My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 49

Karen Daly got up and sat down beside Kevin Kyle. She glanced at the table and found that there were more than a dozen dishes, most of which were spicy food, which was not suitable for patients after a high fever. After looking around, Karen Daly fixed her eyes on a delicious bowl of porridge, Even if Karen Daly didn’t know much about medicine, she knew that the porridge had the effect of nourishing women and was heaty. She couldn’t let Kevin Kyle drink this given his condition. Kevin Kyle usually ate lightly, and these dishes were also made by this aunt. Why did she make such dishes when she knew he was sick? After glancing around, Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle doubtfully. “Are you sure these dishes were prepared for you by Aunt Jen?” “No.” Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly with deep and gentle eyes. “I have already eaten. These are specially prepared for you by Aunt Jen.” Karen Daly asked in surprise, “Was it prepared for me?” Kevin Kyle nodded. His simple words swept away the unhappiness that was left in Karen Daly’s heart. It turned out that as she was worried about him, he had also missed her. “Thank you!” Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle and smiled. She picked up her chopsticks and began to eat. Because of what had happened to Kevin Kyle that day, Karen Daly was so worried that she was be in the mood to have breakfast, and lunch had been postponed until now. She was really hungry, so she didn’t look very elegant while she ate. Kevin Kyle looked at her with deep eyes. After a long time, he said, “Were you hurt today?” Karen Daly was not a person who easily shed tears. Kevin remembered this clearly. His intuition told him that she must have been very upset. Karen Daly paused to pick up the food, looked up at him, and said in a choked voice, “Yes I was hurt.” “Tell me. If anyone dares to bully you, I will take revenge.” Kevin Kyle’s words sounded like a joke, but he paid attention to every subtle change of her expression. “You’re the one who made me feel hurt.” Karen Daly really wanted to say so, but after thinking about it, she decided not to. Even if she said it, he could not give himself two slaps on the face for her. “Knock knock Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Nick Black pushed the door open and walked in. He put a document in front of Kevin Kyle and said, “Director Kevin, this document needs your signature.” Nick Black brought the documents over to Kevin Kyle and showed them to him one by one. Then he spoke to Kevin Kyle in French. Karen Daly didn’t understand what he was talking about. She could only make out some words, it sounded like they were discussing something that Kevin wanted to buy. While they were talking, Kevin Kyle had finished reading the documents. He took the pen handed over by Nick Black and signed his full name-Leo Kevin Kyle. Nick Black put away the documents and left. Kevin Kyle glanced casually at a lunchbox on the tea table. Kevin Kyle had a fond memory of this thermal container. The last time, Karen Daly had prepared simple sushi in it for him. “What’s that?” He looked at the thermal lunch box on the other side of the side table and asked softly Karen Daly followed his gaze and looked over. When she saw the thermal lunch box she brought over, she stammered, “No, it’s nothing.” “Huh?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and looked at Karen Daly quietly. Karen Daly was flustered, so she had to say honestly, “I brought you vegetable porridge. I was worried that you wouldn’t like it, so I didn’t take it out for you.” Kevin Kyle coughed lightly and said very seriously, “Karen, you are not me. How would you know that I don’t like it? You haven’t asked me and haven’t given me a chance to choose. How can you decide for me?” At that time, when he had decided to marry Karen Daly, he would try to accept everything about her, whether it was good or bad. But recently, Karen Daly gave him the feeling that she didn’t trust him, didn’t trust him, and still didn’t trust him! Karen Daly lowered her head and whispered like a child who had done something wrong, “Okay, I won’t make decisions for you without asking for your opinion in future.” Seeing Karen Daly lowering her head like a small child, Kevin Kyle felt that it was a little funny and said, “I’m actually hungry. Please bring me a bowl.” “Alright.” Karen Daly took the lunch box and said, “This is kale porridge. It may be a little bit bitter. Is that alright with you?” “I’ m not a picky eater.” Kevin Kyle was actually very picky. He was only not picky when Karen Daly cooks. He could eat whatever she made. Just like last time, although he knew that he was allergic to onion, he still ate it. In the end, he had to get an injection at the hospital. After they had gotten married, he had been working very hard to be a good husband. “Is it nice?” Karen Daly looked at him and asked with a smile. “Not bad.” This time, Kevin Kyle generously praised her and ate a big mouthful. Seeing Kevin Kyle eat the porridge she had cooked personally, a hint of sweetness rose in her heart, as if she was getting closer to him. Kevin Kyle usually wouldn’t say nice words to her, but when he knew that her hands and feet were cold, he would prepare gloves and warmers for her, he showed his care with actions. During this period of time, she slept very well every night. She had rarely woken up because of cold hands and feet like before. Kevin Kyle was eating the porridge when Amelia Gray knocked on the door, accompanied by a doctor. The doctor was the one who had given Kevin Kyle the injection, Karen Daly had seen him in the morning. The doctor’s eyes swept over Karen Daly, and finally fell on the bowl of porridge that Kevin Kyle had eaten. “Young Master, your fever hasn’t subsided, and it may cause other symptoms at any time. So please eat food that is strictly made by us for the time being. It will be bad if it becomes a bacterial infection.” Hearing the doctor’s words, Karen Daly felt very uncomfortable, which clearly meant that her food was not clean. Yes, she admitted that she knew Kevin Kyle less than they did. They were all people who had been at Kevin Kyle’s side for a long time and had a close relationship with him, but she was Kevin Kyle’s wife! Just as Karen Daly was distressed, Kevin Kyle suddenly held on to her. His low and deep voice sounded slowly and firmly in her ear, “Special Assistant Amelia, Dr. Steven, let me introduce my wife, Karen Daly, to you.” My wife, Karen Daly! These simple words quickly pierced her heart, softened it instantly, and she looked at Kevin Kyle quietly and tenderly. He was right from the day they got married, Karen Daly was no longer Miss Daly, but Mrs. Kyle. Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly again, and his eyes softened. “Karen, Special Assistant Amelia and Dr. Steven have been working with me for a long time. We seem to be working together, but in fact, we are all friends. They are like my relatives.” Kevin Kyle’s words were very pleasant, but once again emphasized the true relationship between them..

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