My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 41

Duncan Miller said, “It’s strange. That Kevin guy didn’t take action on this matter at all. I don’t know what he wants to do.” Charlie Gook looked away and glanced at Duncan Miller. “Did you just say he didn’t care?” Duncan Miller said, “I don’t think that this Kevin guy realizes how serious it was to offend you.” Charlie Gook said, “Then give him more damage.” He could only drive Kevin Kyle over the edge and make Kevin beg him for mercy. Then, he would hint at Kevin Kyle to divorce Karen Daly, after that he will let her go, that will be enough Karen Daly wandered around, and after a while, she stopped at a famous food street in California. There was delicious food from all over the world on the food street. Along the way, she bought and tasted every food she could see. After she was full, she had her problems all figured out. There was no need for her to torture herself. She will go back at night and have a good talk with Kevin Kyle. If the matter was acceptable, she will carry on with the marriage, if not, she can just leave in peace. It was not a big deal. When she got home and opened the door, Molly rushed over and circled around her, expressing her yearning for her mother by barking softly. Karen Daly picked her up and rubbed her head a few times. “Little one, I know you miss me very much.” “Woof, woof, woof..” Molly’s voice sounded like she really missed his mother. “Molly, play by yourself. I’m going to cook.” Karen Daly put Molly down and rubbed its head. Although Karen Daly had already eaten, she still had to cook. Kevin Kyle had not eaten yet. She promised herself that as long as they were still married, she would try her best to be a good wife. When Karen Daly had almost finished cooking, Kevin Kyle came back from work Kevin Kyle walked to the kitchen and said, “Karen, I’m back.” “I’m almost done cooking. Dinner will be ready soon.” Karen looked back at him and smiled at him. Soon, two dishes were served on the table and a bowl of rice was served for Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle looked at her and asked, “Aren’t you eating?” “I’ve eaten outside in the afternoon,” Karen paused and said, “You eat first. I have something to talk to you about after dinner.” Disregarding his expression, she simply went to the balcony in the living room and took a watering pot to water the flowers and plants. The house they lived in had three bedrooms and two living rooms, one kitchen and two washrooms. It spanned about 160 square meters. The living room and the main bedroom were the largest both came with a balcony. It was a big house for two. Karen Daly had been living here for more than a month, but she had never cleaned her own room. Every day when they were out, someone would come to take care of it. Karen Daly didn’t know that someone cleaned the place. She had thought that it was not too dirty because there were only 2 people living here. It was not until the second day after she came back that she saw Molly all cleaned up. Only then did she know Kevin Kyle had arranged all these things. Moreover, the cleaners chose to come when they were not at home. The cleaning was also very neat, spotless even. Karen Daly held the watering pot and poured water on the plants, Molly jumped around her feet, trying to attract her attention. She looked at Molly and couldn’t help laughing. “Stupid Molly, stop jumping. You are my precious, you already have all my attention!” Kevin Kyle walked over after the meal. Seeing them were having so much fun, he didn’t want to disturb them. Karen Daly felt his gaze behind her. She looked back and saw Kevin Kyle’s deep and enigmatic eyes. She smiled and said, “Are you full?” “Yes.” Kevin Kyle nodded and stood beside her. “What do you want to tell me?” Karen Daly looked at him and smiled gently, her eyes as clear as autumn water. “Kevin Kyle, I know that you didn’t marry me because you love me. If you have found someone else you want to spend the rest of your life with please tell me directly so that we can make peace.” After saying it out in one breath, she felt relaxed. Faye Reed had often said that Karen Daly was stubborn. Karen Daly would not easily change her mind once set out to do it. Studying, working, relationships, as long as she has set her mind on something, she would try her best Karen Daly had decided to marry Kevin Kyle, and that meant she was determined to spend the rest of her life with Kevin Kyle. Now that there was a problem between them, she did not want things to happen like before, she didn’t want to wait until things were irreparable. Because she had learnt from her previous experience, she felt that it was good for her and Kevin Kyle to break up early if it was necessary. “Karen.” Kevin Kyle called her name in a deep voice, his eyes deep and unfathomable. “Do you think I married you for fun? Karen Daly scratched her head. “I don’t kno” Before she finished, Kevin Kyle pressed Karen Daly against the wall, and his hot lips immediately covered her lips Karen Daly opened her eyes wide in surprise, and Kevin Kyle stretched out one hand to cover her eyes. He held her between him and the wall, kissing her furiously, kissing her lips and tongue, and occupying all her senses bit by bit. At first, Karen Daly still had the strength to push against him. Gradually, her whole body became soft. She held his clothes tightly with both hands and even kissed him back. Kevin Kyle always had a clean and pleasant smell, which was very faint. It could only be smelt when she was very close to him. Gradually, she felt as if she was going to suffocate. She was overwhelmed by Kevin Kyle’s kisses. She never knew that a man who looked so gentle and refined was so tough that he could make her giddy with just his kisses Finally, Kevin Kyle stopped and looked at her red and swollen lips he had kissed. He said in his seductive and hoarse voice, “Karen, you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.” All 28 years of his life, since he was born until he officially took over Rovio Corporation Inc, every single thing he has ever done had a clear goal. Six years after he officially took over the Rovio Corp, his workload was too much. He had no time for his personal life, let alone spend time on women. When he had met Karen Daly, he had chosen Karen Daly to be his wife. He decided to live with her for the rest of his life. This decision was firm, there was no hesitation. “No, Kevin, you might have misunderstood me.” Karen Daly pursed her lips and tried to calm down. Kevin Kyle did not speak. He raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at her. “I mean, although our marriage has no love, we also need to be loyal to each other. You have another woman outside, and yet you tell me that you want to live with me for the rest of your life. This will make me feel like a joke, and I will also look down on you.” Karen Daly realized that she could speak so sharply with him. “You just don’t believe me, do you?” After saying that, Kevin held Karen Daly’s head and kissed her again..

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