My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 26

The man smiled and said very firmly, “I know that you are reluctant to hurt me. I know it all the time. You love me so much, how can you hurt me?” Karen Daly did not want to hurt anyone, but for reasons unlike what the man had said. She just wanted to leave and never see his face again. “Karen… When he reached out his hand towards her again, she didn’t hesitate to raise the ashtray in her hand and smashed it on his head. The man’s forehead was cut open, and blood flowed down along his forehead. But he still looked at her as if he didn’t feel pain. He smiled and said, “Karen, I know you are still angry with me, so I let you hit me. But when your anger is relieved, come back with me.” The wound on his forehead was very deep, as more and more blood flowed, it dripped onto his face, body, and hands, but he just ignored it, he seemed to only care about Karen Daly now. Karen Daly was scared. She shouted, “Charlie Wayne Gook, you madman, what on earth do you want to do?” Charlie Wayne Gook suddenly laughed and said, “Karen, I like you calling my name like this. That’s the Karen I like.” He liked her calling his full name, so overbearing and proudly, as if the man with this name was her property. “Shut up! I don’t want to talk to you for the rest of my life.” Karen Daly clenched her fists and felt no pain even when her nails pierced into her palms. “Karen, you can’t escape. As long as I don’t let go of you, you will never be able to escape.” Charlie Gook said with a smile, which was full of pain and excitement. Karen bit her lip tightly, her body trembling slightly. “Don’t even think about it…” Charlie smiled confidently and said softly, “What is it that I dare not think of? Hmm?” Karen Daly clenched her fists more tightly because she believed that he could do what he wanted easily. “Karen, the person I love is you. It has always been you and that has never changed.” He said with a smile. After all, he was injured in the head and it was quite serious – he swayed on the spot and fell to the floor. Karen Daly trembled with fear. “Charlie Gook.” Perhaps the noise from the room was too loud. Someone finally opened the door and came in. Seeing Charlie Gook injured and lying on the ground, the group of people panicked. Karen Daly heard someone shouting, “Charlie Gook is injured. Send him to the hospital.” She also heard that someone was calling the police, She could only see a lot of blood and a flurry of people rushing in and out… When she came to her senses, she didn’t know how long it had been before she had been taken to the police station. She was locked up in a small cold room. The whispers of the police outside reached her ears. “It’s this the person who hurt Charlie Gook? But for some reason, Charlie Gook is not willing to prosecute her. Not only did he not prosecute her, he also asked for us to arrange a private session with her. But according to him, she has to be locked up for two days to teach her a lesson.” The guard’s voice continued, but Karen Daly did not pay attention to it. She now knew that Charlie Gook was fine, so she was relieved. Karen Daly understood Charlie Gook’s intentions for asking them to imprison her for a few days. The first was to let her know that she was just an insignificant employee who worked for a technology company. She had hurt him, but he didn’t blame her for her crime. He just imprisoned her for two days, which seemed like a great gift he was bestowing upon her. Secondly, he wanted her to know that as long as Charlie Gook was unwilling to let go of her, no matter in New York or in California, she could never escape from him. Thinking of Charlie Gook’s arrogant words, Karen Daly felt bitter in her heart. It was not that she could not escape from Charlie Gook’s grasp, but that the Daly family was reluctant to leave her be as well. The Daly family used to be a noble family and was respected by others. When it came to Karen’s father’s generation, the Daly family fame had already declined. Her father did not want the Daly family reputation to continue this way. He tried his best to get in touch with the rich and famous, but later he made friends with the Gook family. Therefore, instantly, the Daly family, which had long since lost its fame in New York, once again entered the high society of New York after befriending the Gook family. Daly’s father had also sold the old house left behind by the Daly family ancestors, as well as some precious paintings and calligraphy, and used the money to buy a villa near the Gook family villa. The villa was much smaller than the Books, but at least they were able to squeeze into the rich residential area, which was something happy that made Karen Daly’s father very happy. Gradually, the Daly family seemed to have become parasites living off the Gook Family for a long time. Naturally, the young master of the Gook family was the target of attention and affection. As a result, after that fateful incident, her parents did not have any objection. Whatever the Gook family said was law, and the Gook Family would do whatever they wanted. Since the Gook Family no longer viewed Karen as someone important, she had also become a useless abandoned daughter by the Daly family. Now, after three years, Charlie Gook still had the nerve to come to her and said that he wanted to take her back. Just thinking about it made her feel incredulous. It was funny how useless the Daly family was and funny how useless she was. How could she let someone she should forget trigger her this way? She bent her legs, held them in her arms, and buried her head on her knees, as if her heart would not feel uncomfortable or cold by doing this. “Chief Campbell, why are you here in person?” The guard’s respectful and panicked voice reached Karen Daly’s ears, but she was not in the mood to care about it. She still held on to her legs, locking herself in her own space. Only if she did not care about the outside world or those who hurt her, would she not be hurt again. Pow! Two loud slaps broke the silence in the room, and then came the heavy roar of a middle-aged man, “Have you gotten so daring? You’ve imprisoned the wrong person!” The guard said in panic and grievance, “Chief Campbell, it’s not us. It’s Charlie Gook of the Gook family, the Gook family.” Before the man could finish his words, the middle-aged man roared, “How dare you still speak? Open the door and let Miss Daly out.” Then, he heard the sound of running, the unlocking of the door, and then heard the respectful voice of the middle aged man say, “Director Kevin, my people are incompetent. Please forgive me.” Hearing the words “Director Kevin”, Karen Daly’s body trembled slightly. She slowly looked up and saw Kevin Kyle standing in front of the middle-aged man. He was still wearing his custom-made silver-gray suit with a polite smile on his face. However, under the golden spectacles, there was a dark light in his eyes that could not be interpreted, which made people feel cold from within their bones. Kevin Kyle simply nodded and walked toward Karen Daly without saying anything to the middle-aged man who bowed to him repeatedly. The man was Chief Campbell Kevin strode over to Karen Daly’s side, rubbed her head, and called her name softly, “Karen…” Kevin Kyle’s voice was softer than ever before, which made Karen Daly feel that the horrible things she had endured earlier had never appeared..

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