My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 6

Gossip was a terrifying thing, it was something that Karen Daly had experienced firsthand. If the company’s colleagues had seen her going to work in the new boss’s car, she would be slashed to death by all kinds of rumors. So, when Kevin Kyle asked her to go to work with him in his car, she shook her head and refused without thinking. Although she didn’t take his car, they arrived at the company at almost the same time. Karen Daly and a group of people were waiting for the elevator. Kevin Kyle, surrounded by two special assistants, walked to his exclusive elevator as the company’s boss. She wanted to pretend not to see him, but she felt that it was inappropriate to ignore him completely. So she followed suit when the group of people around her greeted politely, “Director Kevin, good morning!” “Good morning.” Kevin Kyle answered indifferently. He glanced around and stepped into the elevator, turning his back on them coldly Kevin Kyle’s indifference did not ruin their enthusiasm, and they were talking about him eagerly. Karen Daly did not participate in the discussion, but felt a little funny in her heart. Kevin Kyle’s style of separating work and personal life was very obvious. At this time, she thought of a popular phrase to describe Kevin Kyle-the Prince of Suppressed Lust. —- As soon as she entered the office, she decided to completely forget about her relationship with Kevin Kyle and devoted herself to her work. Recently, Karen and several colleagues from the same department had been busy preparing for the bidding of Star Glow Corporation. As the bidding date loomed closer, Karen’s work entered a state of tension. When she was busy, she sometimes even had no time to eat lunch. In the company, Karen Daly wats known to be workaholic. It was common for her to work straight without eating. But no one really cared about her. Today, while Karen Daly was in the middle of something, she received a call from Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly looked around and saw that there was no one around. Then she picked up the phone carefully. “What’s the matter?” She felt that he should not call her when she was in the company, as this may let slip their relationship to others. Obviously, Kevin Kyle did not expect Karen to answer this way. After a pause, he said, “Work is important, but we should still eat.” His voice was still light, but it sounded very concerned. Karen Daly blushed and said, “Alright, I know.” On the other side of the phone, Kevin Kyle did not speak. Karen also did not know what else to say. After saying goodbye, she was about to hang up the phone. At the last moment, Kevin Kyle said, “I’m in Room 188, Happiness Restaurant.” Karen Daly nodded instinctively. “Then you should eat. I —– won’t bother you.” “Karen!” Kevin Kyle’s tone was obviously a little heavy. After a few seconds, he said, “I’ll wait for you.” “There’s no need..” Karen Daly instinctively refused, but before she could finish, he had already hung up. Looking at the dark screen on her phone, Karen Daly frowned slightly and sighed helplessly. What reason did she have to refuse lunch with her new husband? Happiness Restaurant was a five-star restaurant near the office, which was very expensive. Karen Daly did not usually go there unless the company was treating important clients to meals. When she arrived at the restaurant, Karen tried to avoid being recognized. But who would have known that she immediately ran into Kevin Kyle’s special assistant, Amelia Gray. Karen Daly pretended not to see her, but the Amelia Gray stopped her. “Miss Karen, Director Kevin asked me to pick you up.” She smiled embarrassedly and quickly caught up with Amelia Gray She and Kevin Kyle were a legal couple, but now they looked like they were having an affair, it was really embarrassing. When they came to Room 1808, Karen Daly saw that Kevin’ s other special assistant, Nick Black, was also present. Kevin Kyle moved to take Karen’s coat and hung it on the hanger beside him. He pulled out a chair for her. He then said, “Amelia and Nick have been working with me for many years, and they know everything about us.” —- Karen Daly nodded and did not speak. She just glanced over at the pair of assistants. They nodded politely back at her. Without saying anything, they left the room together. Kevin Kyle took a bowl of soup and handed it to Karen Daly. “I’ve been involved in quite some businesses these years, so I need some people to assist me.” Hearing his explanation, Karen Daly smiled shyly at him, “Well, I can understand.” In the morning, there was a servant making breakfast at their home, accompanied by another assistant just like Nick Black or Amelia Gray. Kevin Kyle’s background was probably more complicated than Karen had imagined. Karen Daly didn’t want to get to the bottom of this. After all, she had already agreed to marry him. She just felt that this person felt good, and not because of his family background. Karen did not ask much, so Kevin did not speak much. The two of them ate in silence. Moreover, Kevin Kyle had been taught not to talk during meals since he was a child, so he was not used to talking at the dinner table. The meal was very quiet. When they both put down their forks, Kevin Kyle said lightly, “You have to eat no matter how busy you are at work, in future.” Karen Daly nodded, “I will.” Hearing her perfunctory answer, Kevin Kyle’s eyes darkened under his golden glasses. Obviously, he was dissatisfied and said, “Come with me for lunch in future.” — Kevin Kyle’s tone was somewhat overbearing, but Karen Daly was not displeased. She looked up and smiled at him. “Thank you for your concern, Director Kevin, but..” “Director Kevin?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows. “Since you have called me Director Kevin, won’t you want to listen to what I, as your new boss, demand of you?” This man had used his identity to control her so quickly. Karen Daly had been working at Innovative Tech for three years. She was usually a smart person, but now she really didn’t know how to deal with Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle seized the opportunity and continued, “That’s will be it.” Karen Daly didn’t want to meet Kevin for lunch every day, but she really couldn’t find an excuse to refuse, so she had to nod and agree. She then borrowed a weak excuse to escape in a hurry. Looking at Karen leaving hurriedly, Kevin Kyle’s eyes darkened slightly, and his slender fingers tapped on the table subconsciously, as if he was planning something. “Young Master.” A woman, who looked to be in her forties or fifties, knocked on the door and interrupted Kevin’ s thoughts. Kevin Kyle looked up and his eyes were cold. “What’s the matter?” The woman said, “Do you like these dishes?” Kevin Kyle was a picky eater, so he hardly ate outside. However, this restaurant was part of his empire. This elegant private room had been set up by his subordinates according to his preferences. Surely, someone would have to serve him and prepare his meals. —- This woman had been responsible for Kevin Kyle’s meals since he was a child. She knew his taste buds best. “Prepare two Sichuan dishes for each meal in future. But nothing too spicy.” Kevin Kyle did not answer her, but gave her this order instead. He preferred bland food, but Karen Daly liked them spicy. She had never told him this, but Kevin Kyle had always known..

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