediately. Karen Daly knocked on the door of the office. When she heard the words “Please come in” she pushed the door open and walked in. “Manager Black, you…”

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