My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 42

“You just don’t believe me, do you?” Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly, and his deep eyes were deeper and more unfathomable. Looking at his deep eyes and thinking of his every move during this time, she wondered if she had thought too much, and wondered if it was ridiculous to accuse him just because the photo of the main looked like his back. But after thinking about it carefully, Karen Daly hesitated again. Just like before, she had never thought that Charlie Gook would betray he. But in the end, what had happened? She didn’t want the things that had happened in the past to happen again. It was better to break up before they feel attached to each other. After thinking about it carefully, Karen Daly said, “Kevin Kyle, it’s not that I don’t want to believe you, but I really can’t trust you 100%. Besides, we don’t have feelings for each other, and few people know about our marriage. It’s not a problem to get married after a divorce for someone like you.” Karen Daly was very rational and sober when she said these words, she wasn’t emotional at all. Only she knew that she felt hurt inside. Kevin Kyle had been excellent in every aspect, according to her. She thought they could go on. “Is that what you see this relationship?” Kevin Kyle asked with a frown. Karen Daly bit her lip and nodded. Suddenly, Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s head and kissed her again. No, this time it was not a kiss, but a bite, biting at Karen Daly’s lips, sucking her blood like a vampire, and smell of blood erupted between their mouths. Karen Daly felt the pain and but couldn’t push him away, so she poked him hard. She used a lot of strength, and Kevin Kyle was hurt, but he still didn’t let go, After a long time, when Karen Daly thought she was going to suffocate to death in Kevin Kyle’s arms, he finally let go of her He looked at her with deep and unfathomable eyes… “Do you think you can solve the problem in this way? We are adults now. Please face the problem directly and don’t avoid it.” After saying that, she pursed her lips and looked at him with soft eyes. Now that she had spoken out today, she just wanted a clear answer, but he had used this method to avoid the problem. Karen Daly’s calmness and her indifferent attitude irritated. He thought that even if the marriage between them had no love, it would not be so fragile. He did not know why she would suggest a break up with him. “Karen Daly, it seems that you have forgotten what said.” Kevin Kyle coldly said and turned towards the study. Looking at his back, she was stunned for a while. What did he just say? He didn’t say much all this while, and most of the things he said, Karen Daly could still remember. On the night of the second day after they lived together, he had a long talk with her. No matter what happens in the future, she should not mention a break up easily. Kevin Kyle was not an impulsive man. He must have considered carefully what he was going to do. Karen Daly hesitated again. Did she really think too much? Perhaps the figure looked exactly like Kevin Kyle’s, but it wasn’t him? Karen took out her mobile phone and logged onto Twitter. It was strange that the most popular news this morning had no further details. Karen Daly thought that perhaps it was just her imagination. At the same time, Kevin Kyle received a call from Amelia Gray. She told him about Polaris’s scandal, but Rovio Corp had already dealt with it. He should have known that the troublemaker Mia Kyle, would not do those outrageous things for no reason. It turned out that he had been framed by his sister. At least now he understood why Karen Daly had said those words. He then felt a lot more relaxed. While Karen Daly was hesitating about what to do next, Kevin Kyle came out of the study. There was a smile on his handsome face, which made her confused. He said, “Is it because of the news this morning?” Karen Daly nodded. He smiled. “Do you think that the man in the photo is me?” Karen Daly asked, “Isn’t it you?” Kevin Kyle walked to her side and held her in his arms. “Do you still remember the immature sister I mentioned to you?” Karen Daly certainly remembered, and she still remembered the restrained look on Kevin Kyle’s face when he mentioned his sister. It seemed that he had been worrying about that sister a lot. Then, Karen Daly suddenly understood, “Are you saying that Polaris is your sister?” “Does that mean you gave me such a hard time because you were jealous?” Kevin Kyle did not answer but asked with a smile in his eyes. Karen Daly, “.” Uh… Karen Daly felt embarrassed. Before understanding what had actually happened, she had already given him such a hard time. This was far from being a good wife. Kevin lowered his head and laughed in a low voice, “Then do you still want to be mad at me?” She didn’t say anything and just snuggled up in his arms. Listening to his steady heartbeat, she carefully reached out to hold his waist. Kevin Kyle lowered his head, reached out his hand to pinch her chin, and raised her head slightly. “Look at me and answer my question.” His warm breath fell on her face, and her delicate face blushed unconsciously. She whispered, “I’m not angry.” “Hmm?” “I’m just sad.” Kevin Kyle understood her because she had been hurt so ruthlessly. There still must be some doubts and fears in her heart. He lowered his head and kissed her again, which was different from the previous overbearing and forceful kisses. This time, his kiss was very gentle. He licked her lips lightly as if he was tasting her. Karen Daly did not hide and responded clumsily to his kiss. However, as they kissed, Kevin Kyle’s big palm slipped through her clothes and touched her breasts. Karen Daly’s body stiffened. She subconsciously grabbed his hand and blushed, she said “.” Kevin Kyle stopped and rubbed her head. “Don’t be afraid. I promise I will keep every word I said.” “No, I’m not afraid, Karen Daly said in a low voice. He said that he would not force her to do something she was not willing to do, but she was not unwilling. She was just a little nervous. Karen Daly spoke in an awkward and adorable manner, which made Kevin Kyle really feeling like eating her. He smiled and asked, “What are you not?” “I have to go to work tomorrow. I’ll go to bed first. Karen Daly found a random excuse to escape. Kevin Kyle was always attractive, but when he was gentle, he made people feel powerless. Before she was ready to make love to him, Karen Daly felt that it was safer to stay away from him. Otherwise, she would not realize it even if she was eaten alive..

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