My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 37

“Leo, why don’t you talk? Are you unhappy to see me?” She pouted and said, “You haven’t seen me for so long, and you don’t miss me. I have decided not to like you anymore and to abandon you.” Speaking of this, she giggled again and said, “Leo, if I don’t like you, what do you think you should do? I guess you will have nothing in your life, because no woman would like to be with a cold piece of ice like you.” After that, she tutted, showing her deep sympathy for his experience. Kevin Kyle walked steadily into the elevator with her in his arms, still ignoring her. The woman kept on saying, “You say that you are 28 years old, but why don’t you find a girlfriend to take care of you? Do you want the Kyle family to have no descendants? Or should you obey your grandfather and marry me?” “Shut up!” Kevin Kyle squeezed out two words from his mouth. He really wanted to throw this drunken girl on the street to accompany those vagabonds. Although Kevin Kyle was very angry with her, and he was extremely irritated, he still held her with mildly and wrapped his suit coat around her to prevent her from getting a cold. “Leo, put me down, I can walk on my own.” Walking out of the glamorous hall, the girl twisted in Kevin Kyle’s arms, trying to escape from him. Kevin Kyle lowered his head to look at her and warned, “Just you try moving again.” The girl ignored his warning, raised her head from his arms, and pouted, “Come on, kiss me then.” Kevin Kyle grimaced and loosened his grip, attempting to toss her out. The woman quickly reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Leo, if you don’t kiss me, I’ll find another man to kiss me. I will have an affair with him. You watch out.” Kevin Kyle frowned and gritted his teeth. The woman continued to provoke him, “You may take me home now. If you dare, tie me up, but I will always find an opportunity to sneak out. The, I wouldn’t know what I will do.” While speaking, the woman glanced to the left with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. When she saw a figure holding the camera in the distance, she curled her lips and smiled slyly. Kevin Kyle held on to her tighter and his eyes were full of restraint. If he were not worried that his mother would not be able to handle the heartache, he would tie her up and ship her off to Europe. And he clearly knew that this girl, who was not afraid of anything, was only babbling, but also, she could also really do what she threatens. It was impossible for him to stay by her side all the time. If she were to take advantage of his absence, if she would really… “You won’t kiss me, isn’t that right?” The woman grabbed him and kissed him on the face while he was not paying attention. Then she glanced left and saw an OK gesture on the other side. She was relieved. She knew that the person she invited was done with his work, tomorrow’s front page headlines would definitely be that on this up-and-coming actress, Polaris, was caught in a scandal with another man. So how about this? The worst things, written in the most unpleasant manner, would be published. She wanted to create some rumors and spread them, to see how this cold man would react. As the purpose of her performance today had been accomplished, the girl became much more obedient. She leaned into Kevin Kyle’s arms and fell asleep after a while. After placing the girl in the car, Kevin Kyle got in and sat down beside her. The girl found a comfortable position within his arms the moment he got in, lying on him as she did when she was a child. Looking at her small face, which looked like a kitten, Kevin Kyle sighed silently and looked at her much more softly. “What a troublesome little girl.” The driver, Mr. Watson, quietly glanced at them from the rear-view mirror, thinking of how only this young lady could make their young master panic that way. The driver asked, “Young Master, where are we going? Kevin Kyle replied, “Back to Santa Bay.” The Kyle Family did not have a stronghold in California, and hence they did not have a permanent residence there. The house where Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly now lived was purchased by Kevin before he came to California as a temporary residence. Santa Bay was a top villa district developed by Rovio Corporation in California. It was located in the coastal area of California, built by the sea. Since it was located in such a beautiful area, the villas here had already been sold at high prices when it was launched, but many people still wanted to buy them. However, they were not able to buy them. The projects developed by Rovio Corporation always did not lack buyers, so they could pick their buyers. One could not buy these properties only with money, they must also come from a prestigious family. The most mysterious villa in the Santa Bay was named Secret Garden. The reason why Secret Garden was mysterious was that it was designed and built by Kevin Kyle himself. It was renovated a year and a half ago. It took nearly a year to complete the renovation. Now it could be lived in. Kevin Kyle had planned to move in there with Karen Daly in a few days, but he didn’t expect the girl in his arms to make more trouble so soon. When they arrived at the villa at Santa Bay, several servants greeted them with smiles. “Young master, Miss..” “Go and prepare clean clothes. Tidy up her room and warm her bed.” Kevin Kyle said and strode towards the swimming pool with the girl in his arms. He stood by the pool and threw the girl in his arms into “Splash!” it. “Help! Help!” The girl, who had been sleeping soundly, shouted for help immediately. After a while, she stopped, swimming towards the area where the water was shallow. She raised her head and glared at him. “Are you trying to murder me for money?” Kevin Kyle sat down on a reclining chair and gracefully crossed his legs. “Take a look at yourself. Are you a human or a ghost, causing trouble all day long?” The girl ignored him and climbed the ladder out of the pool. Kevin Kyle said in a deep voice, “Stay there. Who has asked you to come up?” The girl’s mouth thinned and tears began to spill from her eyes. “I’m already 18 years old. Why should you care about me?” Kevin Kyle stared at her and looked her up and down. “You are 18 years old? Are you even an adult? Can you wear such clothes and hang out outside?” Although the girl was upset, she did not dare to climb up again. She had to retreat back to the pool and stood there obediently. “I’m cold.” “Do you still know what cold is, when you’re dressed like that?” “Brother “Glad that you still know that i’m your brother. I thought you have forgotten that you are from the Kyle family.” When it came to this sister of his, Kevin Kyle always had a headache. “Brother-” The girl raised her hand to rub her eyes, her little mouth was trembling, and large tears splashed down her face. “I’m really cold.” Kevin Kyle steeled himself and said, “Tell me first. Do you realize what your mistake was?” The girl lowered her head and bit her lip, unwilling to admit her mistake. Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said sternly, “Have you forgotten all the manners you learned when you were a child? Do you not need to answer me when I talk to you?”

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