My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 28

On the way back, Karen Daly tried to communicate with Kevin Kyle several times in order to let him know the seriousness of this matter, but she was scared by his cold eyes and swallowed back her words. When they arrived home, she pulled on his sleeve and said carefully, “Kevin Kyle, just listen to me this once. Don’t intervene in this matter. It’s not something you can interfere with.” Kevin Kyle looked at her and reached out to hold the back of her head. He let her look into his eyes and said softly, “Karen Daly, trust me.” His simple words, like endless power, were slowly injected into Karen Daly’s body, and her pale face slowly regained some color. Karen Daly looked at him, pursed her lips and said cautiously, “Kevin Kyle, why didn’t you ask me why I was sent to the police station?” Kevin Kyle touched her face and said with some distress, “Karen, no matter what the reason is, you just need to remember that I’ve got your back.” He knew about her three years ago, and he could even relate. That prodigal brat from the Gook family had hurt her three years ago. At that time, Karen Daly was still not someone whom Kevin Kyle knew of. He could not control it, and there was no need for him to do so. Now, Karen Daly was his wife. He wouldn’t tolerate anyone upsetting, even if it they were related by blood. “L.” Karen Daly hid a lot of words in her heart. She tried to speak to Kevin Kyle several times, but failed in the end. The incident which had happened three years ago was the pain in her heart. She didn’t want to uncover the scars in the past and show it to others. She had been trying hard to forget the bad things from the past and look forward. Now, what she had to do was to believe in what Kevin Kyle had said. No matter how powerful the Gook Family was, and no matter what tricks Charlie Gook could play, she just needed to remember that they could not control the world. Karen Daly sighed silently. Then she heard Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice say, “I’ve asked someone to prepare some meals for us to eat. Let’s eat something.” Karen Daly shook her head. “I’m not hungry.” Kevin Kyle hugged her and said, “Let’s take a shower then.” Karen nodded and went back to the room to take a bath. When she came out of the bathroom, Kevin Kyle came in with a bowl of ginger soup. “This one is good for eliminating colds, you can have a bowl.” Karen Daly took the bowl and gulped it down. After that, she gave him a gentle smile and said, “Thank you.” Kevin Kyle put the bowl aside and pulled the quilt over to cover her. It’s getting late. Go to sleep. Don’t be late for work tomorrow.” “Okay.” Karen Daly lay in bed obediently and looked at him with her big bright eyes blinking. “T’Il stay with you.” Kevin Kyle lay down beside her holding her hand with one hand and patting her back gently with the other hand to coax her to sleep. Today, he had been talking about a project in another town. Suddenly, he received a phone call, hearing that something had happened to Karen Daly. He did not delay for a moment and came back immediately. Who knew that he had arrived so late; so she had been locked up for several hours. She was just a girl under twenty-four years old. No matter how strong she was, she must be extremely flustered and scared when encountering such a thing. However, when she saw him, she did not even shed a tear, and even tried to talk to him with a smile. The more powerful Karen Daly was, the more Kevin Kyle wanted to protect her in his heart. As her husband, he hoped that he could take good care of her and not let her suffer any harm for the rest of her life. Confirming that she had fallen asleep, Kevin Kyle quietly got up and went to the study room. He dialed a number and said, “Nick Black, please handle this matter well. I don’t want to hear any rumors that I don’t want to hear tomorrow.” After that, Kevin Kyle hung up the phone, not caring if the person at the other end of the phone had heard him clearly or not. Karen Daly did not sleep well and kept mumbling. Her small, thin face was almost crumpled into a ball. She dreamed again. It was a terrible nightmare that she often had in the past few years. In the dream, a group of people pointed at her and scolded her, scolding how could the Daly family, who were so noble, raise such shameful daughter, who had even robbed her older sister’s man. Those closest to her were standing by her side, but no one stood out to help her. What was even worse was that the news had been spread by them personally. She opened her mouth and wanted to explain, but she couldn’t say a word. She could only watch their disdainful eyes and listen to their cursing. “Karen…” Her mother, who loved her the most, was calling her. “Mom…” It took Karen Daly a lot of effort to say this word. When she reached out to hold her mother tightly, her mother turned her back on her, her face full of tears. “You are smart and self-reliant since childhood. Your sister.” “Why are you talking so much? The Daly Family doesn’t have a useless daughter like you.” It was Karen Daly’s father who spoke this time. Her father’s face, which used to be full of love, became so strange to her at this moment. It was so strange that it seemed like she had never known him. At this moment, she felt that her heartstrings suddenly broke and her heart was cold. Just because she was tough since she was a child, and because she had lost her heart to the young master of the Gook Family, was she destined to be given up on? Karen Daly suddenly felt so cold, as if she was covered with ice, she felt so cold that she began to tremble. Just as she felt as if she was about to be drowned in icy water, a pair of warm big palms grabbed her hands in time and pulled her out of the water. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and met a pair of caring and gentle eyes. “Kevin, Kevin Kyle?” Karen, who had just woken up from her nightmare, could not tell the dream from reality. Perhaps there was no such person as Kevin Kyle in the world. He was just an imaginary figure she had imagined to accompany her. Kevin Kyle gently held her in his arms and patted her on the back. just like coaxing a child, “How about I tell you a story?” He knew that she was having a nightmare and knew what she had dreamed of, but he did not mention anything and tried to distract her using his own ways. Karen Daly leaned in his arms quietly and nodded gently Regardless of whether Kevin really existed or not, she only knew that at this moment, he could make her feel secure. Kevin rubbed her head. “Do you know why the eyes of the little hare are red?” Karen Daly had heard this story when she was very young, but she chose to shake her head and listen to him. As soon as she shook her head, she heard Kevin Kyle continued in his sexy voice, “Because its eyes were dry and it had no eye drops, so they become became red.” The story had originally meant to be educational, but she could not help but laugh upon hearing Kevin’s nonsensical explanation. “Did you doze off often when you were at school?” Kevin Kyle nodded and said very seriously, “Maybe,I did.”

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