My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 50

Amelia Gray and the others had been with him for many years. He treated them like friends and relatives, but more importantly, Karen Daly was his wife. Doctor Steven also knew that what he had just said was too impolite. He smiled awkwardly and said, “Mrs. Kyle, nice to meet you!” Karen Daly smiled politely and said. “Hello, Dr. Steven!” Amelia Gray added, “This morning, because I was too anxious, my tone towards Mrs. Kyle was impolite. Please forgive me.” They had been by Kevin Kyle’s side for many years. They were capable of handling affairs and were trusted by him. After so many years, they seemed to have become half of Kevin Kyle’s family. It was because they knew Kevin Kyle too well and knew that he wouldn’t get sick easily. If he ever got sick, it would be very serious. That was why things had unfolded the way they did this morning. Because they hadn’t known Karen Daly for a long time, they naturally regarded Karen Daly as an outsider during an emergency. Only after, did they feel something was not right Karen Daly was about to speak when Kevin Kyle said, “Karen, do you know what a marriage certificate means?” Karen Daly was a little confused and did not know what Kevin Kyle wanted to say. Kevin Kyle looked at Amelia Gray and Dr. Steven and said slowly, “In theory, if two people get their marriage certificate, it means that they will give their lives to each other. Let’s suppose I am seriously ill today, I will have to get my family’s signature to save me, and the person who can give this signature is you-Karen!” In Karen’s opinion, a marriage registration was for two people to start living together. If things went well, they could continue to live together. If things do not go well, they could break up anytime. She had never thought that in Kevin Kyle’s eyes, a marriage certificate was so important. In other words, he was willing to entrust his life to her. Hearing his words, Amelia Gray and Dr. Steven looked at each other. What Kevin Kyle said was not unreasonable. If there were an emergency, among the people in the room, only Karen Daly would have this right. Kevin Kyle continued to say, “If you want to change my medicine, help me change it quickly. After that you may leave. Don’t come in and disturb me if you have nothing to do. “Yes.” The doctor quickly changed Kevin Kyle’s infusion bag and administered medicine for him. “Young master, there is a small amount of sleeping draught in this medicine. You can take a nap after taking it.” As soon as the doctor and Amelia Gray left, Kevin Kyle looked at Karen with keen eyes and patted on the bed. “Come and lie down with me for a while.” “Okay.” Karen Daly walked over and lay down beside him. As soon as she lay down, Kevin Kyle stretched out his arm and held her in his arms. He buried his head between her shoulders and neck and smelled her fragrance. “Karen.” “Huh?” Karen Daly did not struggle and let him hold her. “I didn’t see you when I woke up here today. I don’t know why I felt so disappointed.” Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice came over her head. When he spoke, his breath surrounded her head, which made her heart beat faster and her face blush again. His words were not terms of endearment, but they made her feel more moved than if they were. Karen Daly guessed that Kevin Kyle must have been an expert at flirting with girls. However, for someone like him, there was no need to flirt, there must have already been a lot of beautiful women bouncing on him. Karen Daly did not answer him with her voice. She gently held his waist and rubbed her face against his chest. “Kevin, I won’t let you down anymore.” If such a thing would happen again in the future, Karen Daly would not allow others to take Kevin Kyle away, and she would definitely accompany him to take care of him as his wife. Kevin Kyle did not answer. She lay in his arms for a long time and was so tired that her muscles almost cramped. She looked up at him quietly and saw that he had already fallen asleep. The doctor had just said that he added a sleeping draught in Kevin Kyle’s medicine. She wanted him to have a good sleep first, which would help him recover. Karen Daly took his hand away carefully and gently moved in his arms, wanting to change to a more comfortable position to lie beside him. However, although she just moved slightly. Kevin Kyle, who was already asleep, subconsciously tightened his arms. Karen Daly couldn’t help but frown. Her tender lips slightly raised, and her arms around Kevin Kyle unconsciously tightened. It was drizzling, the temperature dropped several degrees in an instant, as if winter had officially begun in an instant. However, not only were the people of California not affected by the cold weather, but it was livelier than ever these days. When the news that the current leader of Rovio, known as Leo Kyle, was about to move the domestic headquarters to California, all the elites in business from all over the country gathered in California to make a scene. For a moment, it was so lively that it added new scenery to the cold winter. Rovio Corp was going to develop in California and move the headquarters there, which meant it was a gold mine. The entry of Rovio would bring greater business opportunities. Some people came here to investigate the market, and some people came here to see the head of the Rovio, Leo Kyle, hoping to cooperate with Rovio. Amongst those who wanted to see the head of Rovio, was Charlie Gook, son of the Gook family. He wanted to gain more trust from his father, Bernard Gook, and to gain greater power, so the most and effective way was to find a way to cooperate with Rovio. He had already sent his secretary to deliver several invitations to Rovio, but every time, the head of Rovio had responded that he was busy and did not have time at the moment. One or two times was already a lot, but Charlie had been rejected more than ten times. He didn’t even get on the waiting list for appointments. Charlie Cook’s patience was almost worn out. Looking at Charlie Gook, who was sitting at his desk and frowning, Duncan Miller wanted to speak several times. In the end he couldn’t help but say, “Young master Charlie, heard that the people who want to see him have are already assigned to appointment three months later. It’s really not easy to meet him. He’s not trying to avoid us.” “Appointments three months later? Let’s think if there are any other shortcuts. The sooner we see him, the better.” Charlie Gook had just taken over some of the Gook family’s businesses, but many high-level executives seemed to be not very satisfied with him. Therefore, he was eager to meet Rovio’s Leo Kyle and cooperate with him so that those people who looked down upon him would know his power. Duncan Miller thought for a moment and said, “Young master Charlie, I heard some news recently, but I don’t know if it’s true.” Charlie Gook looked at Duncan Miller coldly. “If you have anything to say, just say it. Why are you making me guess?” Duncan Miller added, “The Kyle family is low-profile. No media has ever taken photos of Leo Kyle. His personal life has always been the focus of people’s attention, but no one has heard anything about it. But recently I heard that he is very fond of women. Some people say he can take on 6 women a night.” Hearing this, Charlie Cook’s eyes lit up, but it was not easy for him to believe the rumor. He asked, “Where did you hear these news?”.

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