My Husband, warm the Bed – Chapter 9

But in the end, they felt that California was not too bad, so Faye Reed settled down there with Karen. They then pooled their money and opened a bridal wear design studio. But Karen Daly needed money. To be precise, she felt that she couldn’t rely on anyone, not even those closest to her. Only money could give her a sense of security. She needed more work to make money, so she applied to join Innovative Tech. That was how Karen came to only serve as a passive investor of the design studio, and no longer managed its operations. But Faye Reed knew that this was not the only reason. The real reason was that Karen was no longer willing to design wedding dresses. Hence, she wanted a job that was completely different from that. It was a wound buried in the deepest part of her heart. Until now, no one could help her to get rid of the scar in her heart. In front of Faye, Karen had no secrets at all. It was Faye who hand arranged for the blind date with Kevin Kyle. She wanted to ask Faye Reed out this weekend to tell her everything that she had married Kevin Kyle! But she didn’t expect that Faye Reed had already gone to her rented apartment to look for her so soon. Karen Daly listened quietly. After Faye had finished yelling, she said softly, “Faye, don’t worry, I’m fine. The Star Glow project will be over on Friday. I’ll treat you to dinner on this weekend.” Faye Reed shouted in a flustered tone, “Bitch, you — scared me to death! Do you think that a meal can make up for my mental damage?” Karen Daly knew that Faye was a sharp- tongued person. She couldn’t help but smile, she said, “How about I sleep with you for a night to compensate you?” When Karen said this, Kevin Kyle had just pushed opened the door and entered. He paused slightly and trying to figure out who Karen Daly was talking to. Although Karen usually smiled and seemed to be close to everyone, the reality was that the only person who could really get close to her was Faye Reed. Kevin Kyle knew all these, but Karen did not know that he knew. She quickly muted herself on the phone, and whispered to him, “This is a female friend of mine.” No matter if they were in love or not, she would never do anything that would make Kevin Kyle “jealous”. Kevin Kyle nodded and did not ask more questions. He left thoughtfully to give her some space to continue her chat. However, Karen Daly thought that Kevin Kyle did not believe her. She pursed her lips and smiled helplessly. Perhaps he thought of her as promiscuous. “Karen, Karen.. Faye, on the other end of the phone, roared again, “Tell me your address and i’ll go find you.” Karen Daly knew that Faye was worried about her. If she didn’t convince Faye that she was fine by today, Faye would definitely call the police to report a missing person. Karen Daly smiled gently and said, “Stop playing. I’ll go and find you.” —- Hanging up the phone, Karen packed up and prepared to stay over at Faye’s place for a night. She wanted to tell her about the marriage honestly. She knocked on the door of the study. When she heard Kevin Kyle say ‘Enter’, she pushed the door open and walked in. “Kevin, I’m going over to my friend, Faye Reed’s place tonight. I’m won’t be coming back till tomorrow.” Kevin immediately got up and said, “I’ll drive you there.” Karen Daly shook her head. “It’s alright. Don’t bother.” Kevin stared at her. “It’s too late. I’m worried about you going out alone.” His tone was tough and direct, making it hard for Karen Daly to refuse. Kevin Kyle’s car was a Land Rover. For people like him, it was not expensive, and it was spacious and comfortable. Kevin Kyle’s driving was very steady, just like his personality Kevin asked about for Faye’s address. After Karen told him, they did not talk anymore. It took almost an hour to reach the destination. Just as Karen was thanking Kevin for the ride and was about to open the car door, Kevin reached out and grabbed her. “Karen..” His voice was low and sexy. When he called her name, it was always so pleasant. Karen Daly glanced at his hand and raised her head to look at him. She asked softly, “Is there anything else?” He loosened his hands and said uncomfortably, “Are you angry?” Karen laughed. “Why should I be angry?” Kevin was speechless, he did not reply/ —- Karen pushed the door open and got off the car. She stood outside and said, “Go back quickly. Drive safe.” Kevin Kyle nodded and started the car. After looking at his car drive away for a distance, Karen turned around and walked towards the residential area where Faye Reed lived. When they first arrived in California, Karen Daly and Faye Reed lived together, with two private rooms and sharing one living room. Later, she had switched to work at Innovative Tech. Because it was too far away, she moved nearer to the company, renting a place. After Karen Daly moved away, Faye Reed had left Karen s room empty. In Faye’s mind, she wanted to allow Karen a space to return to any time. Seeing Karen appearing in front of her, Faye Reed ignored her and continued watching a TV show on her iPad. Faye Reed was ignoring her, but someone else didn’t. A handsome dog that looked like a snowball rushed to the side of Karen’s feet, kissing them while wagging its tail. Obviously, it was very happy. Karen threw her bag down casually and picked up the little fellow. “Molly, do you miss mommy?” The dog squealed twice and struggled into Karen’s arms, showing how much it missed its mother. Faye Reed glared at it with dissatisfaction. “Molly, you ungrateful little fellow! Although you are her baby, I’ve spent more time raising you than she ever did. It’s okay if you don’t kiss me, but you don’t have to show off your love in front of me.” Karen Daly sat beside Faye with her arms around her —– and said proudly, “Molly is a smart girl. She knows who her real mother is and who her stepmother is.” “I’m the stepmother?” Faye Reed threw the iPad away and held on to Karen menacingly. “Little girl, be careful, I will poison your daughter.” Karen Daly hadn’t even said anything, but Molly began to bark, expressing her dissatisfaction at Faye’s words. Seeing such an adorable Molly, Karen was very amused. She lifted her hand and rubbed Molly’s face. “My daughter’ is most considerate of me.” Faye Reed rolled her eyes at Karen. “If you want a daughter, you can marry a man. You can have as many as you want.” Karen Daly looked at her and suddenly said very seriously, “Faye, I am married.” “Get out of here!” Faye Reed pointed at the door, but soon realized that Karen would not joke with her like this. She opened her mouth wide enough to swallow an egg. After a long time, she said, “Who is he?” Karen Daly said, “It’s the man, Kevin Kyle, that you introduced me to the last time.” “Kevin Kyle?” Faye Reed scratched her head and tried to recall the name for a long time to no avail. “I’ve never introduced you to a Kevin Kyle.”

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