My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 35

Karen Daly saw that Madonna’s eyes were full of hatred, and she even tightened her grip on Kevin Kyle. “Miss, could you please recommend a few men’s scarfs to me?” The sales assistant gritted her teeth in hatred and stood still. Another staff quickly came over and said sweetly, “Do you want to buy it for your boyfriend? Your boyfriend is so handsome.” Karen Daly smiled and didn’t correct her. Karen picked out a plain scarf from the samples brought over by the sales staff, feeling that the colour and material were very suitable for Kevin Kyle. “How about a try?” Karen blinked and looked at Kevin Kyle expectantly. Although she didn’t know anything about these goods, she knew that Kevin Kyle’s clothes were all hand-made high end goods. She was worried that he would refuse to try these on. Karen held her breath and waited for his answer, but he nodded without thinking. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle agreed. The sales assistant then approached to help him. Karen Daly took the scarf from the sales assistant and said, “Till do it.” Karen Daly was only about 168 centimetres tall, and Kevin Kyle was 1.8 meters tall, which was almost 20 centimetres taller than her. She was still much shorter than him, even in high heels. Kevin Kyle lowered his head slightly to let Karen put the scarf on him. They were so close to each other that they could feel each other’s warm breath. Karen was not distracted at first, but Kevin Kyle’s breath misted on her neck, making her feel limp and numb. Her fair face unconsciously turned red. Madonna, the sales assistant that greeted them at the door, was standing beside him, and she was so jealous that her eyes turned red. She lowered her body and clenched her fists again and again. She really wanted to push Karen away from Kevin Kyle Karen Daly also noticed the jealous look in Madonna’s eyes, thinking that this woman was really stubborn and always coveted others’ husbands. She lifted her lips and kissed Kevin’s lips as she helped him wrap up the scarf. Kevin Kyle’s expression was slightly startled, Karen Daly took a step back and asked with a red face, “Do you like it?” What she asked was whether he liked the scarf or not, but Kevin Kyle understood it as whether he liked her kiss or not “I like it.” His voice was low and attractive. His usually cold face had a slight smile on it, which made him look particularly warm. “Then let’s take this one.” Karen Daly turned her head away and did not dare to look at him any longer. The price of the scarf was 999 dollars. In the past, Karen Daly would not buy such costly things no matter what the reason. This time, for Kevin Kyle, she was willing to spend a lot of money. The sales assistant was also happy to meet such an easy customer, and her attitude became more enthusiastic. “Madam, this scarf comes in a set for couples. Would you like to choose one for yourself?” Karen Daly did not think about it and quickly waved her hand. “No, I don’t need it.” If she asked for another one, it would cost another 999 dollars, which meant that she would have to spend more than half of her recent two-month salary. It would be too distressing. When Karen Daly refused this, she heard Kevin Kyle say, “Could you please show my wife the scarf?” Hearing this, the sales assistant immediately handed over the female version of the scarf. “And it turns out you are a couple. This scarf is a special edition that our company designed for young couples this year. It was not available in previous years’ collections.” It was true that salespeople are very clever. Anyway, when they sounded pleasant, customers were always happy to hear what they had to say. Kevin Kyle had many scarfs in the past, but they were all carefully made by the Kyle family’s private atelier. Compared with these so-called famous brands, they were much higher in quality. Kevin Kyle took the scarf to wrap around Karen Daly. Her skin was fair, and it looked even fairer in the plain gray blue scarf. Her supple face made people want to take a bite. Courteously, Kevin Kyle kissed her on the corner of her mouth, and then asked in a hoarse voice, “Do you like it?” Karen nodded at first, then shook her head… Kevin Kyle smiled and said, “Pack up both scarves for us.” Karen Daly grabbed his hand, but she was defeated when she saw his inquiring eyes. At worst, she would just spend these 2,000 dollars to buy two scarves to show off her money just this once. In future, she could save her money for a year and get the amount back. She could not let him see her as stingy. Kevin Kyle would bring along his assistant wherever he went, to pay for his bills, so he usually did not carry any cards or cash. So naturally, he didn’t take the initiative to pay for this. Looking at Karen making the payment, he did not utter any words. Despite his lack of initiative to foot the bill, he had given Karen Daly his supplementary credit card. He had also given her a monthly salary card, and Karen Daly could do whatever she wanted with these cards. After the payment was completed, Kevin realized that she was not using his cards. His eyes narrowed and he turned around to avoid looking at her, as if he was angry. Seeing such a large sum of money being swiped on her card, Karen Daly felt a sharp agony in her heart and hence, she did not notice Kevin Kyle’s expression. But, the moment she turned around and saw Madonna’s envious and hateful eyes, she felt that 2,000 dollars was extremely worth it. “Kevin, let’s go.” She took the initiative to hook her arm around Kevin’s and said while walking, “Do you know that shop assistant?” Kevin Kyle said serenely, “There are so many people who know me. It’s impossible for me to know every one of them.” Karen chuckled and said, “What a heartless man you Although she called him heartless, but she was happier are.” than ever in her heart. After all the tricks that Madonna had used to get close to Kevin Kyle, in the end, Kevin Kyle did not even know who she was at all. It was more awful than smacking her in the face. Madonna grit her teeth while watching them walk away. She was furious, and even felt especially irritated when she heard Kevin Kyle say that he did not know her at all. “Madonna, I don’t care where you used to work at, since you have come to work in our store, you must always remember that our customers are the priority. Please keep your temper under control.” The manager of the scarf store had seen that Madonna was angry, and hastily reminded her of their policies. Madonna bit her lip angrily but remained silent, staring at Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle walking away. All kinds of malicious thoughts flashed through her mind. She would stomp on this woman, Karen Daly, under her feet one day Kevin Kyle was a big name in the world of business. He did not only have remarkable business acumen, but he was also able to predict his competitor’s actions accurately. He knew that Karen Daly was showing off her affection on purpose earlier. Still, he played along intentionally. This was because seeing her being happy, made him happy too. However, Kevin Kyle did not forget that Karen Daly had not used his card for the bill. He asked sadly, “Why did you not use the card that I gave you?” Did he think that she didn’t want to swipe his card? It was a huge amount, which Karen Daly also wished to spend by using his card, but this was the first gift she had wanted to give him. How could she use his money to buy it for himself? Karen Daly pouted and said, “Actually, this is my first gift to you. I have to pay for it on my own to show my sincerity.”

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