My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 8

Amelia Gray was stunned at his words, and then she reacted. “Karen has experienced much damage and betrayal. She has not relied on anyone in the past three years. If she is not strong, how can she have survived?” Kevin Kyle stopped and turned to look at her darkly. Amelia Gray added immediately, “But she has you to take care of her in future. The meeting room was on the 23rd floor, and the sales department was on the 19th floor. When the elevator reached the 22nd floor, the door opened, and Madonna from the Public Relations Department walked in. Karen Daly didn’t like people like Madonna, so she stood aside and didn’t want to greet her. Madonna glanced at Karen, turned her head towards the elevator door, and said with her head up. “Some people think that by moving to a new city, everyone would forget all the bad things that she had ever done.” Karen Daly listened to her but didn’t want to waste time on such a woman as Madonna. Her nonchalant attitude irritated Madonna. She turned around and glared at Karen Daly. “Karen, don’t you know that our boss is married?” Karen Daly pursed her lips and chuckled. If she did not know that Kevin Kyle was married, who else would know? Madonna wanted to hook up with Kevin Kyle, so she had figured Karen Daly would think the same way too. She —- said, “The boss has asked Special Assistant Amelia to send an internal email early this morning. He announced to the whole company that he is a married man.” Karen Daly was busy with the bidding of Star Glow Corporation, so busy that she didn’t read the internal emails that day. She really didn’t know about it. Now that she knew it, she could not help but feel a trace of sweetness in her heart. Kevin Kyle had said that when he saw other men being close to her, he would be jealous, and further to that, he had already declared to everyone that he was a married man to prevent any unwanted attention. Thinking of this, Karen Daly felt happy deep in her heart, she couldn’t help but start laughing Madonna was having an unrealistic fantasy about Kevin Kyle. But when she saw his email come in the morning, her heart sank. She felt depressed for more than half a day, and she wanted someone else to wallow in sadness with her. As soon as she the idea popped into her mind, she thought of Karen Daly She had expected Karen to be bitter about the news too, but she didn’t expect that Karen would have such a calm expression, and this made her really angry. Madonna was so angry; she stomped her foot hard. She gritted her teeth and thought, “I can’t do anything to Karen Daly now, but someday I will get hold of her weakness and bring down her arrogance.” Learning from her experiences the previous day, Karen Daly did not delay her returning home and left the office as —– soon as possible after work. She hoped that she could prepare a good meal before Kevin Kyle gets off work so that he would not go hungry When she went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients, she called him on the phone. When she called, Kevin Kyle was holding an emergency meeting with several high-ranking executives. He raised his hand and motioned for everyone to be quiet. Then he picked up the phone and asked, “What’s the matter?” Karen Daly said, “I’m at the supermarket. Do you have anything you like to eat?” He replied calmly. “I’m not picky about food. It’s up to you.” When Kevin Kyle said this, Amelia Gray and Nick Black were standing next to him. When they heard what he had said, they exchanged glances. If he wasn’t picky, then no one else was. When Kevin Kyle returned home, Karen was busy in the kitchen. She was wearing an apron, with her long black hair casually tied up, exposing her fair neck, she was stir-frying with a spatula in her hand. Seeing her this way, it was not hard to imagine that she was also so excellent at work. Kevin Kyle stared blankly at her for a long time before he went over to the kitchen. “Karen, I’m back.” Karen Daly turned around and smiled faintly. “You can change your clothes first. We’ll have dinner soon.” Kevin stood still. “Karen..” —- Karen Daly did not stop moving her hands. She looked back at him and asked, “What’s wrong?” “I am going to change my clothes.” Kevin Kyle had wanted to say to her that there’s no need to cook after a long day at work, that he could ask a cook to prepare their meals. But in his heart, he thought, perhaps food made by his wife would be good too. It was his vision of home, that when he gets home after work, he could eat the hot dishes made personally by his wife, instead of all meals being prepared with the help of the cook. Karen Daly prepared three dishes and one soup, namely steamed chicken, fried pork with onions, fried lotus root slices, and enoki mushroom soup. At noon, she had seen Kevin Kyle choosing to eat lighter dishes. She guessed that he liked food this way, so she made her home-cooked dishes this way. Kevin Kyle changed his clothes and returned to the kitchen. The dishes had been served on the table. Seeing onions being served, he frowned slightly, but immediately acted like nothing had happened. Karen Daly did not notice him. Karen Daly served him a bowl of soup and said, “You have been busy for a whole day. Have a bowl of soup first.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle took the bowl and took a sip. Karen Daly scooped some onions into his bowl. “Onions are good for health. You’d better eat more.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle nodded. However, he did not eat them immediately, but slowly drank the soup. He drank one bowl of after another. He also ate a few —- slices of chicken and some lotus root slices, but didn’t touch the bowl of rice with onions. As soon as she noticed this, she lowered her head and ate large mouthfuls of rice, she felt a little bitter Karen Daly did not speak again, as Kevin did not like to talk at the dinner table. The atmosphere was very quiet. After dinner, Kevin Kyle was responsible for washing dishes. Without saying anything, Karen Daly went straight back to her room. She knew that her relationship with Kevin Kyle was not that close, but when she saw the way he was disgusted by her dishes, she still couldn’t help but feel sad. But on second thought, their marriage was one not built on emotions. It was just simply so that they could be married. Although they were husband and wife, they didn’t know each other well. They did not even scoop dishes for each other as what normal couples would do. She was too careless this time. In future, she would try her best to treat him like a guest in her daily life. She would never cross the line again. After thinking it through, Karen Daly stopped thinking about it. She turned on her computer and was ready to check through the plans for the Star Glow Project. Friday will be the day of the tender. Everybody had prepared for this for so long, she could not afford any mistakes. Karen Daly clicked on a folder but then, her phone rang beside her. She looked at the phone and saw that it was Faye Reed, her best friend. When she answered the phone, she heard Faye’s furious voice, “You little bitch, where have you been? Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve moved? Are you trying to scare me to death?” Faye Reed was both her high school and college classmate. When Karen Daly left home, Faye was the only person she had Karen Daly had decided to work in California then. Faye had packed a suitcase without thinking and left New York immediately with Karen, bound for California. She was worried that Karen would do something stupid while alone. Hence, she wanted to accompany Karen Daly for two months and then return to New York after Karen settles down.

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