My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 38

The girl raised her head and said angrily. “I’m 18 years old and no longer a child. Why can you do whatever you want? Why do you still want to control what I do?” Kevin Kyle said sternly, “Just because I am your brother.” “So what if you are my brother? Does it mean you can throw me in the pool? Does it mean you can be mean to me?” Saying this, the girl cried loudly without a care in the world, sobbing loudly. “It’s useless to cry. With this attitude, I will make you go home and face the wall and repent for three months, and write 300 lines.” Knowing that the young lady was just pretending to be upset, Kevin remained hard-hearted that he would not be softened by her act. “You don’t like me. You don’t want me anymore. You always bully me…” The more she said, the more she cried. “Don’t change the topic. We are talking about what just happened tonight.” Kevin Kyle emphasized this fact. “You are bullying me.” The girl wiped her eyes and stared at Kevin Kyle with her red eyes. Kevin Kyle said angrily, “Mia Kyle!” Mia Kyle rubbed her eyes and screamed, “What? Can’t I speak the truth now?” “Keep yourself together and go back to Europe tomorrow. Learn some manners, learn how to respect your elders and learn what is integrity. If you still can’t practice it, don’t you ever think about going out again.” After saying these words, Kevin Kyle stood up and turned away, leaving no chance for her to retort. Mia Kyle was so anxious that she said, “Kevin Kyle, who gives you the right to do that? I’m 18 years old and I’m an adult now. You can’t interfere with my freedom.” Kevin Kyle stopped and turned around. “Calling your elders by name. You have no respect for your elders. Repent for another month and I’ll add another 100 lines.” “Kevin Kyle…” “Five months!” Mia Kyle screamed in anger, but she didn’t dare say anything anymore. She also knew that her brother would never compromise. If she did something wrong, the other family elders might spare her, but this brother would never give her any room for negotiation. He had been taking care of her since she was a child. It was always “This is not allowed, that was not allowed’. When she stands, there had to be a correct standing posture. When she sits, there had to be a correct sitting posture. If she behaved inappropriately, she had to learn etiquette again. When she was little, Kevin Kyle was still young. That was why he had time to take care of her. Now that she was already 18, and that he was 28, why wouldn’t he get into a relationship, why does he still want to control his sister? This cold-hearted man would punish such a beautiful girl like her. He deserved not to be loved by any girl in his life. “Miss, Young Master is doing all of this for your own good.” Aunt Anne, the nanny of the Kyle Family, came over and said with a smile, “He loves you so much. How could he bully you?” “Aunt Anne, even you speak for him. I don’t want to live anymore.” Mia Kyle was furious. If she was grounded, what was she supposed to with her budding acting career? Aunt Anne smiled and said, “Miss, get up quickly. If you don’t get up now, you might catch a cold. If you catch a cold, you’ll need to take medicine.” Hearing that she was going need medicine, Mia Kyle rushed out of pool and asked for Aunt Anne to help her put on the bathrobe. Aunt Anne said again, “Miss, I will accompany you to the room to wash up. Later, I will find time to persuade Young Master so that he might reduce your punishments.” Mia Kyle did not dare to think about it, because since she was young, as long as she fell into his hands, she had never escaped his punishment. But now she was an adult. For her acting career, she had to fight no matter what. After washing up, Mia Kyle changed into a set of clean and warm pajamas. She was just 18 years old, and her beautiful face was pink and tender. She was quite attractive. She put her little head against the door and listened for a while. Then she took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock on the door. Only when she heard the word “come in” did she dare open the door and enter. She walked over to Kevin Kyle’s desk and lowered her head. “Brother” Kevin Kyle looked up at her, the thick make-up on her face had been washed away. It seemed that she was now more pleasing to the eye. His voice unconsciously softened. “What’s the matter? “Nothing.” Mia Kyle ran behind him and massaged his back gently with her fists. “You’re tired from your work. I’ll massage your back for you so that you can relax.” Kevin Kyle took her hand away and said, “Sleep early if you have nothing to do. Your flight to Europe is tomorrow morning.” “Brother, I’ve just took on a role in a TV drama. The contract has been signed, and I’m waiting to join the cast.” Mia Kyle grinned cheekily. After being oppressed for so many years, she finally understood that she must learn to adapt. will send someone to help you deal with these things.” Kevin Kyle did not intend to let her go at all. The children of the Kyle family could never be involved in the entertainment industry. She had only been at it for half a year, and she was already dressed like that, dancing with a man. If she stayed any longer, she might have done something worse. Mia Kyle was so anxious that she gritted her teeth and emphasized, “I have signed the contract. If I break the contract, the compensation is ten times the amount.” “I’ve told you. ‘ll send someone to deal with it.” Kevin Kyle’s voice was stern. He was like an elder teaching his disobedient children a lesson. “What gives you the right…” “Huh?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and stopped Mia Kyle’s words. “Fine, I’ll go back. I’ll tell grandpa about this when I go back, I’ll tell him that you keep bullying me and let him unleash his anger for me.” Mia Kyle knew that Kevin Kyle would not let her go so she stopped trying. She could only think of other ways. She would never go back to Europe. As for how she could stay here, she had to think of another way. She would never let her conservative, old-fashioned brother catch her again. After Mia Kyle left the room, Kevin Kyle called and asked for Aunt Anne to cook a bowl of ginger soup for Mia. He would not let her catch a cold. After explaining to Aunt Anne carefully, Kevin Kyle continued with his work and was busy until one o’clock in the morning Before he went back to bed, he went to Mia Kyle’s room first, tucked her in and covered her with the covers. “This little girl, when will you grow up? When will you not let others worry about you?” Kevin Kyle touched her forehead, with a gentle smile that had never been seen in his eyes, and his tone was full of love. He stroked her forehead and said, “Sleep well. I’ll send you back to Europe tomorrow. I don’t have time to take care of you here.” After that, he tucked in her quilt, and then he got up and “Zach Becker… left. As soon as he walked towards the door, he heard Mia Kyle murmur this name in her sleep, which made his face darken suddenly, he looked very frightening. The next day, Kevin Kyle sat in the living room reading the newspapers and was waiting for Mia Kyle to get up to have breakfast together. After a while, Aunt Anne ran downstairs in a panic. “Young master, Miss Mia is missing.”.

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