My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 32

Karen Daly had, a long time ago, gone on countless dates with Charlie Gook. At that time, it was happy and sweet, but now Karen Daly only had one feeling-disgust! She did not want to see this man even once more, but had to come see him out of no choice. She took in a deep breath and tried to calm down. After going upstairs, Charlie Gook waved her over and said, “Karen Daly, I’m here.” In the past, Karen liked the way this man called her name, but now… Karen Daly shook her head and did not want to think about the past, so she walked towards Charlie Gook and sat down opposite him. After settling down, she subconsciously glanced at Charlie Cook’s forehead and saw that it was bandaged. She didn’t know how the wound was. Charlie Gook grinned and said, “Karen, you are concerned about me.” Karen Daly did not deny that she was concerned about his wound, since she was the one who caused it. She did not want to get involved in a homicide case for this unworthy man. She glared at him coldly and could no longer find the heartache she felt yesterday. Her state of mind was surprisingly calm, and even she herself did not expect this. She was silent, yet Charlie Gook did not care. He beckoned for the waiter to serve her a cup of coffee and said, “This is the latte flavour you like.” Karen Daly said calmly, “Master Gook, simply state what you wanted to say. I don’t have time to squander with you here.” In the past, she used to stay up late to work on her bridal designs. When she was sleepy, she would drink coffee. After a long period of time, she became dependent on coffee. However, later on, she stopped having coffee. Unless she was too sleepy, she generally did not touch coffee anymore. In the past three years, numerous people and many things had changed, and she was no exception. But she didn’t want to clarify this to him, because it was unnecessary Charlie Gook continued, “Well, let’s have a cup of coffee first. Let’s have a talk.” Karen Daly pursed her lips and said, “Mr. Gook, since you invited me here, let’s make things clear. Please don’t.” “Of course!” Charlie Gook did not want to hear her refusal, so he interrupted her and said, “I really wanted to see you in California this time. I hope you can calm down and hear me out.” “Speak then.” Karen Daly picked up the coffee cup and took a sip. She wanted to hear what he was going to say. Charlie Gook reached out to hold her hand, but before he could touch it, Karen Daly immediately withdrew her hand and glanced at him coldly. Charlie cook’s outstretched hand was empty and he withdrew it. Then he said seriously, “Well, just come back with me. Let’s start over.” “Oh..” Karen felt that she had heard the most ridiculous joke in the world. Charlie Gook really had the guts to say such words. Did he think that she was as shameless as him, that she could pretend that nothing had happened? “Waiter, please give me a glass of hot milk.” Suddenly, a low and provocative voice came from behind, this made Karen Daly slightly shocked. Perhaps Charlie Gook and other people would not notice this voice, but Karen Daly knew that it was Kevin Kyle. She didn’t see him when she arrived at the cafe. When did he come? How long had he been sitting behind her? How much of their conversation had he heard? For a minute, Karen Daly’s mind was blank. She did not hear what Charlie Gook was saying at all. She was thinking of what Kevin Kyle would think of her. She subconsciously clenched her fists and bit her lip. She was so nervous that her face turned pale. Charlie Gook saw her expression change and thought that his words had touched her. He said, “Now, you have to believe me. I have never changed my affections for you.” Karen Daly did not respond. Charlie continued affectionately, “As as long as you are willing to go back with me, I promise that the title of Mrs. Gook will be yours.” “Mrs. Kyle, this glass of milk was requested by Mr. Kyle to be sent to you here.” Amelia Gray handed a glass of milk to Karen Daly and smiled. “Mr. Kyle also has something to discuss with you, he had asked me to come over and let you know. Please wait for him for a while.” “Thank you!” Karen Daly understood that Kevin Kyle was helping her out “I’ll go first. Call me if you need anything.” Amelia Gray greeted her and left with a smile. Karen Daly pursed her lips and turned back. She saw Kevin Kyle in a silver-gray suit, he was in a discussion with Nick Black. Catching her looking at him, Kevin Kyle also looked at her and gestured at her with a smile. Karen nodded at him, and her heart suddenly calmed down. The haze over her head disappeared in the blink of an eye. She gently loosened her fist, and her face gradually returned to normal. She looked back at Charlie Gook and saw that his face had darkened. He said coldly, “You’re married?” In the past, Karen Daly had thought that Charlie Gook looked good, but compared to Kevin Kyle, Charlie Gook was much worse in appearance, temperament, and attitude. At this moment, Karen Daly really wanted to thank Charlie Gook, to thank him for not marrying her. Otherwise, she would not meet such an excellent man like Kevin Kyle three years later. Kevin Kyle’s small move reassured her She said with confidence, “Master Charlie, as you’ve heard, I’m married. Please don’t disturb my life any longer.” Charlie Gook gazed towards Kevin Kyle, but Kevin was busy with his discussion, not paying attention to Charlie Gook’s gaze. Charlie Gook did not want to believe that Karen Daly was married. In his heart, Karen Daly must still love him. Karen might still be blaming him for what he had done, but he believed that as long as he worked hard, he would be able to win her heart. Nonetheless, he never expected that she would say that she was married. “In any case, do you think that I will believe what you said? Perhaps you have just randomly asked someone to act for you?” Charlie Gook did not want to believe that Karen Daly was really married. Karen Daly said, “I don’t need to explain it to you. Believe it or not, you just need to remember not to disturb my life anymore.” “Karen, how could you?” Charlie Gook gritted his teeth and said only a few words. His face had never been so distressed before Karen Daly said, “Charlie Gook, I have the freedom to choose who I want to marry. What right do you have to say these words to me? Don’t forget what you’ve done to me back then.” Was it possible that after he had done such a sickening thing, she still had to love him and marry someone only with his permission? She was never such a silly woman. She would not be stupid enough to wait for someone she didn’t deserve for the rest of her life. Charlie Cook’s face darkened. He gritted his teeth and said darkly, “I gave you a chance. You did not cherish it. No matter what happens in future, it will all be your fault.” Karen Daly looked at him and said in a low voice, “Charlie Gook, if you are a man, come to me if you have something you want to do. If you dare hurt him, I will never let you go.” Charlie Gook raised his eyebrows and said arrogantly,” I’d prefer to see what he can do if he dares touch my woman.”.

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