My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 36

Kevin Kyle was very satisfied with Karen Daly’s answer. They were in public, but he caressed her cheek and kissed her lips gently. Being watched by the people around them, Karen Daly felt very shy. She pushed him away, but he pulled her all the more firmly, so that her body was attached to him. This man, Kevin Kyle, usually looked gentle and refined, and his gestures were elegant and exquisite, but his strength was really strong. He could not be pushed away at all “What’s wrong with this person?” “Is there something wrong with his nerves recently?” Karen Daly thought. His behaviour changed every second, which made her unable to keep up with him. Just as Karen was getting so embarrassed that she wanted to hide somewhere, Kevin finally let go of her and said, “Well, this is my present for you.” Karen Daly’s heart was in a mess. She felt dispirited. This gift was not valuable at all. If he really wanted to express gratitude towards me, Karen thought, he could simply give me some more practical gifts. However, when she turned her head and looked at the furious eyes of the people in the distance, she did not think so anymore. Instead, she dove back into Kevin Kyle’s arms. This man was her husband. She could show off her love to him, and she didn’t need to care about what others would think, especially like Madonna. Seeing Karen Daly slipping into his arms, Kevin Kyle took the opportunity to hug her and whispered, “I’m giving you all my time tonight. What else do you want to do?” “Let me think about it.” Karen Daly raised her head and pondered about what to do next with him. At this time, Kevin Kyle’s personal phone rang and he said, “Hang tight for me for a while. I’ll answer this call first.” Karen Daly nodded. “Sure.” Kevin Kyle walked to one side and answered the phone. Karen Daly gazed around and saw a shop selling freshly squeezed juice. She went to purchase two glasses of orange juice. After making her order and taking the juice, she saw Kevin Kyle hurrying back and he apologized, “Karen, I have something urgent to deal with. I can’t go shopping with you. I’ll ask someone to send you home first.” Kevin Kyle had consistently been busy, and Karen knew it. She said thoughtfully, “You go and do your work. I can take the subway or a taxi back on my own.” Kevin Kyle did not reply. He picked up the phone and dialed Nick Black’s number. He gave the address clearly and asked Nick Black to send Karen Daly back home. Hanging up the phone, he said, “I may not return tonight. Go back and rest early. Don’t wait for me. Most importantly, do not see Charlie Gook once more.” Karen Daly nodded. Before she could speak, Kevin Kyle had already left briskly. This was the first time Karen had seen him so anxious since she had met him. What had happened, to make him leave in such a hurry? Karen Daly could only think of Charlie Gook. Thinking of Charlie’s words and eyes in the afternoon, Karen Daly felt panicked and befuddled. She quickly picked up her mobile phone and dialed Kevin Kyle’s number, but his phone was engaged for a long time, and it was the same even though she dialed several times. “Mrs. Kyle, I’ll send you home.” Shortly after, Nick Black arrived. Karen Daly hung up the phone and asked in a hurry, “Special Assistant Nick, what happened to Kevin Kyle? Did Charlie Gook from the Gook family do something to the Innovative Tech again?” Nick Black said, “Director Kevin will be fine. Young Master Gook of the Gook family can’t do anything to Innovative Tech. Don’t worry.” Nick Black was Kevin Kyle’s most trusted confidante. Karen Daly knew that there was no hope for her to get any specific information from him if Kevin Kyle had asked for him not to share any details. Karen Daly told herself to believe in Kevin Kyle once more, that he could handle Charlie Gook, but she was still worried. After getting on the car, she turned on her mobile phone and dialled Kevin Kyle’s number. He was still on the phone. Unable to get through to Kevin Kyle’s phone, Karen Daly felt much more anxious. She flipped through the phone log she received in the afternoon and looked at the unknown phone number on it, she hesitated whether she should call and confront Charlie directly. After thinking about it, Karen Daly finally put the phone away. When Kevin had left, he told her not to see Charlie Gook again. Anyway, she did not want him to be unhappy. At the same time, Kevin Kyle was sitting in his Bentley, driven by the driver, Old Mr. Watson, and quickly ran to the largest entertainment complex in California- Charm! The driver, Mr. Watson, had been driving Kevin Kyle for 20 years, which meant that he had watched Kevin Kyle grow up. At this time, he glanced at Kevin from the rear-view mirror and saw that Kevin’s face was ashen. It was rare for Kevin Kyle to have such an expression, unless it was that notorious girl back home, that has been making trouble again. The last time Kevin Kyle had been so furious, was when she had just stepped into the entertainment circle half a year ago. In half an hour, the car had reached its destination. When Kevin Kyle got off the car, his expression looked far better than it was previously, but the signs “Don’t get close to me” were still written on his face. A man in his twenties rushed over and said, “Young Master, you’re finally here.” “Where is Polaris?” Kevin Kyle asked as he walked. “She is in the VIP room on the third floor, Spring Hall.” The man rushed to the front and led the way for Kevin Kyle. Spring Hall? Hearing this name, Kevin Kyle frowned deeper and walked faster. Stepping into such a beautiful place, smelling the pungent smell of alcohol inside and looking at a pair of men and women hugging and kissing each other, Kevin Kyle’s veins began to throb on his forehead. He wanted to demolish this place if he could. “Young Master, the elevator is here,” the man said cautiously. Glancing around, Kevin followed the man into the elevator to the third floor and went directly to the VIP room named Spring Hall. In his opinion, this kind of place was loaded with germs all over the place. He wished he could even hold his breath while here. The man guiding him grew up with the Kyle family, so he naturally knew of Kevin Kyle’s mysophobia. He strolled ahead and led the way for Kevin Kyle. “Young master, Polaris is in there.” The door opened, and Kevin Kyle breathed in sharply. If he hadn’t been brought up with manners, he would definitely rush over and throw out the bunch of men inside. In the center of the room, there was a woman with heavy makeup, wearing a skimpy vest and hot pants, dancing close to a man. Several other men were sitting unsteadily on the sofa in the room. Some were whistling while others were shouting, Their eyes were sparkling like hungry wolves. Kevin Kyle took off his suit coat and walked over. He pulled the semi-naked woman into his arms and put his coat on her. He said coldly, “Do you know what you are doing?” The woman squinted her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and hooked her arms around Kevin Kyle’s chin. “Leo, why are you here?” With this, she giggled and said, “Are you here to see me dance too? I’ll dance for you now.” Kevin Kyle pushed away her little hand and picked her up. He didn’t want to talk to her anymore. “My friends, I’ll go first. I’l play with you some other day.” In Kevin Kyle’s arms, the woman still attempted to blow kisses to several men in the room Kevin Kyle scowled at her furiously and grabbed her hands. She was not permitted to move anymore

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