My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 52

Although Karen Daly was as attractive as the first time she met Charlie Gook, she no longer appreciated his existence anymore. Now that Karen Daly only cared about the man from the Kyle family, Charlie Gook felt a tinge of jealousy. For a man who could only afford a cheaper car, which was only worth hundred thousands of dollars, why would she choose to marry Charlie Gook? What did he do to deserve to have Karen Daly? All kinds of emotions welled up in Charlie Cook’s mind. He felt like something that once belonged to him was snatched away In all his life, he always got what he wanted. He must win Karen Daly back from Kevin Kyle. He continued, “His company is danger now, but he still has not make a move yet. What on earth is he thinking about? Did I overestimate him? Maybe he is not as great as I think he is?” Duncan Miller said, “Young Master, the Gook family is one of the strongest family here. Once the news is exposed, most companies will not cooperate with Innovative Tech anymore. In that case, his company will need a miracle to turn the situation around.” In the beginning, Charlie Gook was still treating that company as a competitor, but now he found out that Kevin Kyle is not as strong as he thought. It seemed that he really overestimated the important individual. “Karen, why did you stay by the side of such a useless man? Come back to my side. I can give you all that you want, isn’t that better?” Charlie Gook ignored Duncan Miller existence and murmured to himself. Duncan Miller added, “Young Master, do you need me to warn Kevin Kyle? He’s too dull to understand the real purpose of you is to win second Miss Daly back.” “Go and arrange a meeting with him.” Charlie Gook said without mercy, “I want to meet him and let him know the difference between us. He don’t deserve the woman I love.” It had been a few days after Kevin Kyle recovered from fever, and Kevin Kyle had already left for a business trip for a few days, but Karen Daly was still stuck in the past. Karen Daly felt that Kevin Kyle was acting very strange that day. He spoke to her in a very seductive voice and he looked at her with a very gentle gaze that she had never experienced before. That day, she said she will rest with Kevin Kyle for a while, but in the end, she slept longer than him. When she woke up, she looked at Kevin Kyle’s charming eyes. His gaze was so charming, yet it appeared mix with emotions. When she was about to say something, he suddenly lowered his head and kissed her hard. He kissed her so hard she could not catch her breath, then he said something. “Karen Daly, are your lips made out of poppy?” Karen Daly didn’t know what he meant and tried to clarify. but when she saw his naughty smile, Karen Daly instantly knew that poppy is something poisonous and leaves a long lasting stain once you’ve touched it! Thinking about what Kevin Kyle said, Karen Daly subconsciously pursed her lips, which still felt numb from his kiss. “Karen Daly, what is on your mind? I am already here for a long time, but you still ignored me.” Faye Reed’s voice brought Karen Daly cruelly back to reality. Karen Daly then saw Faye Reed staring at her in disappointment. Karen Daly quickly poured her a cup of tea and said, “Sweetheart, I am sorry you have to bear with me like this. Here, have a cup of tea.” Faye Reed sat down in front of Karen Daly and picked up the teacup, then, she took a sip of tea, but she did not stop staring at Karen Daly Faye Reed looked at Karen Daly for a long time and said, “Look at your face, it’s glowing. It’s written all over your face. I’m in love! I’m in love!” Faye Reed’s voice was very loud and she didn’t care if there were other people around them. As soon as she said this, everyone at the table next to them turned and look at them. Karen Daly glared at her and said, “Miss Reed, can we take care of our image? Don’t make us a joke to people around us, okay?” Faye Reed glared at the men who looked at them while getting rid of her coat. “Such a beautiful woman is sitting here, they had already cast their eyes on you from the beginning. It’s just that you were too busy thinking about your man and didn’t notice.” When Faye Reed walked into the restaurant, she did not look for Karen Daly immediately, instead she was following those men’s eyes. She would definitely find Karen Daly from the men’s gazes. As Faye Reed expected, following the gaze of the two performers, she saw Karen Daly sitting in the corner. She was in her beautiful dream and was not aware of the gazes around her By seeing Karen Daly so in love, it meant that she had already gotten over her past relationship. Faye Reed was very happy for Karen Daly. “It seems that the only way to stop you from talking so much is to stuff your mouth with more food.” Karen Daly handed the menu over to Faye Reed. “I ordered the double flavoured hotpot. I’ll leave the dishes to you.” “Cattle’s belly, duck’s intestines, golden needle mushrooms… All these are essential when eating hot pot.” Faye Reed mentioned about no less than ten dishes without panting. It’s proven that she really loves to eat. Karen Daly and Faye Reed had been visiting most of the good restaurants since high school. Once, they loved eating the food of a restaurant and written an article for the restaurant. The article was then picked up by a food magazine. The editor of the food magazine found them and wanted to have them write a column in the magazine, The two of them had been friends for about ten years now. For Karen Daly, Faye Reed was an important person in her life. She was so much more than just an ordinary friend or a classmate. Faye Reed ordered the dishes and then took out a gift box from her bag. “Girl, this is specially for you. I hope you like it. Karen Daly looked at the exquisitely wrapped gift box and was about to open it. “What did you buy for me?” “Karen, this is a surprise for you. Go home and open it.” Faye Reed hurriedly stopped her from opening the gift. If Karen Daly opened the box now, it will draw the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Karen Daly did not think too much about it. She put down the box and poured tea for Faye Reed. “Sebastian Spencer said he would come back with you, but why did you come back alone?” “A company like Rovio is too big. It’s not easy to apply to be transferred back to China. The approval process alone could also be time consuming.” Speaking of this, Faye Reed was filled with anger. What a shitty company! If it weren’t for the fact that Rovio gives out high pay and the experiences had been pleasant, she would definitely ask her man to change his job. Karen Daly smiled. “Why don’t I lend Momo to you and let it accompany you for a few days?” “Do you want Momo to accompany me or just to remove the third wheel from your house?” Faye Reed looked Karen Daly judgmentally, “You naughty girl, your complexion has improved a lot. It seems that your man had been nourishing you well.”.

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