My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 44

“It’s me.” The person smiled and walked to Madonna freely. The person picked up the expensive scarf on the table and said, “Manager Emma, it’s too bad that you don’t want this scarf.” She put the scarf around her neck and said with a smile, “Look, it suits me better.” Madonna looked at her thoughtfully. The red scarf hung on her body, shining like a flame, like a torch in the dark Perhaps this was the only chance to trample Karen Daly under her feet. She had to grasp it tightly. Madonna asked, “Why are you willing to help me?” The woman played with the scarf on her neck gracefully and smiled, “Because I like this scarf.” Madonna was stunned. When Madonna was about to ask for more answers, the woman continued, “I’ve heard about these things you have in your hand, if you send an email to people in the company, they would surely will know where these come from. Manager Emma certainly won’t do that. But I have a better way.” As soon as she heard that there was another way, Madonna immediately threw all her worries away and hurriedly asked, “What is it?” “Look for this special someone.” The stranger took out a business card from her bag and handed it to Madonna. “As long as you contact him, he will tell you what to do.” “Okay.” Madonna took over the business card carefully and felt that the business card was heavy. She stared excitedly at the business card as if she was looking at a sharp sword stabbed in Karen Daly’s chest. Karen Daly didn’t have to work much recently. After taking a shower, she lay in bed early, but she couldn’t fall asleep at all. So she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Faye Reed, who was far away. Her slender fingers moved quickly on the screen of her mobile phone and soon she typed, “Faye Reed, how are you doing?” After sending the message, she received Faye’s quick reply, “I’m fed well, I’m enjoying life and there is this guy who makes love to me every night. What do you think?” Karen Daly was embarrassed. She thought to herself, “Could Faye Reed be more lady-like?” Making fun of love-making, it was something only Faye Reed could do Before Karen Daly could reply, she received a second message from Faye Reed, “Karen, has your man made love to you yet? Karen Daly felt nervous, could she say no? If she said it, she would definitely be scolded by Faye Reed again. Not only would she be severely reprimanded, but Faye might also think Kevin Kyle had a hidden disease. After thinking for a while, she typed, “I’ve done should do.” what I She was on the other side of the planet, but she felt that her little lie was quickly seen through by Faye and she quickly hid under the quilt. As soon as she sent out her message, Faye Reed immediately sent a voice message, “Karen, tell me, how did your first time feel like? Did he only care about himself and not you? Or did he only care about your feelings and forget his own? Karen Daly blushed and her heart beat fast when she heard that. Faye Reed looked very pure and naive on the surface. How could she say such lustful words so bluntly? Karen Daly was so shy that she didn’t dare reply, but Faye Reed’s voice came like bombs, one voice message came after another. “Karen, I have to tell you, men hate women who act like dead fish on the bed, so when you make love, you have to take initiative.” “Oh, I forgot that you don’t have such experience. Let me tell you, anyway, don’t be silent. Scream when you should. Don’t be shy. Men like it.” “Karen, you shouldn’t just scream. You have to praise him. My Sebastian is like that. The more praise him, the fiercer he is. He can’t wait to squeeze me dry.” Karen Daly couldn’t help but wipe her sweat. She really wanted to see what Faye Reed’s brain was made of. She had only told one lie, but Faye, on the other hand, had said so much. Faye Reed’s voice continued, “Karen, reply me quick, tell me how it feels like the first time?” Karen Daly, “.” Karen Daly did not speak, and Faye Reed started to fire messages again. “Oh, my first time was too long ago. I can’t remember how it felt anymore. Otherwise, why would I ask you?” “By the way, did your man wear a condom when you did it? What size did he wear? Tell me, I’ll bring a box back from Europe so that you can have great sex in the future.” Just listening made Karen Daly so shy that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground and get in, but the Faye Reed did not feel embarrassed at all and was still talking non-stop. Karen Daly had never known that condoms had sizes, so she gently typed a few words, “These things have sizes?” Faye Reed began to talk again. “Karen, some men don’t like to wear condoms and thinks it feels better without them. But you’re still young. You’re in your prime. What if you have a baby? Will you keep it?” “. Karen Daly could only send her three confused dots, Faye Reed added, “If you get pregnant and decide to keep the baby, your life will be taken over by the child for the rest of your life. If you don’t keep it, abortion will cause great harm to you as a woman.” In fact, Karen Daly had never thought about giving birth to a baby, because her relationship with Kevin Kyle had not yet developed to this stage. However, if she and Kevin Kyle had a chance to have a baby in the future, she thought that she would keep it. Men like Kevin Kyle will certainly educate his child to be as excellent as he was. It would be better if he could have a boy. Suddenly realizing what she was thinking, Karen Daly quickly looked up at the door, worried that Kevin Kyle would suddenly break in and read what she was thinking. Faye sent another voice message. “Tell me, I’m going to go shopping and I’ll buy them for you. Let’s see whose size is bigger, your man or my man.” Faye Reed was a woman of action. As long as she said something, she would do it immediately. Karen Daly could already imagine Faye Reed sending her a package full of condoms Visualizing it, Karen quickly shook her head and immediately sent a voice message, “Faye, no need to bother. I know how to buy them.” Faye said, “Karen, are you afraid that your man’s ding dong is too small.?” Before she finished listening to this voice message, Karen Daly heard the sound of the door opening. She was so terrified and hurriedly logged out of the chat, lying stiffly in bed. Kevin Kyle came over and lay down next to her. “What’s too small?” “No, nothing…” Karen Daly stammered. She could not tell Kevin Kyle that her best friend was asking if his penis size was too small..

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