My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 47

Karen Daly came to her senses and hurried to follow them, but was stopped by Amelia Gray. “Karen Daly, Director Kevin has us to take care of him, you won’t need to bother. You should go to work.” Amelia Gray’s words made Karen Daly feel very uncomfortable. It was obvious that she regarded Karen Daly as an outsider. Her husband was sick, and she couldn’t be at his side. Karen felt distressed, as if someone had slapped her in the face. Only then did she realize that she had never really walked into Kevin Kyle’s life. Kevin Kyle’s family background, his work, and everything about him seemed to be untouchable to her. Now that even when Kevin Kyle was sick, she couldn’t take care of him as a wife. She questioned if Kevin Kyle was really her husband. Karen Daly bit her lip. The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. On the one hand, she was worried about Kevin Kyle. On the other hand, she was flustered. “Woof..” The sensible Molly felt Karen Daly was in a bad mood, rubbed her feet, and comforted her with a few more sounds. Karen Daly bent down and stroked her head. “Molly, Uncle Kevin is sick, but Mommy couldn’t take care of him. Do you think Mommy is useless?” “Woof, woof… Molly called out a few times, licked Karen Daly’s hand, and comforted her this way. “Thank you Molly.” Karen Daly patted her head. “Molly. go and play. I’m ready to go to work.” Innovative Tech was now in trouble. The issues between the Gook family and Star Glow had not yet subsided, and Kevin Kyle was ill and away. It was not Karen Daly’s place to deal with such important matters and decision-making, but if she could do her job well, it would mean that she could share some of Kevin’s burdens Recently, because Innovative Tech’s sales were at a new low, the employees were all affected. Their morale at work was not very high. Karen Daly did not know if Kevin Kyle was incapable of fighting against the Gook family or perhaps he was still waiting for the right moment to launch his counterattack. Some of the colleagues in the office were chatting while others were browsing on social media. None of them were working. The situation was very worrying. She sighed quietly, and then packed up her emotions. She turned on the her computer and was ready to start another day’s work. She first checked some customers’ information, and then she called them one by one to see if she could seize the opportunity to meet them and discuss new projects. Several calls were made, but most of them hung up quickly, citing that they were busy as an excuse, which made Karen Daly feel very humiliated. For most of the morning, Karen Daly had spent her time rubbing her nose and worrying about Kevin Kyle’s condition. At ten o’clock in the morning, Kevin Kyle finally called her on the phone Looking at the familiar number on the screen, Karen Daly’s hand trembled slightly. She slid her fingers across the screen several times because she was too anxious. When she finally picked up, she heard Kevin Kyle’s low and hoarse voice on the phone. “Karen Daly, where are you?” “I’m working at the office.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s voice, Karen Daly’s nerves, which had been tense up for the whole morning, finally relaxed. As soon as Karen spoke, there was a long silence on the other side of the phone. It seemed that Kevin Kyle did not intend to say the next sentence. Karen waited and was about to speak when he heard Kevin Kyle say, “Then you should go back to work.” “Kevin… Karen stopped him and pursed her lips. “Do you feel better?” “I’m not dead yet.” Kevin Kyle’s indifferent voice passed from the phone receiver to Karen Daly’s ear, which made her feel hurt and angry She bit her lip and said with some anger, “It’s good news that you’re haven’t died. That’s all. I have to get back to work.” “Okay.” The man on the other side snorted coldly and hung up the phone first. Looking at the dark screen of her mobile phone, Karen Daly’s heart seemed contract quickly, and she could not breathe properly. She was worrying about his illness for the whole morning. She was so worried that she could not sit still. But before she could ask him about his situation, he had hung up the phone on her. Karen Daly stared at the phone screen, and it lit up again. It was Amelia Gray who called this time. Amelia Gray called Karen and asked her to go to Rovio Hospital. Rovio Hospital was a very famous private hospital. It was known that the medical staff were more advanced and accomplished than at the Huntington Hospital, and of course it was also ridiculously expensive. Although Karen Daly was still a little angry at Kevin Kyle’s attitude when he spoke just now, it was impossible to keep being angry with him. She had to see with her own eyes that he was safe and sound before she could feel at ease. After the call with Amelia Gray, Karen Daly took the day off and went home to make some vegetable porridge. People who had a high fever should eat some light food. It was almost one o’clock in the afternoon when she rushed from her home to Rovio Hospital. Rovio Hospital was heavily guarded. Ordinary people couldn’t get in, so Amelia Gray had been waiting outside the security guardhouse. Seeing Karen Daly, she greeted her with a smile. “Mrs. Kyle, sorry about my tone this morning, it was because I was worried about Director Kevin’s health. Please don’t take it to heart.” “It’s okay.” Karen Daly did not care about her tone. What she cared about was that Kevin Kyle had been ill, and as his wife, she could do nothing. She and Kevin were supposed to be a close couple, but this morning she felt there was actually nothing between them. After walking for more than ten minutes, they arrived at Kevin Kyle’s ward. Amelia Gray said, “This is Director Kevin’s ward. I won’t go in.” Karen Daly nodded and said, “Sorry to bother you.” The door was ajar, and Karen Daly looked through the crack of the door and saw a middle-aged woman in her fifties preparing food for Kevin Kyle. The woman took out various exquisite small boxes of food and placed them on the table one by one. Each of her movements seemed very experienced. It could be seen that she often did these things. Seeing that someone had prepared so much food for Kevin, Karen Daly looked at the thermal lunch box in her hands and hid it behind her unconsciously, not wanting Kelvin to see the cold food she prepared for him. Karen pushed the door open and walked in. The woman immediately looked at her and her eyes fell on the lunch box in her hand. The woman was curious. The ward was a suite with a living room. The living room was a resting area, which was decorated with all kinds of furniture and household appliances. Since she did not see Kevin in the living room, Karen Daly was not sure that Kevin Kyle was in the ward at all. Karen Daly looked at the woman and smiled awkwardly. “Is this Kevin’s ward?” The woman looked at Karen Daly up and down for a long time before pointing to the room inside. “Young Master is in the inner room.” “Thank you!” Karen Daly smiled and nodded politely at the woman. She put the lunch box she brought on the side table and went into the room to see Kevin Kyle. In the ward, Kevin Kyle, dressed in a white hospital gown, sat on the bed with an IV in his left hand and a newspaper in his right. “Kevin.” Karen Daly called him, but he did not raise his head, as if he did not hear her voice..

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