My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 51

None of the major media could get such explosive news about Leo Kyle. How did they get it and who would have the courage to expose such news? The Kyle family was a well-known family, which was rich and noble and also put great importance in the etiquette of the Kyle family. Therefore, there weren’t any bad news or scandals about the Kyle family in the past few years. Either they hid deep enough or they really trained themselves to be the people they preach. Anyways, the Kyle family always gave people the impression that they were low-key and polite. Hearing such a news, Charlie Gook was very excited but also felt a little worried at the same time. If the news were true, then he would ask Duncan Miller to find a few beautiful women to serve Leo Kyle. If the news were false, sending women to Leo Kyle would be pointless which might even cause trouble to himself. So before deciding to do this, Charlie Gook must know the source of the news and how reliable it was. Of course, Duncan Miller knew what was going through Charlie Cook’s mind, so he told Charlie Gook about everything he had learnt about the news, “Master, when I first heard this news, I had already asked our guy to investigate it.” Charlie Gook asked urgently, “So, what have you found?” Charlie Gook hoped that the news was true. It would be great if sending him a few women could impress him. Moreover, Charlie Gook thought that he had great ways in finding women. “I’ve asked someone to follow the clues, and finally found out that the news came from Starbiz Entertainment Company. The news was spread by a main actress from the crew.” Meanwhile, Duncan Miller quickly took out his mobile phone and showed a photo. “This is the actress named Polaris, she has become very popular recently.” The woman in the photo was wearing heavy make up, so it was very hard to see her true appearance. But judging from her facial features, it could be seen that she was a beautiful girl. Duncan Miller continued, “Polaris claimed to be Starbiz’s Leo Kyle’s girlfriend. At first, everyone thought that she just wanted to become popular by exploiting his name and to increase her popularity in the company. Then, she really showed a photo of her and Leo Kyle with the mansion of the Qin family in the United States as the background of the picture.” “Find out the other photos and let me have a look.” As Charlie Gook was listening to this, he became even more excited, as if he had caught a life-changing needle in the hay. Duncan Miller quickly looked through a few more pictures and found two other photos. “Young master Charlie, do you think that this mansion is the same as the one described by the media?” Charlie Gook asked Duncan Miller to send the photos to the computer so he could see it closely. The mansion in the photo was not magnificent. Instead, it gave off an impression of a leisure villa. This photo looked similar to the description in the news that the media spread. As the Qin family was known to be low profile, they were quite sure that this was the mansion that belonged to the Qin family in America. As for the other photo, there was a man in the photo. The man was wearing a blue suit that give off a strong and dominant aura. As for his appearance, the man was very good-looking. He had definitely inherited the excellent genes of the Qin family. He looked like in his 28s. That man was definitely Leo Kyle. The paparazzi spent a lot of effort to get a picture of Leo Kyle but still failed. Who would have known, that ultimately it would be revealed by an amateur. “It seems that this matter is true.” Charlie Gook stood up excitedly and walked around. After thinking for a while, he said, “Find a way to arrange a meeting with that famous actress named Polaris, I want to confirm the news through her personally.” They wanted to see Leo Kyle again and again but never succeeded. In Charlie Cook’s opinion, they might not share the same interests. Now that he got his hands on such exciting little news, Charlie Gook must seize this opportunity. Duncan Miller looked embarrassed and said, “Young master, I went to invite her when I got the news last night, but she has a bad temper and she didn’t want to meet with us.” “You can’t even do that?” Charlie Gook smirked. “You can’t even convince a little girl? Do you want me to invite myself instead?” by Duncan Miller wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. “That girl is associated with Leo Kyle. Even if we ignore her wishes, we still have to show some respect to Leo Kyle.” “I’ll see her in person, then.” This woman had all these photos in her hand, which showed that her relationship with Leo Kyle was absolutely not an ordinary one. Charlie Gook thought that maybe he could get to know more about Leo Kyle through this woman. “I’ll arrange it now.” said Duncan Miller who then turned around and was about to do what his master had told him to. “Duncan Miller.” Charlie Gook stopped him. “No matter if the news were true or not, you’d better find some good-looking women first. Choose a few different ones. There will definitely be one that will fit Leo Kyle’s preference.” Duncan Miller said with a cheeky smile, “Young Master Charlie, don’t worry. I am good in this aspect. I can guarantee you that the women chosen are all top beauties. By that time, Young Master Charlie, you may even have a go first.” Charlie Gook grabbed the teacup from the table and threw it at Duncan Miller. “You idiot!” “Young Master Charlie, you used to…” Before he could finish his words, Charlie Gook glared at him. Duncan Miller quickly changed the subject. “I was wrong. In your heart, there will only be Miss Daly.” “What did you say?” An idea popped up in Charlie Cook’s mind. Although this idea was despicable, it was already in Charlie Cook’s mind at the moment. “Young master Charlie, what do you want me to say?” Duncan Miller asked carefully and cautiously. “Who were those people who cooperated with him and who is Starbiz’s Leo Kyle? What kind of woman he’d never see before? An ordinary woman doesn’t catch his eyes.” Charlie Gook tried to suppress some thoughts and added, “When you look for women, use the second daughter of the Daly family as a standard.” “Young master Charlie..” Duncan Miller wanted to say something, but he was shut down by Charlie’s cold stare. He was muttering secretly that his Young master Charlie was trying to make his job harder. The beauty of the second daughter of the Daly Family gets more and more beautiful each day. It would be impossible to find a woman as beautiful as the second daughter of the Daly family. If his Young master didn’t fall in love with the second daughter of the Daly Family, he could just present her to Charlie, then he would not need to look for women everywhere anymore. Duncan Miller was surprised by his thoughts. He looked up and patted his chest to calm himself down. If his Young master knew this idea, the young master would definitely kill him. But little did Duncan Miller know, Charlie Gook just had the same idea as his. Ryan Hilton’s mind was hung up on Karen Daly. The same Karen Daly who used to be in love with him and is now married to someone else. In the past, Karen’s heart was full of Charlie Gook’s love, and the same goes to Charlie Gook too..

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