My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 53

When it came to Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly’s face instantly turned red, and she couldn’t resist thinking of those dirty jokes that Faye Reed said that night. Faye Reed saw her blushing face and stretched out her hand to poke Karen Daly’s forehead. “You useless girl.” “Faye, can we not talk about men? Let’s talk about another topic.” Karen Daly did not want to continue the topic regarding Kevin Kyle anymore. If she accidentally spill any beans, she would definitely be scolded by Faye Reed. As she spoke, Karen Daly picked up the food and placed it in the pot. “Since you’ve flown for more than ten hours, let me serve you dinner tonight.” “That’s my girl.” Faye Reed smiled and said, “I haven’t seen your man before. Are you not going to introduce him to me?” “I have planned to introduce you to each other for a long time, but you don’t have enough time. He has been away for business trip these days. Karen Daly put the dishes on Faye Reed’s plate as she spoke. Speaking of the devil, Kevin Kyle called. Karen Daly smiled gently and said, “He called. I’ll answer the phone first.” On the phone, Kevin Kyle’s voice was still as deep and seductive as it used to be. ” Where are you? It’s late and you are not home.” Although it sounded like Kevin Kyle was mad, Karen Daly felt that it was a concern. She smiled and said, “Faye and I are eating hot pot outside.” After a brief silence, she heard Kevin Kyle say, “Where are you guys eating at?” “We are at the Haidilao outlet on Lemar Road.” Karen Daly paused and said, “You don’t eat hot pot, otherwise I would bring you here next time.” “Well, OK. You can go on then.” Karen Daly still wanted to chat with Kevin Kyle a little longer, but Kevin Kyle don’t seemed to be interested in talking anymore, so Karen Daly had to hang up the phone after saying goodbye. However, she missed one key point. If Kevin Kyle went away on a business trip, it was impossible for him to know that she had not gone home yet, but he just asked her why hadn’t she gone home yet. “Karen, why do I feel that you are so submissive in front of your man? You don’t even dare to raise your voice? You just blush because of a phone call. You are not like this before.” Faye Reed did not miss Karen Daly’s expression and tone just now, and she was very surprised. Karen Daly also felt strange. When she was talking about business, she was thick-skinned and talkative. However, when she met Kevin Kyle, she’s often at a lost for words. When Karen Daly was in a relationship with Charlie Gook, Faye Reed had never seen Karen Daly blush and shy like that before. In general, girls would be more shy on their first relationship. However, Karen Daly acted like a boy; she had a wild temper. Faye Reed thought, “Perhaps Kevin Kyle was Karen Daly’s destiny.” No matter how strong a woman was, once she met someone who really loved her, she would naturally behave like a little submissive woman. After eating the hot pot, it was getting late. Karen Daly and Faye Reed put on their coats and chatted while walking. Karen Daly was wearing an orange coat today. She was fair, and this color made her skin look even fairer, accentuating her fair complexion with a hint of red blush. Faye Reed chatted freely while walking. Her exaggerated tone made Karen Daly laugh. “Miss Daly, Miss Reed, please wait for a second!” Karen Daly and Faye Reed were chatting happily until Duncan Miller and his men blocked their way. “Why are you here?” Faye Reed asked. Duncan Miller had been by Charlie Gook’s side since many years ago. Both Karen and Faye Reed knew this person. In the past, they did not have a chance to know him well. They only knew that he was one of Charlie Gook’s team. Since Duncan Miller was here, Charlie Gook would most likely be here as well. Thinking that Charlie Gook would appear, Faye Reed, who did not know that Karen Daly had already met him, looked at Karen worriedly. “Karen…” Karen Daly smiled at her. “Silly girl, don’t worry. I’m fine.” Duncan Miller said, “Miss Daly, Mister Gook wants to invite the both of you for a drink together. Would you mind?” Karen Daly smiled and said, “Please tell Mister Gook that we are not free, and let him know to not disturb our lives anymore.” “Miss Daly, Mister Gook just told me that if I can’t invite you, he wants me to cut off one of my fingers and see him. Please take pity on me.” Duncan Miller said pitifully, but his expression was very playful. Hearing this, Faye Reed became anxious. “Let Charlie Gook know that he was a bastard to die. After he did such a shameless thing in the past, he still dared to show up in front of Karen. Believe it or not, I will teach him a lesson.” Karen Daly quickly grabbed Faye Reed and shook her head at Faye Reed. “Faye, calm down.” “That bastard had the nerve to find you. How can I calm down?” Faye Reed roared. She finally felt something was wrong. “Karen, are you okay?” She was so agitated but Karen Daly was so calm, as if Charlie Gook had never appeared in her life before. “So, both of you don’t want to make it easy for me.” Duncan Miller shook his head regretfully. “But Mister Gook must see you tonight, so forgive me.” After that, Bob Michales waved his hand, and several men behind him immediately surrounded him. Karen Daly and Faye Reed stepped forward at the same time to stand in front of each other. Karen Daly quietly gave Faye Reed a look. Faye Reed understood the cue and immediately retreated behind Karen Daly. Karen Daly looked at Duncan Miller and smiled gently and softly. “Duncan Miller, we are old friends, don’t you think so?” Duncan Miller said, “So, is Miss Daly willing to go with us?” Karen Daly nodded with a smile on her face. “Mister Gook is so thoughtful. What reason do I have to refuse your grand invitation?” Just as Karen Daly was dealing with Duncan Miller, Faye Reed had quietly dialled 911. After a while, estimating that it was connected. Faye Reed pulled Karen Daly back and deliberately said loudly, “Karen, you can’t go with them. I believe that this is a federal society, and they are not bold enough to openly kidnap us. Karen Daly acknowledged her friend’s efforts to support her! She said, “Faye, they just want to kidnap us. But their target is me. This is Lemar Road No 200, it is not far from your house. You can go back and leave me alone.” Duncan Miller said, “Since Miss Daly said that this was a kidnapping case, then we should do it. Boys, let’s invite Miss Daly to get in the car.” “Who dares to touch me!” When those people gathered around, Karen Daly broke out of her gentle image and shouted angrily. It worked, she scared the people who were close to her. However, chucking and looking away could only last for a short period of time, and Karen Daly and Faye Reed could only pray that the policemen patrolling nearby could arrive before they were taken away. Duncan Miller added, “Brothers, please get Miss Daly in the car!” “I’ll see who dares to touch her!” A deep and cold voice sounded behind them, making people shudder..

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