My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 40

“Director Kevin?” May Lily screamed as if she had discovered a new planet. “Do you think this back looks like Director Kevin’s?” Karen Daly was originally not interested in gossip from the entertainment world, but when she heard May Lily’s voice, she uncontrollably clicked on to Twitter Polaris’ love life was on the main page of Twitter, with a few pictures attached. The first picture was her was quietly nestled in a man’s arms. The second picture showed their backs that looked like they were kissing. The third picture was of the man carrying her into a mansion. Although the shot was only the man’s back, this back was so familiar. She had seen it just this morning. But still, just a back view did not make it 100% sure that this man was Kevin Kyle, so she comforted herself with this excuse. However, it was not only Karen Daly, but all the people in the office thought it looked like Kevin Kyle’s back. Karen Daly could finally confirm that the man was Kevin Kyle’s because the woman had a silver-gray suit over her, which was his suit. Karen Daly had known him for a while, and only he wore this color. The others had already gathered together to discuss, “Could it be that this celebrity who just turned 18 is Director Kevin’s wife?” “18 is not the legal age for marriage. I don’t think so.” “You don’t necessarily have to get a marriage certificate to be husband and wife. Making love between a couple will do.” “True, true. Besides, some people get their marriage certificates, but they don’t make love. They are just fake couples with a certificate.” The hot discussion between colleagues reached Karen Daly’s ears one by one, as if these words were targeted at her. A bitter smile appeared on her face. Could it be that betrayal would never leave her? In her opinion, even if they had no feelings for each other in this marriage, they should be loyal to each other since they were husband and wife. Now that she had just been married for a month, he had already had an affair, it made her feel humiliated. Karen Daly suddenly felt as if the air in the office had stopped. Her heart felt constrained, and her breathing became difficult. She spoke to Sunnie Olsen and asked for a day off. She wanted to go out and have a good walk. She also needed to face reality of her relationship with Kevin Kyle. On the streets, people came and went. Everyone had their own destination. Only she walked aimlessly, not knowing where to go. From the beginning of her arrival at California, she had always felt this sense of longing. In the past three years, she had been working hard to forget about the bad things in the past. Those bad things would always appear in front of her suddenly and she would experience the hurt and betrayal again and again Just as she was finally able to face that person again, another blow caught her off guard. Karen Daly even said to herself, “Anyway, it’s a marriage without real love. Let’s pretend nothing happened, and live our own lives like what we did a month ago.” However, she also had her own pride. She was obviously aware of this matter and trying to pretend like it didn’t happen was something she really could not do. “Karen.” A powerful force suddenly grabbed Karen Daly. She lost her balance and fell steadily into the man’s arms. Charlie Gook looked at her angrily. “What are you doing? Do you want to die?” Karen Daly pushed him away, but he held her even tighter. When this person, the closest to her, had left three years ago, she didn’t even think about seeking death. But now for a stranger like Kevin Kyle, she wanted to die? It was impossible that she would contemplate suicide for this. Charlie Gook said, “If I hadn’t pulled you back in time, you would have rushed into the traffic.” Charlie Gook had sent someone to keep an eye on Karen Daly, so when Karen exited the Innovative Tech office, he received the news and came as soon as possible. “What does it have to do with you?” Karen struggled hard. “Let me go first.” “Karen, I will never let go.” He liked the faint fragrance on her body. Holding her made Charlie Gook feel his infatuation for her again. Even if she was married, he could still make her divorce. No matter what method he used, Charlie Gook had to get Karen Daly back. “Charlie Gook, I beg you, please don’t appear in front of me again, and don’t barge into my life anymore.” Karen Daly stopped struggling and said weakly. Charlie Gook continued to express his love, “Karen, the person I love has always been you. This time, I really want to take you back. As long as you go back with me, I will solve all issues regarding Innovative Tech for you immediately. Hearing this, Karen Daly suddenly pushed Charlie Gook away She bit her lip and held back the tears in her eyes. “Charlie, do you want me to tear up the bloody scars from our past and show them to you? Will you be satisfied then?” “Karen..” Charlie Gook looked at her with distress. “Don’t call out my name.” Karen Daly took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she lost all her strength and muttered, “Charlie, think about it. Do you even think we can really go back?” Charlie Gook added, “Karen, as long as you are willing, we can go back. I am capable now, and the old man at home can’t control me.” “Charlie, are you really stupid or are you playing dumb with me?” Karen Daly suddenly laughed and burst into tears. “Karen, baby, I know that issue about Kristine had been bothering you, but I didn’t marry her anyway.” Staring at Karen Daly for a long time, Charlie Gook said slowly. After listening to Charlie Gook’s words, she felt that she looked down on Charlie Gook even more. Men, are they all so heartless? “Charlie, beg you, don’t show up in front of me again. Let me live my own life.” After saying these words, she turned around and left. She just wanted to walk alone and think about her future. There was nobody she wanted to see or talk to. Duncan Miller walked over to Charlie Gook’s side and said, “Master Gook, Miss Karen has gone far. Do you want to follow her?” “So what if we follow her? No matter what I say, her attitude is still so stubborn.” Charlie Gook sighed and said, “How is Innovative Tech?” “If Innovative Tech can’t pick up a new project, the only way is down for them.” Speaking of Innovative Tech, Duncan Miller was very excited. After Gook Corporation’s statement, many small companies dared not work with Innovative Tech. The sales of Innovative Tech was greatly affected. This was the most satisfying thing that Duncan Miller had ever done after he started working for Charlie Gook. “Is there any movement from Kevin Kyle?” Charlie Gook asked Duncan Miller, but his eyes kept looking at Karen Daly, who was walking further and further away..

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