My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 30

William Baker also came over and looked at Karen Daly worriedly. Then he turned to look at May Lily and said, “May. if you are excessively free, you can assist me with my proposal.” May Lily rolled her eyes and exclaimed discontentedly, “William Baker, you only know how to protect Karen Daly. What about protecting me?” William glanced at Karen subconsciously and said, “Don’t talk nonsense.” William knew that Karen Daly was going to be married, however he didn’t come to work to ramble on about this. Perhaps he didn’t want to cause any trouble for Karen Daly, holding on to a last shred of hope that she might still consider him a worthy man. Karen Daly smiled and said, “All of you get back to work. Director Kevin will handle these things. It’s not our concern.” Meanwhile, in the director’s office of Innovative Tech, Nick Black was reporting the situation to Kevin Kyle very carefully He said, “Director Kevin, everything has been passed down according to your instructions. We will let that Charlie Gook be arrogant for a while.” Kevin Kyle’s slender fingers tapped lightly on the desk. After a long while, he said, “This is insufficient.” Nick Black and Amelia Gray took a look at each other. They had served Kevin Kyle for nearly ten years, but there were still occasions when they couldn’t understand what Kevin Kyle was saying. Kevin had suddenly changed the topic out of nowhere. “I need an additional secretary.” Innovative Tech was not that big a company. In addition to Nick Black and Amelia Gray, Kevin Kyle had four other secretaries working in the director’s office, it ought to be sufficient Now that Kevin Kyle had proposed to hire one more secretary, they understood what he had implied and they pondered upon it. Amelia Gray immediately said, “Sure, sir, I’ll arrange for it.” Soon, Amelia Gray sent out an email to all employees, stating, “Director Kevin needs to hire a new secretary, who can handle workload immediately. The managers of all departments may suggest a suitable representative.” As soon as the news came out, the female employees of various departments immediately became excited. They were eager to get the position of secretary to the director, Becoming the director’s secretary was equivalent to climbing up into the highest ranks of the company. Perhaps something may happen between the secretary and the director. Even if nothing did happen, it would still bring joy to see his beautiful face every day. Sunnie Olsen, is department?” Soon, the manager of the sales department, Sunnie Olsen, received a call from Amelia Gray, asking, “Manager Sunnie Olsen is there a suitable candidate from your department? Sunnie Olsen thought about all the employees in the department, and none of them came had experience in being a secretary. She answered honestly, “Special Assistant Amelia Gray, my department really doesn’t have one.” Amelia Gray chuckled. “Are you sure, Manager Sunnie Olsen?” Sunnie Olsen had been working in the company for many years. She had become the manager of the sales department despite starting as an ordinary obscure employee. How could she have achieved this without the ability of being eloquent? Thus, she considered about all the people in the room. When she thought of Karen Daly, her eyes lit up. “Special Assistant Amelia Gray, would you consider Karen Daly?” At the other end of the phone, Special Assistant Amelia Gray smiled earnestly. “Karen Daly? Is that the Karen Daly who was in charge of Star Glow project previously.” Sunnie Olsen nodded. “Yes, that’s her.” Amelia Gray pretended to think for a while, as if she were trying to recall this person. After a while, she said, ” think she is very accomplished. Allow her to come up and try.” After hanging up the phone, Sunnie Olsen turned her head sideways to look at the office area outside her room, through the blinds. Everyone was whispering to each other, but only Karen Daly was working hard. She had to admit that Karen Daly was a truly capable assistant. In the past three years, she was always grounded, climbing up step by step, working hard, but never requesting for credit. As Karen Daly’s boss, Sunnie admired Karen Daly’s ability and attitude. Nonetheless, Sunnie did not only acknowledge Karen’s hard work as how a boss would appreciate his or her employer. In her heart, she had a fear that her position as manager might one day be replaced. If she did not climb to a higher position before the day Karen Daly becomes truly outstanding, Sunnie likely to be replaced by Karen Daly. At present, she presided over Karen in terms of age and experience. But in other aspects, she did not dare say that she could surpass Karen Daly’s abilities. Now, since Special Assistant Amelia Gray, as the director’s assistant, took a fancy to Karen Daly, it was a good thing for Sunnie to send Karen Daly there.. Sunnie Olsen picked up the phone and dialed the internal telephone on Karen Daly’s desk. “Karen, come to my office.” After receiving Sunnie Olsen’s call, Karen felt somewhat uneasy. But she still pretended that nothing was wrong and went into Sunnie Olsen’s office. Sunnie Olsen motioned for her to sit down, and then said, “You’ve read the internal email sent by Special Assistant Amelia Gray just now, haven’t you?” Karen Daly nodded. “I have.” Sunnie Olsen added, “I have recommended you to her. Special Assistant Amelia Gray also agreed. Proceed to pack up.” Karen paused and said, “Manager, I’ve worked in the sales department for three years and still want to work under you.” Being the secretary to the director meant that she had to face Kevin Kyle whenever she was at work. Karen Daly did not want to do this. Sunnie Olsen looked hard at Karen Daly, wanting to check if Karen shared the same thoughts as her. After a while, she said, “This matter has been settled. If you really don’t want to do it, you have to tell Special Assistant Amelia Gray yourself.” Karen Daly also knew that it was not Sunnie Olsen’s decision ultimately, so she sent a message to Kevin Kyle upon leaving the manager’s room, “Kevin Kyle, I want to stay in the sales department. After sending the message, Karen did not get any reply, but it did not take long for the company to receive another message. The matter of hiring a secretary has been suspended, there was no need for anyone to worry any longer about it. The other female employees who were eager to have an attempt were baffled. They thought about how this opportunity that had showed up out of nowhere vanished so quickly, making them extremely miserable. However, Sunnie Olsen couldn’t help but look out at Karen, sitting outside her room. With deep thoughts in her eyes, she pondered upon what had happened during the retreat at Ocean Villa previously. She was sure that Karen Daly had someone powerful behind her, but she didn’t know whether this backer was the director himself, or the assistant to the director. Kevin Kyle suddenly wanted to transfer Karen Daly to his office because he didn’t want to allow what happened yesterday to happen once more. After receiving Karen Daly’s message, he wanted to respect Karen Daly’s decision and did not want to compel her to do anything. Karen Daly was his wife, not his toys. They were equals, and neither of them had the right to make decisions for each other. After thinking about it, he dropped the idea of hiring another secretary, which surprised both Nick Black and Amelia Gray For many years, as long as Kevin Kyle made a decision, he had never wavered, but today, precedence had been broken, and because of such a small thing. However, there was nothing to be curious about. In the past, Kevin Kyle had been single. Now, he was a married man. It was normal for him to think about his wife

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