My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 43

On the late autumn nights, there was a bitter cold in the Cold winds come one after another, tricky and cunning. air. They attacked when people let down their guards. The cold took over every bit of summer, and made people feel frozen. However, the brightly lit state of California seemed like it was never afraid of winter. Even though it was late at night, the street was still bustling with people. Even in the ruthless winter, the city was still lively. In a Starbucks café in California, the scene was lively. Everyone was gossiping and some discussions were more bitter and cruel than the cold wind, of people making schemes. Just like the two ordinary women who were sitting in a corner. The scarf that Madonna had bought was the same as Karen Daly’s. She handed it to Emma Wilson and said, “Cousin, it’s cold. I bought this especially for you. It is a limited edition from this brand, there are only six of these in the whole city. Emma Wilson looked at the logo on the scarf and frowned slightly. She did not reach out to take it. “You’ve just changed jobs, and you don’t have much money. Why are you spending so much money?” “You took good care of me when I was in Innovative Tech, and I didn’t buy anything for you. This is a little present for you.” Madonna said lightly and pushed the scarf to Emma Wilson Emma Wilson glanced at the expensive scarf and did not take it. She just said indifferently, “Just tell what you want me to do. I am your cousin. Your parents entrusted you to me, and I will try my best to help you.” She knew too well about Madonna. If she didn’t need her help, it was impossible that she would spend the money on her. The scarf may look light, but she wasn’t sure how heavy its burden would be if she took it. Emma Wilson’s answer was stiff, and she refused to take the scarf. Madonna was somewhat embarrassed, so she smiled and said, “You know, I was fired because of Karen Daly, that B*tch…” Speaking of Karen Daly, Madonna almost gnashed her teeth, and the smile on her face turned into a ferocious one. “If she hadn’t been playing tricks behind my back, how could I have fallen into such a situation!” Emma Wilson had already guessed that Madonna would talk about her being fired, but she didn’t expect that she hadn’t repented on it. Emma Wilson could not help but sigh in her heart and said coldly, “Although I don’t have much contact with the sales department, I still know Karen Daly. She is not a troublemaker. As for how you were fired, only you know it best.” Emma Wilson was Madonna’s cousin. She usually took care of Madonna at work, but in the face of justice, she still stood on the right side. “Cousin, what you saw was all a show by that woman. You don’t know how shameless she is.” Madonna looked left and right and said in a low voice, “She was kicked out by her family because she seduced her brother-in-law, back in New York.” These were other people’s private affairs, as well as things in the past. It wasn’t seen by their own eyes and they did not understand things fully. Emma Wilson didn’t want to answer Madonna Seeing that Emma did not answer, Madonna thought that she had already been convinced, so she continued to say, “Even her family kicked her out, you don’t know how slutty this person is, how many things she did secretly…” “You called me here to talk about these things?” Emma Wilson suddenly cut off Madonna’s words. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll going to leave.” After saying that, Emma Wilson got up and was about to leave. Seeing this, Madonna quickly grabbed Emma Wilson and said, “Cousin, wait!” She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and opened the photo she had taken in secret two days ago. She smiled maliciously and said, “Cousin, look, I’m not wrong about her. This woman knows that Director Kevin has a wife, but she still seduced him.” Emma Wilson glanced at the photo. The man and woman in the photo were holding hands. The man was tall and handsome while the woman was slender and elegant. The woman looked in the distance with her bright eyes, while the man’s eyes seemed to be fixed on the woman, as if he was exploring her. But it was not crude at all, soft and delicate, which made her feel intoxicated. Seeing this photo, Emma Wilson could not help but be a little surprised. It was not because of other things, but because it was the first time, in all the time she had known Director Kevin, who was cold and lofty, had such an expression, and Karen Daly, standing beside him, looked so beautiful Seeing Emma Wilson in a daze, Madonna thought that she had succeeded again and hurriedly said, “Cousin, I have more things to say, If you send these to internal affairs at Innovative Tech and let everyone see her true colors, would Director Kevin still want her? Can she still show herself at Innovative Tech?” A shocked Emma Wilson came back to her senses and sighed deeply. She shook her head and said, “Madonna, these are their private lives. You and I can’t control them.” Madonna only wanted to take revenge on Karen Daly, and she wouldn’t listen to anything else. Emma Wilson refused her again, and she only felt wronged and angry. She held Emma Wilson’s arm tighter. “Cousin, only you can help me. It’s an easy task. Why won’t you help me?” When Madonna was fired, this cousin of hers did not help her. Now that she had asked her for such a small favor, she was still unwilling. It was too much. This time, Emma shook her head firmly, shook off Madonna’s hand, turned around and picked up her bag from the chair Seeing that Emma was about to leave again, Madonna was so angry that she stomped her feet and said without thinking, “Who’s fucking cousin are you?” Emma Wilson stopped and looked back at her. Her eyes were as cold as that of a stranger. “I won’t help you on this matter. I’ll give you one last advice. Don’t do anything stupid. Working hard is the right path for you.” Looking at Emma go, Madonna trembled with anger. Her beautiful face was contorted with rage, like a hungry beast. Emma Wilson had been her only hope. If she wouldn’t help her, what other way would she have to drive Karen Daly out of Innovative Tech? When she saw Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle so sweet and loving in the mall that day, she made up her mind that no matter what the circumstances were, she would make Karen Daly suffer. There was no reason for Kevin Kyle to choose Karen Daly. What was so good about her? She only knew how to work and work. She was as stiff as a log. On the surface, she seemed to be righteous. What kind of dirty things has she done behind her back? Why does everyone help her? Who the hell is she! “Miss Madonna, if Manager Emma is not willing to help you, I will help you.” Just when Madonna felt that the whole world was against her, a gentle voice sounded behind her. She looked back and was a little stunned, but soon calmed down. She sneered and said, “It’s you.”.

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