My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 31

After the Gook family declared that the Gook family and its subsidiaries would no longer cooperate with Innovative Tech, Innovative Tech took immediate actions to manage this PR crisis. However, the results were not favourable. For the time being, it seemed that the director of Innovative Tech, Kevin Kyle, was standing before a big storm. Seeing this statement, Charlie Gook raised his eyebrows slightly and showed a grin. Just a small director of a tech company, and this guy had wanted to fight with him! Charlie Gook felt that he was powerful enough to even bring Noah and his ark come back to life. Seeing that his master was in a good mood, Duncan Miller immediately said, “Master Gook, as soon the news is released, Innovative Tech will not even have a chance to retaliate.” Charlie Gook sneered at the phone in his hand. “Don’t be complacent too early. Sometimes what you see may not be true.” Duncan Miller asked dubiously, “Master Gook, what do you mean?” “It seems that this guy, Kevin Kyle, can even get Simon Campbell to attend to him personally, so he can’t be underestimated so easily.” Charlie Gook glanced at Duncan Miller coldly. “In future, you should think more carefully to get things done. You have been with me for so many years, yet you are still so lacking.” At present, it seemed this Kevin Kyle had no ability to fight back, however, Charlie Gook had to be wary of what tricks Kevin may be utilizing behind his backs. Duncan Miller immediately nodded and stated, “You’re correct, Master Gook. I will think carefully in future.” Charlie added, “Arrange for somebody to keep an eye on Kevin Kyle’s every movement. Let me know if there is anything wrong.” Duncan Miller said, “We’ve been keeping an eye on him. He can’t play any tricks.” Charlie Gook picked up the document in his hand and patted it on Duncan’s head, “What I have said to you just now, did you think I was kidding?” “Master Gook, I..” Duncan Miller touched his head. He was innocent and aggrieved. He really didn’t know what he had done wrong. Charlie Gook waved his hand and said, “Get someone to get the car ready. Today, you can go on your own. Don’t ruin my plans here.” Of course, Duncan knew what Charlie Gook was talking about. He quickly grinned and said, “Master Gook, do you want me to book a room first? For you and Miss Karen .” Charlie Gook gave Duncan Miller a cold look and said briskly, “Get out!” If Karen Daly would make peace with Charlie so easily, she would not be the unforgettable Karen Daly who had left him three years ago. “Karen baby.. Charlie Gook silently recalled the nickname he used to call her. He still remembered that Karen loved him calling her this way, and she would also call him Charlie-bear naughtily. She would also say that the name, “Charlie-bear” belonged only to her, and others were not allowed to call him this way. But most of the time, Karen Daly still called him by his full name. She had said that only by calling him “Charlie Wayne Gook” could he be represented completely. At that time, Karen was as hot as fire, yet she had a delicate and lovely side like that of a little girl. She would be coy and playful with him, forcing him to always say that he loved her. She was like a ball of sunlight, attracting the attention of countless men wherever she went. With such excellent self-confidence, how could he not love her? The relationship between the Daly family and the Gook family was brittle. The Daly family instinctively stood behind the Gook family in terms of power. It just proved that the Daly family was inferior to the Gook family. However, it was different for her. In front of the Gook family, she still had her confidence and pride and never lowered her head. After they had fallen in love, she worked hard at her studies, with the goal of becoming a woman worthy of Charlie Gook. When she was a sophomore, he had proposed to her, asking for her hand in marriage. He wanted their wedding to be held right after she graduated. At that time, he had thought that she would refuse, but he never thought that she would agree without a moment’s delay. Her explanation was straightforward. Karen Daly said, “I have been preparing to be Charlie Gook’s bride all this while. You can book me first. When I am excellent enough, I will marry you.” At that time, she was only nineteen years old. She had not graduated from college yet, and so Gook family and Daly family did not arrange for a big engagement party. They had a meal together, and the marriage was agreed upon. Later, she worked hard in her studies, designing bridal gowns. Although she was still in school, the gowns she designed were already popular. Many studios came to look for her. When she earned her first bucket of gold, she invited him out for dinner. At the table, she proudly said to him, “Charlie Gook, I think you really have a good taste.” He looked at her with a smile. “What do you mean?” She said, “I can make lots of money now. If you lose your job in future, I can support you.” Thinking of the past, Charlie Cook’s eyes filled with tenderness Indeed, Karen had always been so outstanding and confident, and he loved her so profoundly. But later, he destroyed everything and had hurt her so deeply. He could only stand by and watched as she even left town. Now, three years had passed. He had the ability and opportunity to be with her once more. This time, he would not let her go so easily. “Karen baby.” Charlie Gook gently called her name, “No matter how hard I try this time, I must keep you by my side.” “Master Gook, the driver has been waiting a long time. Would you like to go out?” Although Charlie Gook had ordered for Duncan Miller to get out, Duncan would not dare leave before his master did. Charlie Gook came back to his normal state, and erased his emotions. He got up and left. Half an hour later, Karen Daly, who was busy with work, heard her phone ring. She picked it up and saw an unknown number. She addressed pleasantly, “Hello!” Charlie Gook cleared his throat and said, “Karen Daly, 1 am at Checkers cafe next to your office. Please come out and let’s have a talk.” Hearing Charlie Gook’s voice, Karen frowned and instinctively wanted to hang up the phone, but then Charlie said, “You may not come, however you will have to bear the consequences.” He knew that she would not be willing to see him. Only by using such a powerful method could he force her to meet her. As long as he could have her return to his side, he wouldn’t have cared less about what means he had to use. Despite the tough way she hated him, he was more worried about losing her forever. Karen Daly pursed her lips and tightened her grip on her phone. She could not decline, she was worried that Charlie Gook would do something else. If she were alone, she was not afraid of Charlie Gook. But now that Kevin Kyle was involved, she was concerned. She didn’t want him to be involved in this, because of her. Karen Daly took a deep breath and squeezed out a word from her mouth. “Alright.” She turned off her phone and picked up her coat to leave. It took her more than ten minutes to get to Checkers Cafe as requested by Charlie Gook. As soon as she entered the coffee shop, she saw Charlie Gook sitting by the window. He also saw her and waved to her with a smile. The scene was so simple and familiar. Every single detail from her past flooded into her mind..

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