My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 46

She was very worried, and Karen Daly did not control her strength out of anxiety. The slap was a little hard. Hearing the slap, even Karen Daly felt pain in her hand. “Karen?” Kevin Kyle slowly opened his eyes. His voice was low and hoarse, and his eyes were bloodshot and terribly red. “Kevin, you have a high fever. Get up quickly, let’s go to see a doctor.” Karen Daly held his arm and wanted to pull him up, but he was too heavy for her to pull. Kevin Kyle frowned and glanced at her, then slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep. “Kevin, don’t sleep. You can’t sleep anymore.” Karen Daly could not drag him out of bed. Kevin Kyle was losing consciousness again. She quickly picked up her mobile phone and was ready to call 911. She hadn’t dialed the number yet, and yet there was a phone call coming in. The phone screen showed Amelia Gray’s name. Karen Daly remembered that she had never saved Amelia Gray’s phone number. However, there was no time to think too much about it. She hurriedly answered, Special Assistant Amelia..” Amelia Gray did not wait for Karen Daly to finish her words and hurriedly asked, “Mrs. Kyle, is Director Kevin by your side?” Every morning, Kevin Kyle would get up early and deal with the urgent affairs overseas through video call. However, she did not see him this morning, and there were many things waiting for his decision. Amelia Gray’s calls to Kevin Kyle’s work mobile phone and private mobile phone were all unanswered. She couldn’t contact Kevin Kyle at all, so she called Karen Daly’s mobile phone. “Special Assistant Amelia, you called just in time. Kevin is having high fever, and it is very serious. I am planning to call 911 for emergency.” Despite the urgency, Karen Daly calmed down and clearly conveyed the situation to Amelia. “Mrs. Kyle, you don’t have to call 911. ‘ll call someone right away.” After that, Amelia Gray hung up the phone immediately Karen Daly threw the phone to the side, quickly got out of bed and found some ice cubes in the kitchen refrigerator. She wrapped them with a towel and applied them onto Kevin Kyle, hoping to relieve his fever. When she returned to the room, her cell phone rang frantically again. Karen Daly picked it up and saw that it was Amelia Gray calling again. When she answered the phone, she heard Amelia Gray saying, “Mrs. Kyle, Director Kevin is allergic to penicillin. Do not give it to him.” Karen Daly nodded. “Okay.” The call ended, which was unusual of Amelia Gray, but Karen Daly did not care. Karen Daly put an ice towel on Kevin Kyle’s forehead with one hand and held his big hand with the other hand, “Kevin, does it feel better?” Knowing that he couldn’t hear her words, Karen Daly could only hope that he could answer her clearly. After a while, she took away the ice bag, bent down and put her forehead on his. His hot body temperature passed over through his skin, and for a moment, it was so warm that she was unwilling to part. It was Karen Daly’s first time so close to him, and she looked at Kevin Kyle very carefully. He was really a good-looking person. His handsome face was like a work of art that had been carefully polished with time. Each line on his face was full of elegance and calmness, natural and refined. How could there be such a beautiful person? Even if she closed her eyes, it still made her heart throb. Perhaps because Karen Daly was too focused on this, she didn’t even notice Kevin Kyle open his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he saw Karen Daly’s serious look. He couldn’t help but say, “Have you looked enough?” This sudden voice was like a thunder exploding in Karen Daly’s ears, making her face and ears blush, she was stunned. At this time, she was surprised to find that she was so close to Kevin Kyle. The tip of their noses touched, their body temperatures were blended together, and they could hear each other’s breathing. Although Kevin Kyle’s eyes were gentle, they were like sharp swords that took her heart “Ah.” She gasped and bounced away quickly as if she got an electric shock. But Kevin Kyle didn’t want to let her go just like that. He was as fast as a cheetah hunting for prey. He held the back of Karen Daly’s head with his hand and pushed her towards him. Then, he kissed her hard. His movements were so fast that Karen Daly couldn’t respond in time. Their lips pressed against each other and rubbed against each other. Time seemed so sweet and fragrant at this moment. Once again, her heart was taken by him. Not knowing how long it took, Kevin Kyle finally let go of the breathless Karen Daly. He carefully held her face, gently touched her swollen and wet lips with his thick fingertips, and smiled faintly, Karen Daly was still panting. Everything had happened so fast that she had not tasted it carefully. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Kevin Kyle incredulously. Her red lips opened and she was about to say something, but Kevin Kyle pressed her lips back. “I need to rest,” Kevin Kyle said with a smile. Then, he silently let go of Karen Daly, lay down on his own, and continued to sleep Karen Daly was a little confused. Looking at Kevin Kyle’s sleepy look, she felt embarrassed and funny. For a moment, she just froze, unable to think. Just then, the doorbell rang. This doorbell sounded like a heavenly sound, and Karen Daly, who was at a loss, felt relieved. She quickly ran towards the door, but heard Kevin Kyle’s sexy and hoarse voice behind her, “Put on a coat first.” She stopped and looked back, but Kevin Kyle still had his eyes closed, as if he had never spoken. Karen Daly turned around absent-mindedly. After a long time, she raised her hand and gently touched his lips. Then she said in a voice that only she could hear, “Alright.” Looking at herself in her pajamas, she knew she couldn’t go out like this. She quickly took a coat and put it on before opening the door. Karen Daly looked around and saw that Amelia Gray and Nick Black had arrived. She hurriedly opened the door. The door opened, and Amelia Gray and the others rushed in immediately. Without saying hello to Karen Daly, they rushed to the bedroom. Karen Daly was stunned and hurried to follow her. She saw that a doctor had taken a syringe to administer some medicine. “What are you doing?” Karen Daly asked. These people in white coats were not familiar. As soon as they rushed into the house, they had injected an unconscious Kevin Kyle. She had no time to think about it and was about to stop them. Amelia Gray blocked her. “Karen, they are Director Kevin’s private doctors. They have been with Director Kevin for many years and know his physical condition very well. Please don’t disturb them.” Karen Daly did not notice that Amelia Gray had changed her tone, and her tone was still a little cold. She was only worried about Kevin Kyle’s health. She watched these people get busy, but she couldn’t help them at all. She was even regarded as an outsider by these people, so she didn’t get close to them. him. Karen Daly pursed her lips and felt a little uncomfortable. It seemed that all of them had been by Kevin Kyle’s side for many years, and everyone knew him so well. She was Kevin Kyle’s wife, but knew nothing about After injecting a needle, several doctors carried Kevin Kyle onto the stretcher they brought with them, shielding him and carried him away. They worked at top speed. Before Karen Daly came to her senses, Kevin Kyle had been carried away..

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