My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 55

Karen Daly wanted to stop her, but she couldn’t, because Faye Reed would not buy her excuses. As for now, Kevin Kyle was driving the car with her sitting in the passenger seat, while Faye Reed was sitting on the left side of the back seat admiring the car. “Hey. I told you, you are lucky though you don’t want to admit this. For you to have a man that can afford this luxury car, you must have done a lot of good deed in your last life.” Karen Daly really wanted to shut Faye Reed’s mouth up, and even wanted to throw her out of the window. But she couldn’t do anything too bad in front of Kevin Kyle, so she smiled helplessly at Faye Reed’s remarks. In fact, she had scolded that damned girl more than a thousand times in her heart Faye Reed had acknowledged Karen Daly’s angry looks, but she just ignored them and kept talking. Sitting in the back seat of the car, Faye Reed leaned forward slightly and asked, “Mr. Kyle, Karen and you have been registered for so long. When are you going to hold a wedding?” Hearing Faye Reed’s question, Karen Daly answered first, “Wedding is just a formality. It does not mean too much. And I think there’s nothing wrong with our situation now.” Because they had been registered for a long time, but Kevin Kyle had never mentioned about having a wedding, and Karen Daly had never thought about it too, so she thought that Kevin Kyle must share the same sentiments. Karen Daly thought that, indeed, she meant what she said earlier. A wedding ceremony would not mean much to them now. Faye Reed became anxious after hearing this. “Karen Daly, has your brain gone rusty? Both of you have secretly registered your marriage but you did not hold a wedding ceremony, then no one will know that Karen Daly is Kevin Kyle’s wife. If he finds another woman in the future and publicly announce it, you will be called a mistress instead.” Last time, Karen Daly was engaged with Charlie Gook. As they did not make their relationship public, Charlie Gook was swooped away, and Karen Daly was the ultimate victim in the end. The reason why Faye Reed brought up the wedding topic at this time was to remind Karen Daly not to repeat her mistakes. “Faye, stop it.” Karen Daly understood why Faye Reed brought this up. But she didn’t want to be reminded of her pain in the past. She was convinced that Kevin Kyle would not turn into someone like Charlie Gook. Kevin Kyle, who had been driving without saying a word, suddenly interrupted and said, “Karen, I’m really sorry. I always thought that registering for our marriage is enough, but I forgot the significance of holding a wedding ceremony. I’ll seriously consider the wedding plan next.” To hold a wedding ceremony was common sense for most people. But for Kevin Kyle who lead a very busy life, it was not within his consideration. If Faye Reed didn’t mention it today, he didn’t even consider planning a wedding ceremony to publicly announce that Karen Daly was his wife. After Kevin Kyle spoke, Faye Reed did not continue. She was just a little angry at Karen Daly. How could she forget the pain she had experienced and allowed for a similar case to possibly happen again. When they were about to arrive at their place, Faye Reed spoke again, “Mr. Kyle, could you please stop the car by the side? I want to go to the convenience store to buy something.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle slowed down and pulled over. Before the car stopped, Faye Reed said, “Girl, I’m not feeling so well. Please help me get some sanitary pads from the convenience store.” She had to use this excuse to send Karen Daly away for a while. Faye Reed didn’t care how Kevin Kyle looked at her. He was not her man anyway. As soon as Karen Daly left, Faye Reed’s expression instantly became serious. “Mr. Kyle, can I have a word with you?” Kevin Kyle looked up at Faye Reed from the rearview mirror and nodded politely. “Miss Reed, please go ahead!” Faye Reed tilted her head and looked outside. As she saw that Karen Daly had already entered the convenience store, she said, “Karen is a good girl. Please cherish her and don’t let her get hurt again.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “I know.” Faye Reed continued, “Mr Kyle, I don’t know why you used a different identity and went out with Karen. I don’t want to Investigate this matter. As long as you treat Karen well, I will put this matter in my heart and never mention a word to her.” Kevin Kyle looked back at Faye Reed and said sincerely, “Thank you!” Faye Reed took a deep breath and said, “Karen Daly used to be a very silly girl. When others treated her a little better, she would treat them even better. In the past three years, she had changed a lot but no one could get through her easily anymore… So please don’t hurt her.” Faye Reed still wanted to tell Kevin Kyle many things about Karen Daly, but she finally stopped. Because she always felt that Kevin Kyle seemed to know everything about Karen’s past, and she also felt that Kevin Kyle seemed to be pretending and put up a nice front for everyone After sending Faye Reed away, Karen Daly could breathed a sigh of relief. If she let the girl stay for any second longer, Faye Reed could talk about anything at all. Kevin Kyle drove home. The two of them did not talk along the way. Karen Daly wanted to talk to him several times, but when she saw his cold expression, she swallowed her words back. Kevin Kyle was really a man that could show different characters. Sometimes, his gentleness could melt people’s hearts. Sometimes he was as cold as an ice cube, preventing anyone from approaching him. It took them more than half an hour to get home. After they stepped into the room. Kevin Kyle changed his cold attitude as he turned around and held Karen Daly against the door. “Ah… Karen Daly screamed with fear. She panicked yet anticipated what he would do next. However, Kevin Kyle just looked at her quietly, he stared at her for a long time, and then he asked, “Karen, do you want to date me?” “I don’t. Don’t listen to Faye Reed’s nonsense.” Karen Daly shook her head like a rattle and tried her best to deny that she wanted to talk about dating. Kevin Kyle watched her gently close her cherry red lips and he pushed her head closer towards him, pretending to kiss her Karen Daly instinctively closed her eyes and raised her head when she saw his handsome face. However, Kevin Kyle did not move forward. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Kevin Kyle, who was staring at her thoughtfully. Why did this man mislead her? It was really annoying! “You really don’t want to consider being in a relationship?” Kevin Kyle repeated the question.

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