My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 56

“If Kevin Kyle wants to be in a relationship with her, just say it directly, Karen Daly said to herself. Although this behaviour was very childish, she was still willing to be with him. But words can mean nothing if no actions taken… Karen Daly shook her head in a reserved manner. “I was worried that I may not have time to accompany you. I don’t want to let you down. Now that you’ve said that you don’t want to date, I’m relieved.” Kevin Kyle let go of her and turned to change his shoes gracefully, then he walked calmly into the study. That’s it? This idiot! How could he bully her like this! Karen Daly wanted to pounce on him and bite him, telling him this was not what she wanted. She really didn’t know whether Kevin Kyle was an idiot or just pretended to have a low EQ? Sometimes his words warm her heart for a long time, and sometimes what he said would make her speechless. “Woof, woof, woof…” Momo had been here for a long time, but its owner did not notice it, so Momo had to draw attention. Karen Daly shook the gift box in her hand and deliberately teased it. “Aunt Faye bought this for me, not for you.” “Woo..” Momo cried sadly. “Momo, don’t be angry.” Karen Daly touched her head while coaxing it like a child, “Come here and unwrap the gifts with me and see what Aunt Faye brought for me, okay?” It was a very delicate gift box. As she opened it, she said, “Momo, what do you think Auntie will give me?” She opened them one by one. After opening them, she was instantly shocked The exquisite gift box was actually filled with condoms of large and small sizes, and there were also different flavors… Karen Daly thought that Faye Reed had forgotten that incident, but she didn’t expect that Faye Reed would buy them and send to her as gifts, which made her surprised even more. There was also a note in the box, “Hey, sis. Enjoy the most primitive happiness with your man!” “Karen Daly -” Kevin Kyle’s low and sexy voice suddenly echoed behind her, which scared her. Her hand trembled and almost knocked over the gift box. She hurriedly held the box in her arms and said in a panic, “What’s the matter?” If Kevin Kyle saw what she was holding, what would he think of her? She wanted to have good days with him, so she did not want to leave such a bad impression in his heart. “If you want to consider a relationship, tell me. I will take time to accompany you.” He said and turned back to the study Karen Daly didn’t want to pursue a relationship. She never even thought about it at all. It was clear that he brought this up first Wait, now it seemed that she wanted to consider dating instead, but she was being manipulated to. Karen Daly was agitated. She wanted to rush into the study to teach Kevin Kyle a good lesson, but she did not dare to do so. Karen Daly was not in the mood to deal with Kevin Kyle. At present, the most important thing was to deal with the gift in her hand. She crept back to her room and hid these things in a place that she thought was very secluded. She had just hidden it when her phone rang. She glanced at it briefly and saw that the number looked familiar. It seemed to be Charlie Gook calling. She had talked with Charlie Gook before, telling him not to disturb her anymore, but Charlie Gook seemed unbothered, even tried to kidnap her. If Kevin Kyle hadn’t arrived in time, she couldn’t imagine what would happen next. Fortunately, she had Kevin Kyle. After thinking for a while, Karen Daly answered the phone. From the other end came Charlie Gook’s apologetic voice. “Karen, I have to apologize to you! I don’t know anything about the kidnapping thing today. It was Duncan Miller who made up his mind to bring you to me.” “Charlie Gook, you don’t have to apologize to me, as long as you don’t disturb my life anymore.” Not caring if Charlie Gook did order Duncan Miller. but Karen Daly really couldn’t care anymore. She just didn’t want to have anything to do with him She didn’t want to see him, she didn’t want to be reminded of the bad things in the past, and she didn’t want Kevin Kyle to misunderstand her either. “Karen, although I’m not the one who instructed Duncan Miller, I’ve always been thinking about you.” Charlie Gook began to sweet talk which gave Karen Daly goosebumps. She said, “That’s enough, Charlie Gook, You’re disgusting. I don’t buy your words.” “Karen.” Charlie Gook paused and asked, “Do you know Leo Kyle?” Karen Daly snorted and said, “Leo Kyle? I’m just an employee. How could I know Rovio Corp’s family member? You think too highly of me.” Charlie Gook asked, “You really don’t know him?” Last time, Silas Campbell, the director of the Public Security Bureau of Chatterton Town, went to the police station to pick Karen Daly up. This time, Silas Campbell personally ordered to investigate the criminal responsibility of Duncan Miller and others. Originally, such a small matter could be dealt with a fight. As long as he made a phone call, Duncan Miller and the others would be released. Who knew that it would suddenly cause such a big stir in the criminal case? Charlie Gook thought about the matter for a while, but he didn’t expect that Kevin Kyle, who had no strong influence could have Silas Campbell to get involved in this. He asked someone to investigate secretly, and the police revealed some clues, which was directed at Rovio Corporation’s Leo Kyle. How could Leo Kyle get involved in Karen Daly’s matter? Charlie Gook thought twice and thought about the scandalous news that Leo Kyle was a playboy. Then Leo Kyle was likely to have a crush on Karen Daly. Would Kevin Kyle send his wife to Leo Kyle’s bed to bribe him? Charlie Gook thought it was extremely possible. Karen Daly should have belonged to him. How could he let Kevin Kyle take advantage of her? Karen Daly didn’t know what Charlie Gook wanted to say, so she was confused. “Charlie Gook, don’t talk nonsense with me. I’m telling you clearly that I don’t know anyone.” When she said this, Kevin Kyle pushed the door open and came in. He happened to hear Karen Daly talking about Leo Kyle. Why did she mention Leo Kyle? Could it be.. He looked at Karen Daly sharply. The phone call with Charlie Gook was caught by Kevin Kyle. Although it was nothing, she was still worried that Kevin Kyle would misunderstand. She quickly hung up the phone and looked at him with a smile. “Faye called and asked us if we are home? But her explanation was too far-fetched..

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