My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 54

Hearing the voice, everyone looked back at the same time and saw a man in a silver gray suit standing behind them. There seemed to be a faint smile in his eyes under the golden mirror, but that smile made people chill from the bones, making people want to just fade away in the background. Duncan Miller was the first to come to his senses. “Oh… I wonder who is it. It turned out to be Director Kyle, the boss of Innovative Tech. My young master also wants to see you, so you can go with us.” However, Kevin Kyle did not even look at Duncan Miller. He walked gracefully and steadily to Karen Daly and reached out to touch her head. “I told you to go out less at night. You are always disobedient. You deserve to be punished.” His voice was deep and seductive as usual, without any hint of emotions. One would say he would only act emotionally around Karen Daly. Kevin Kyle’s behaviour made others think that he would really punish Karen Daly for not going home after work. At the moment when she heard Kevin Kyle’s voice, all the worries and fears in Karen Daly’s heart disappeared immediately. She looked up at him with a smile. Their eyes locked onto one another. After looking at each other for a long time, Karen Daly remembered that Kevin Kyle said he was on a business trip. How could he suddenly appear here? With a lot of doubts, Karen Daly opened her mouth and wanted to ask, but Kevin Kyle stretched out his fingers and pressed her lips. ” Let’s talk about it when we get back.” Karen Daly closed her mouth and nodded gently. Being ignored so thoroughly, and the people he brought with him were still retreating. Duncan Miller was very angry. He roared, “You guys, take this bitch couple to Mister Charlie Gook. He will reward you.” Perhaps because Kevin Kyle was too powerful, the people working with Duncan Miller looked at Kevin Kyle from a distance, but none of them dared to take a step forward. Not only did his subordinates not to come forward, but Duncan Miller’s heart was also trembling. He didn’t even know why a president of a small company, Innovative Tech, could be so powerful. Kevin Kyle did not do or say nothing, but he gave people a feeling that he could look down on everyone. This Kevin Kyle was just a president of a small company. There was nothing to be afraid of. Duncan Miller encouraged himself, but he still dared not approach Kevin Kyle. He began to regret his decision that he made personally. He wanted to invite Karen Daly back to give Charlie Gook a surprise, but now he was in a dilemma. He looked at Kevin Kyle, and felt ashamed if he had to run away with his men. But, he didn’t have the courage to attack Even Faye Reed, who usually had a bad temper, was lost in her mind because of Kevin Kyle’s presence. How could there be such a handsome man in the world? Faye Reed looked at Kevin Kyle and took a breathe This man was much more good looking than the photo. If he didn’t belong to Karen Daly, she would have thrown herself at him. At this time, the patrol officers who were patrolling nearby also rushed over as soon as possible after receiving the call. They didn’t even ask about the situation, but just took a look and confirmed that Duncan Miller was a bad guy. The leader said, “Since you are so playful, come with me to the police station and have a cup of tea.” Duncan Miller reacted and said arrogantly, “Do you know who I am? If you want to invite me back to drink tea, I don’t think you’ll have your job anymore.” “I don’t care who you are. When you make trouble in my place, you have to be mentally prepared.” The leader was a young man. The most important feature of young people was that they were fearless. They didn’t care who you were. As long as you were caught by him, they would catch you and put you in jail for a few days. “Catch me!” Duncan Miller stretched out his hand and made a gesture of being handcuffed. “Come on, come on. If you dare, you can put us in prison. I want to see who is unlucky.” Duncan Miller had caused a lot of trouble in the Midwest before, thinking since he was backed by Charlie Gook, it would be safe. But because he was Charlie Gook’s supervisor, those people would more or less let him go for Charlie Cook’s sake. The Gook family’s root was in the Midwest, and its greatest power was also in the Midwest. However,Duncan Miller thought that Gook Empire would be seen as a small company in North Hill City. So no one would buy his account. The leader picked up the handcuffs and handcuffed Duncan Miller. “Son, let’s see who is unlucky.” After the leader handcuffed Duncan Miller, several other police officers also handcuffed the other men of the scene as fast as they could. When he left, the leader reminded Karen Daly kindly, “You are so beautiful. Don’t go out in the evening in the future. Don’t let these dirty thieves think about you.” Karen Daly was really ashamed. She secretly looked at Kevin Kyle and found that he looked calm as usual, so she was a little relieved. Karen Daly quickly pulled Faye Reed over and said, “Kevin, this is my best friend, and my only good friend, Faye Reed.” Kevin Kyle smiled politely, “Hello, Miss Reed!” After waiting for a long time for Faye Reed’s answer, Karen Daly looked at her and found that Faye Reed was staring at Kevin Kyle in a daze. Karen Daly was really embarrassed. When did this girl, Faye Reed, ever lose her self-control? How could Faye Reed lost in her own mind in front of Kevin Kyle. Karen Daly quickly pinched her. Faye Reed regained alertness and said, “Damn, you look so damn good-looking.” Karen Daly, “.” She suddenly regretted admitting that Faye Reed was her best friend. She should pretend that she didn’t know this girl. “Miss Reed has a good personality. No wonder Karen and you can become such good friends.” It was very rare for Kevin Kyle to say such a long sentence to a stranger whom he met for the first time. Kevin Kyle’s abnormal behavior made Karen Daly feel that he was laughing at her and saying that they were birds of a feather flock together. Faye Reed said, “Mr. Kyle, nice to meet you. I’ve heard of you for a long time. I’ve only seen you today. It turns out that you’re much more good looking than in the picture.” Kevin Kyle smiled. “Karen often mentioned about me to you?” Faye Reed nodded. “Of course. It’s not easy for her to fall in love, and I’m her only friend. If she doesn’t tell me, who is she going to talk to.” “She told you that we were in love?” Kevin Kyle’s eyes moved slightly and saw Karen Daly, who was pinching Faye Reed hard. Karen Daly’s face was so red that it could burn. “Faye, you’re drunk. Shut up and stop talking.” Karen Daly pinched Faye Reed hard and said, “It’s so late. I’ll take you home first.” “Mr. Kyle, did you drive here?” Faye Reed ignored Karen Daly’s warning and insisted on fighting against her. “If you do, please drive me back. I’ll tell you what Karen said to me.” Karen Daly had no objections of letting Kevin Kyle drive Faye Reed back, but when she thought of Faye Reed’s ability to talk nonsense, Karen Daly had second thoughts..

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