My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 39

“She’s gone?” Kevin Kyle asked without raising his head while reading the newspaper in his hand. “Yes, Young Master.” Aunt Anne nodded in panic. “Alert Jacky Ball on this. Call me immediately if there is anything. If something like what happened yesterday happens again, even if I have to tie her up. I will, Kevin Kyle put down the newspaper in his hand and got up to go to the kitchen. “Alright.” Aunt Anne nodded repeatedly Kevin Kyle finished his breakfast alone and then asked the driver, Mr. Watson, to drive him to Innovative Tech. As soon as Kevin Kyle left, Mia Kyle came down the stairs with a swagger, holding Aunt Anne and acting coyly, “Aunt Anne, thank you for helping me so much. I really love you so much.” Aunt Anne said with lingering fear, “I was scared to death just now. I thought that young master had known we were lying to him.” “He’s not a God. How could he know that I’m upstairs?” Mia Kyle said while wearing a cap and sunglasses. “Aunt Anne, I’m leaving. I’ll bring you out for a treat after I finish filming.” “Miss, go after breakfast.” Before she could finish her words, Mia Kyle had already run away. It was not easy to escape from Kevin Kyle’s grasp. Mia Kyle did not want to stay there any longer. The only way out of the villa was through the main road. The silver Bentley was stopped in an inconspicuous place. If you didn’t pay attention, you couldn’t see it at all. Seeing Mia Kyle running out in a hurry, the driver, Mr. Watson, looked at Kevin Kyle’s face from the rear-view mirror, “Young master, do you want to order for some people to follow the young lady?” Kevin Kyle raised his hand and rubbed his temple. His gentle eyes fell on the beautiful figure who was running farther and farther away. “Let Jacky Ball accompany her with someone else. Don’t not let anything happen like last night.” After that, Kevin Kyle made another phone call. “Arrange for the best manager for Polaris, and then send two more personal assistants to her. The most important thing is to make sure the script is safe, not even kissing is allowed.” He knew what the little girl was up to at a glance. However, as she said, she was already an adult. She had things she wants to do. Her brother should let her try and no longer restrain her. Karen Daly could not reach Kevin Kyle by phone at all, so she was worried that something bad had happened to him. She didn’t sleep well the previous night. In the morning, she got up early and came to the office with a pair of dark eye circles. When she arrived at the lobby on the ground floor, she did not go upstairs immediately. Instead, she found a seat to sit down and wanted to confirm with her own eyes that Kevin Kyle was alright. About half an hour later, the employees of the company came in one after another and went upstairs in batches. Karen Daly finally saw Kevin Kyle coming in with Nick Black and Amelia Gray. Seeing that he was fine, Karen finally felt relieved. She glanced at him and sneaked into the crowd, pretending not to see him. “Good morning, Director Kevin!” Everyone was busy greeting Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle glanced at the crowd and immediately saw Karen. Seeing that she was not looking well, he hinted at Amelia Gray. Amelia Gray immediately understood what her boss meant. She smiled and said, “Karen Daly, Director Kevin wants to talk to you about a project. Come with us.” Suddenly being summoned, Karen Daly was stunned. She knew that Kevin Kyle had no project to talk about, but she couldn’t say so in front of so many people. She had to go over obediently and she went into the elevator with Kevin Kyle. Inside the elevator made for twelve, there were only 4 people, but Karen felt very uncomfortable, because all eyes were on her. If it were only her and Kevin, she would still try to talk. But Nick Black and Amelia Gray were also there, so Karen really didn’t know what to say Amelia Gray was a smart person. She immediately pressed the button for the next floor and said, “Director Kevin, Nick and I are going to discuss some things with Manager Emma of the Public Relations Department, so we won’t go upstairs with you.” When the elevator door opened, Amelia Gray and Nick Black quickly left, leaving the space for the couple. In the elevator, Kevin Kyle stared at Karen Daly and said after a long silence, “Did you sleep well last night?” Karen Daly kept her head down and said nothing. Kevin Kyle pulled her into his arms and hugged her gently. His eyes under his golden glasses were happy. “You miss me that much?” Karen Daly pushed him away. “Who misses you?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows slightly and reached out to touch her head. “You really didn’t miss me?” Karen slapped his hand away. “Don’t simply touch me There’s a camera here.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows. “So what?” Karen Daly glared at him and pushed the button for the 19th floor. If someone saw her and Kevin Kyle in the office together, she would be known as a slut who would steal husbands. Kevin Kyle pulled Karen back and asked, “Why didn’t you sleep well?” “What do you think?” Karen felt hurt while thinking about the reason. Karen Daly had called Kevin Kyle last night, but his number was busy, which made her think that Charlie Gook had played some tricks on him. Karen Daly was so worried that she didn’t sleep well all night. He still had the nerve to ask her why she didn’t sleep well. “Are you angry that I didn’t accompany you last night?” Looking at Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle could only think of this reason. Ding-dong– The elevator stopped on the 19th floor and the door opened. She pursed her lips and looked at Kevin Kyle sadly, then turned around and left. Kevin Kyle, who was alone in the elevator, raised his lips slightly. He had never expected that Karen Daly would get so attached to him in such a short time. After Gook Corp announced that they would no longer cooperate with Innovative Tech, many companies, who had connections with Innovative Tech, decided that there would be no chance for them to cooperate as well, even for ongoing projects. Companies that had worked together with them in the past, did not plan on doing new projects now. Suddenly, Karen Daly’s sales department fell into a black hole. The old business partners did not want to bring on new projects, and the people-in-charge had even disappeared. It was obvious that these companies did not want to work Innovative Tech anymore. The whole sales department was very idle. Karen Daly was so bored that she was reading through projects Innovative Tech had done before, so as to learn from it to gain experience and improve. “Oh my gosh, what?” Someone suddenly screamed in the office, attracting everyone’s attention. Karen Daly also looked up and saw that the new intern Alice Cole had covered her mouth and shouted repeatedly. It could not be seen from her expression whether she was upset or happy. May Lily, as busybody as she is, hurried over and asked, “What’s wrong?” Alice Cole pointed to the computer screen and said, “I’ve received a tweet saying that my goddess, Polaris, has a boyfriend! How could she fall in love so soon? I’m in love with her. How did she fall in love with someone else?” “Polaris? Is she the one who recently starred in that popular teen idol drama?” May Lily looked at several photos on the computer “Hey, this man’s back looks so familiar. I seem to have seen it somewhere.”.

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