My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 29

Karen Daly, obviously, did not have a clue about Kevin Kyle never getting second place at school since he was young. He had graduated from Harvard University, which was part of the Ivy League, and that it only took him half the normal duration to obtain a doctorate degree from the university “You must have been beaten up a lot.” Karen Daly suddenly felt upset for him.” I truly don’t understand what you boys are thinking.” Karen added, “When I was young, I ranked first in the entire school for all subjects, and then I was admitted to the most renowned university in New York at that time.” However, she originally did not want to enrol in that school. Karen Daly wanted to major at her favourite subject which was art, rather than going off to the top university in New York Her biggest dream was to design the most elegant bridal gown in the world, with the aim that that any girl could put on a bridal gown of her design and become the most beautiful bride. However, this dream ended the day Karen Daly designed her own bridal gown three years ago. Since then, she had never picked up her brush again. Thinking of this, Karen looked down. The tranquil life that she finally built was suddenly rudely trespassed upon. Now she was so afraid to the point that she didn’t even have the courage to tell Kevin about her past. Karen Daly was not sure if he would be as comfortable as before if he found out the truth. But Kevin really didn’t care about her past, but only cared about her future. Karen shut her eyes and wanted to leave his arms, however when she moved, he held her firmly. Kevin then stated, “Karen Daly, I am your husband.” He had emphasized this matter more than once before, and she could not help but look straight at him. Under the amber light, his face was not as cold as usual, but bathed with a soft light which made people feel at ease. Karen Daly nodded and grinned. “I know.” These four words ‘I am your husband’ seemed very simple, but yet Karen Daly understood deeply the meaning of his words. Even if there was no true affection, he had vouched to accompany her through the up and downs in life. Not long after, Karen fell asleep in Kevin Kyle’s arms. She slept through the night and no longer had nightmares that usually woke her up during the night. She woke up promptly the next morning, The moment she awoke, Kevin Kyle was already sitting by the window and reading the newspaper carefully. When he heard her wake up, he looked up and said as usual. “You’re awake. For over a month, every day went by this routine. Karen Daly had always wanted such a simple life. Regardless of what occurs, there would always be someone by her side, living peacefully together and growing older together. She immediately sat up and grinned happily. “Director Kevin, Good morning.” They did not mention what had happened yesterday, as though nothing had happened or perhaps it was just a nightmare. Everything was back to normal when they woke up from their slumber. At the breakfast table, Karen Daly asked Kevin Kyle, “Are you going on a business trip today?” Kevin Kyle’s mouth was loaded with food. He did not answer but just shook his head. His daily amount of work was truly not what ordinary people could handle, however today he had to deal a project at Innovative Tech first. Molly barker a couple of times to draw the attention of her “mother”. Molly was very dissatisfied since last night till this morning because she felt she was being neglected. Karen Daly picked the dog up and rubbed it’s face.” forgot to buy you something delicious last night. I’ll get it for you today.” The dog made a few simple sounds, meaning that it forgave its mother. Kevin Kyle put down his cutlery and looked over. He narrowed his eyes slightly. There was only one thought in his mind and it was that this little white dog was really annoying! Karen Daly was reluctant to take Kevin Kyle’s car to work, so Kevin Kyle did not compel her. They arrived at the company one after another. It was morning on a work day, so many colleagues were already waiting for the elevator. When they saw Kevin Kyle walking over, everyone looked over and greeted him, “Director Kevin!” “Alright.” Each time Kevin Kyle nodded coldly, he beckoned for Amelia Gray and Nick Black to follow him into the elevator reserved for senior management, leaving a the others behind coldly. As soon as Kevin Kyle had left, everyone began to discuss, “Wow, why do I feel that Director Kevin is getting more and more handsome?” Someone replied, “I felt that Director Kevin glanced at me just now. I was so excited.” Another person stated, “Who do you think is Director Kevin’s wife? What sort of charm does she have that Director Kevin likes her and even married her?” Someone answered, “I think she must be extremely beautiful and elegant. Perhaps she is a young lady from a renowned family. Anyway, she is definitely not one of our colleagues.” Karen Daly listened to their conversation, everyone was discussing more gossip about Kevin Kyle. No one mentioned the incident of her hitting a member of the Gook family on the head, and that she had been arrested and locked up in the police station for a long time. This surprised her, yet after thinking carefully, she finally understood what was happening. Charlie Gook would not help her hide from such a scandal so easily, hence it must have been Kevin Kyle who had done it. It was true that Kevin Kyle was the director of Innovative Tech, however Innovative Tech was nothing compared to the Gook family. If it were Charlie Gook who had assaulted Kevin Kyle, Kevin Kyle probably wouldn’t even get an opportunity to retaliate. It was not that she did not believe in Kevin Kyle’s abilities, however she knew too well about the power and ways of both the Gook family and Charlie Gook. Thinking of this, Karen took a deep breath. Anyway, she needed to figure out how to prevent Kevin from getting involved in this matter. Karen Daly was worried when her cell phone received a new message. She opened it and saw a simple sentence appear, “Work hard. I’ll handle everything else.” After reading the text message, Karen Daly held on to the phone subconsciously, as though she could feel the energy Kevin Kyle had given her. After coming to the office, Karen Daly learned that Star Glow Corporation had cancelled their deal with Innovative Tech, and it was because they had found out that Innovative Tech had used unfair connections to secure the deal. Sure enough, she knew that Charlie Gook would never surrender, however, she didn’t expect him to make his move so quick The colleagues from the sales department looked at Karen Daly strangely. Other colleagues may not have known that she went over to Star Glow Corporation yesterday, but the staff from the sales department knew it. Perhaps someone already knew that she had injured the young master of the Gook family, so they all stared at her viciously as if she had committed a sin. Karen had faced worse, compared to their staring eyes, which grew increasingly fierce and terrifying, so it was not enough to scare her. May Lily kicked her desk and a chair rolled over to Karen Daly’s side. “Karen Daly, what happened yesterday?” Karen pursed her lips and smiled. “Is there anything wrong?” “Karen, we are colleagues, close friends. Even if you prefer not to tell the others, you can let me know. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” May Lily leaned toward Karen’s ear and asked in a soft tone, “Didn’t you talk to Manager Black about the new project yesterday? Why did they unexpectedly quit working with us?”

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