My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 34

Given what was occurring, Karen was stressed and new that stressing would not help the situation. She chose simply not to think about Charlie Gook and what he would do, and focus on her daily life. Coming out of the pet food store, Kevin Kyle asked Karen, “Where do you want to go now?” Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle was very busy, but she also wanted to be pampered and behave like a spoilt wife in front of her husband. She took Kevin Kyle’s arm and shook it. “I want to do some duty-free shopping. Would you like to accompany me?” Kevin Kyle did not say whether he was willing or not. He just opened the door and said, “Get in the car then.” Karen Daly thought that her guise might not have worked, but she saw that Kevin Kyle had set the destination on the navigation system as a duty-free shopping mall. Kevin Kyle didn’t make time to go shopping in the past. Whatever clothes he wore were all custom made by the Kyle family’s private designer and atelier. Even if it was the material for a piece of underwear, it would be carefully selected and sent to his wardrobe after a delicate manufacturing process. Hence, when they saw that Kevin Kyle was going shopping with Karen Daly, Nick Black and Amelia Gray, who had been following them, were so surprised that their eyeballs almost popped out. Nick Black was the to calm down and said, “Amelia, the international video conference was coming to a critical moment. When Director Kevin Kyle heard that Karen had been called away by Charlie Gook, he immediately abandoned the group of high-ranking officials from Europe and ran over to the coffee shop. Now he is accompanying her to buy dog food and go shopping. Do you think this is what our Director, Kevin Kyle, who does not rest all year round, would do? Amelia Gray murmured, “This is not what our fast paced director would do. But he has been busy for so many years. Now, there is someone who can make him come out occasionally to take a walk.” Nick Black looked over and said, “Amelia, do you know why Director Kevin had suddenly decided to marry Karen Daly?” Amelia Gray shook her head and said, “I don’t know what Director Kevin was thinking.” Kevin Kyle had always been very thoughtful. If he was willing to let them understand more, they would understand him. If he didn’t want them to understand anything, then they wouldn’t see anything. Amelia Gray and all the others could not figure out why he and Karen Daly had gotten married. Nick Black said, “When Director Kevin decided to marry Karen Daly, you were with him. I think you should know.” Amelia Gray said innocently, “He sent me to do other things when he decided to do this. When I came back, they had already registered for marriage and began living together.” Nick Black thought for a moment and said, “Do you think we should inform Old Master Kyle regarding this issue first? Old Master Kyle is too old to be surprised this way. What if… Amelia Gray looked at Nick Black and said very seriously, “Director Kevin has his own plans for this matter. It’s not something for you to worry about. You and I have been by his side for so many years. I don’t need to remind you of his bottom line.” Nick also knew that he shouldn’t care too much, so he shut up and stopped talking about letting to the old master of the Kyle Family know in advance. He looked at Karen standing before them and said, “From my observation during this period of time, Karen Daly is indeed a great girl. However, Director Kevin has met more outstanding people before, and he didn’t want to marry those women. How did he choose to marry Karen Daly?” pity.” Amelia Gray said faintly, “I’m guessing, it may be out of Three years ago, when Kevin Kyle had first met Karen Daly, it was during her most humiliating moment. Karen was drunk, and had even vomited all over him. He thought that there would be no more interaction between them for the rest of his life, but he didn’t expect that he would see Karen Daly on the very first day he returned to California three years later. At that time, Amelia Gray did not recognize Karen Daly. It was difficult to recall someone whom she had only met once three years ago. However, Kevin Kyle, who had never remembered people well, recognized Karen Daly at a glance. On that day, they had made an appointment with the previous head of Innovative Tech to discuss the acquisition of the company, and then happened to stumble upon Karen Daly on a blind date. The man on the blind date looked very ordinary, and his behaviour was crude. As he spoke to her, he wanted to touch Karen Daly in appropriately. Karen Daly was a hot tempered person, so she lifted her hand and gave the man a slap Then, the man retorted with some ugly remarks. He called her a prostitute that was trying to build a reputation for herself. He even brought up all the terrible things that had happened to her in New York three years ago. Nick Black said disapprovingly, “There are so many women worthy of pity in the world. Why haven’t seen Director Kevin pity other women?” Amelia Gray said, “Perhaps this is the fate we are talking about.” Nick Black thought for a moment and asked, “Wouldn’t you say, Director Kevin’s ability to recognize people is below average. Three years ago, they had met once. But how could he recognize her again in three years?” Amelia Gray said, “Director Kevin is a man of cleanliness, and he was vomited by a drunkard. Don’t you think he would remember?” When it came to Kevin Kyle being vomited on, Nick Black gloated. Karen Daly had thrown up on Kevin Kyle when she was drunk. It must have been the most tragic thing to happen in Kevin Kyle’s 20 odd years of life. Nick and Amelia, following behind Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly, kept chatting along the way, but Karen and Kevin, who were walking in front did not say a word. Kevin Kyle had returned to his usual state. He looked so aloof that no one could get close to him. It was just his normal self, he didn’t talk much at ordinary times. Along the way, he did speak to Karen Daly. When she asked a question, he answered a question, and Karen could not find any more topics to talk about after asking too many questions. Kevin Kyle did not speak much, but he did not let go of Karen Daly’s hand. He held hers firmly all the way and led her to walk slowly Karen was not a person who liked to hang around, and she didn’t have much time to hang around. Usually, if she needed to buy something, she would go straight to the shop and buy it. She didn’t want to buy anything today, so she wandered around aimlessly After strolling around for a while, they came to a branded scarf shop, which was a brand that Karen Daly wanted to purchase at but was hesitant to do so. The least expensive scarf from the shop was also priced at several hundred dollars, and the new arrivals worth thousands of dollars apiece made the scarfs an absolute luxury Kevin Kyle had given Karen a pair of new gloves a few days ago. Karen Daly was worried about what she would buy for him in return, so this was a good opportunity It would be winter soon, so a scarf was very practical. If she bought a scarf of this price for him, he would be happy. She held Kevin Kyle’s hand and said, “Let’s go in and have a look.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Welcome.” before the sales assistant could finish her greeting, she was stunned and stammered, “Director, Director Kevin.” It turned out that the lady was Madonna, who had been fired from Innovative Tech not long ago. After the loss of her job, she had chosen to be a sales assistant. “Do you know me?” Kevin Kyle glanced over. He did not remember such a woman at all. The excitement on the sales assistant’ s suddenly dimmed, especially when she saw Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle clasping their fingers together so intimately. This made her furious..

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