My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 7

Walking out of the restaurant, Karen Daly looked around guiltily. She was relieved after looking around and did not see anyone she knew. She had just eaten lunch with her husband and now she was worried that she would be seen by others. When she thought about it, she felt that it seemed ridiculous. Karen Daly sighed helplessly. If she had known that Kevin Kyle would become the new boss of Innovative Tech, would she have married him so quickly? Karen could not think of an answer, answer, so she didn’t want to think too much about it. Back at the office, she received a notice from the department manager. He had requested for several colleagues who were in charge of Star Glow Corporation’s bid to begin preparations and discuss the project with their boss in the afternoon Star Glow was a game-developing company and also a subsidiary of Gook Corp, a famous conglomerate. The Gook Corp was one of the largest businesses in the country. Even if they wanted to work with them, it was not easy to win a tender among dozens of bidding companies. Star Glow’s bid was the focus of Innovative Tech this year. Kevin Kyle had just taken up the position as head of the company, so it was natural that he pays more attention to the preparation of this project. However, Karen Daly felt a little uncomfortable about this. She had been disturbed by Kevin’s words at noon, and —- now had to work on a project with him in the afternoon. She was worried that her work would be affected by his presence. Karen and her colleagues arrived at the meeting room in advance. They had also prepared all the necessary materials, but they still worried about it. “Karen..” May Lily whispered in Karen Daly’s ear, “Everybody knows what you are capable of. Don’t worry too much!” Karen Daly smiled but said nothing. May Lily was also one of the members of the project team, but she was a sweet-talking girl who hated hard work. Therefore, Karen was always tasked with many things, and May Lily was always only assigned to help her. William Baker, another colleague, leaned closer to Karen and said, “Karen, you led this project, don’t worry, nothing will go wrong.” Karen Daly said, “Still, it’s always better to be careful.” Karen Daly was the head of the project team. Her responsibility was the biggest, of course she would be more worried than the others. Moreover, this project was the first project that Karen Daly had taken on after Kevin Kyle began his term as their boss. In addition to achieving her goals at work, she also wanted to leave a good impression on her husband. In future, she would be living with Kevin Kyle, and she did not want to be underestimated by him. “Director Kevin..” Someone exclaimed suddenly, and everyone immediately looked at the door of the conference room, including Karen Daly. — She looked up and saw Kevin Kyle walking in gracefully with two assistants by his side. During lunch, Kevin Kyle had been wearing casual clothes. Now, he had changed into a custom-made silver suit with a white shirt, and had also put on a blue-and-white striped tie, which made him emanate an air of coolness. “Hello, Director Kevin!” Everyone stood up and greeted Kevin Kyle. “Please sit down.” Kevin Kyle said lightly and sat down on the main seat. Then he motioned for Nick Black to start the meeting Kevin Kyle was no longer looking at Karen, so she felt relieved. In fact, since yesterday, he had practiced the separation of work and personal life much better than she did. As the project head, she began to present the details of the project Being a hard worker, much of the preparation was done personally by Karen. Hence, when she was presenting the analysis with the group of executives, including the boss, she was not nervous at all. She was not only calm, but her performance was outstanding At the end of her presentation, Karen Daly received a round of applause. Just as she bowed slightly to thank them, she felt a pair of suspicious eyes looking at her. She looked up and met Kevin Kyle’s unfathomable eyes Seeing Karen meet his eyes, Kevin Kyle smiled at her. His polite smile was impeccable, it was pure politeness, any —- without personal feelings. Karen Daly immediately returned his polite smile. Being a new boss, Kevin Kyle had a cool look on his face. He looked like a God not from this world, giving people a feeling of distance. Everyone felt a little nervous around him. Fortunately, Karen was fully prepared for the meeting, Kevin also agreed that the group’s work was commendable. When the meeting ended, the members of the project team were very excited and for a moment had forgotten about the executives around them. They chattered as they walked. William Baker put one hand on Karen Daly’s shoulder and said, “Karen, if we win the Star Glow project this time, it would be glorious!” Karen Daly was also happy about this. For a moment, she did not notice how close William had moved towards her. She smiled and nodded, “As long as we work together, we can achieve anything.” “Karen!” Suddenly, Kevin Kyle’s low voice came from behind, and she stiffened immediately. She turned back and politely asked, “Director Kevin, are you looking for me? “Karen, you are the head the Star Glow project team. Director Kevin still has some details to ask you about. It was not Kevin Kyle who spoke this time, but Amelia Gray, who was following him, had spoken. Amelia had worked under Kevin Kyle for many years, so she knew exactly what he was thinking. The boss was looking for Karen Daly to understand more about the project, and the other team members were —- also smart enough to find an excuse to slip away and leave Karen Daly alone with him. Kevin Kyle approached her, “Karen..” Karen Daly subconsciously took two steps back to keep a distance from him. “Director Kevin, can I help you with something?” Kevin Kyle approached her again. “Right now, I am only Kevin, your husband.” Karen Daly retreated further and looked around. “Director Kevin, we are still at work.” Hearing her words, Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and narrowed his eyes under his golden glasses. He was a little angry. However, his had been brought up to be not throw his temper easily. After a while, he said solemnly, “Karen, although I know that you have nothing to do with that man, I was still jealous when I saw him holding you so closely.” Karen Daly obviously did not expect that he would say such a thing. For a moment, her face was hot and red. Finally, she pressed her lips together and smiled, “Director Kevin, don’t worry. It will never happen again.” “Director Kevin?” Kevin Kyle narrowed his eyes again. He was really angry now. “Director Kevin, you must be busy. I’ll leave first.” Karen Daly did not know that she had angered him, so she turned around and left. Kevin Kyle watched her enter the elevator, and his cold eyes grew even colder. “Director Kevin, there are still a few documents for you to view.” Amelia Gray reminded him timely Kevin Kyle walked to his office and said coldly, “Must all of you women act so strong?”.

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