My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 57

With a pair of glasses, there was a hint of anger flashed Kevin Kyle’s eyes, and he said in a deep voice, “I don’t care who he is. Blacklist that man’s number and never meet him again.” Kevin Kyle was worried about Karen Daly who’s too naive. She was deeply hurt by Charlie Gook and still couldn’t get over him. So he must help her get over the past relationship which was not worth any of her feelings. Kevin Kyle’s words were very overbearing but Karen Daly did not resent him for what he said. She obediently took out her mobile phone and blacklisted Charlie Cook’s phone number. Then Karen Daly showed her phone to Kevin Kyle. “Have a look, I’ve already banned his number and I will not see him again in the future.” “Good.” Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly and an idea flashed in his mind. “I forgot about one more thing and now I want to make it up to you. Can I?” “What is it? Do you need my help?” Karen Daly did not know what Kevin Kyle meant and asked him curiously, “Yes, only you can help me.” Kevin Kyle approached Karen Daly and lifted her head. Karen Daly was a little angry. “Kevin Kyle, this kind of childish game can only played once. It will be really childish to play it again.” She thought that Kevin Kyle would pretend to kiss her and end up not kissing her, again. Before she could finish her words, Kevin Kyle kissed her fiercely. Their breath became one as they entangled their lips… The longer they kissed, the more addicted Kevin Kyle became. His kisses were so dense as if he wanted to make Karen Daly a part of him. Karen Daly’s arms and legs became weak and she had to hold tightly to the corner of Kevin Kyle’s shirt. At this moment, she was willing to let Kevin Kyle bring her into another fantasy The smoldering kiss was stopped abruptly. Kevin Kyle pushed Karen Daly gently out of his arms while she was still enjoying the kiss. Kevin Kyle smiled slily, “I have work to do. You should rest.” Karen Daly paused for a moment before she came to her senses. “What the hell? Why is he always like that.” It suddenly came to her mind that when KeVin Kyle said he forgot about one thing, he meant that he forgot to kiss her when he came back from his business trip today. She pursed her lips that was still lingering with the Kevin Kyle’s warmth, Karen Daly suddenly felt sad and contemplated if she could have this beautiful moment forever? Karen Daly will not stop worrying as long as Charlie Gook is still in North Hill City and the issues of his company were still not settled. She was so afraid that days like these would disappear and everything would return to its original state. Somewhere in a luxury suite, in a five-star hotel in North Hill City, Charlie Gook smashed a few mobile phones furiously. Last night, Karen Daly not only hung up his phone but also blacklisted his number. Is she not going to be merciful towards him? Does this mean he will have no other choice buy to let Karen Daly become Kevin Kyle’s woman? No! No! No! Charlie Gook shouted in his heart. He would never let Kevin Kyle win. He would definitely get Karen Daly back. If Karen Daly insisted to stay by Kevin Kyle’s side, he would use mean ways to win her back. Anyway, he would not let Kevin Kyle off lightly Kevin Kyle don’t deserve Karen Daly! “Duncan Miller!” Charlie Gook shouted. Then, he remembered that Duncan Miller had been taken to the police station but he couldn’t get him out. He was really angry that there was nothing he could do. Another person who replaced Duncan Miller temporarily ran in. “Young Master, what can I do for you?” “Have you made an appointment with the actress named Polaris?” It doesn’t matter if the actress is Leo Kyle’s girlfriend, Charlie Gook will not let any chances go no matter how minimal the chances are. The man who took over Duncan Miller’s job was called Lincoln Hill. He was sent by Bernard Gook, Charlie Gook’s father. He was more matured than Duncan Miller. He said, “Young master, that woman had promised to see us but she will tell us where to meet. It will take about half an hour to reach there.” Charlie Gook stood up and said, “We’ll go right away.” After wasting so much time, he couldn’t wait to see Leo Kyle. He wanted to obtain the cooperation with Leo Kyle as soon as possible and prove to his father that he was capable. “Charlie..” When he was walking to the lobby of the hotel, a gentle voice called for Charlie Gook. After hearing the voice, Charlie Gook turned around and frowned slightly. “You are not feeling well. You need to have a good rest at home. Why do you come here?” “Charlie.” The woman walked towards him and helped him with his suit jacket. “You have been away for so long. We all worried about you, so dad asked me to come and take care of you.” “You don’t have to come and take care of me. Go back and rest. I have something to do.” Charlie Gook grabbed her hand and said in a gentle voice. “Charlie, I know what is the real purpose of you coming to Chatterton Town.” The woman smiled bitterly. Her voice was gentle and angelic and her looks made people feel pity for her. “A woman like you, what do you know?” Charlie Gook said grumpily She looked like Karen Daly, which made him reluctant to say mean things to her every time. “Charlie, I know I’m useless. I failed to bring our child to this world and couldn’t… At this point, tears welled up in the woman’s eyes. A drop of tear trickled down from the corners of her eyes, making her look even more pitiful. “Why are you crying? I didn’t blame you.” Charlie Gook looked helpless and reached out to hug the woman. The woman raised her head and blinked her teary eyes. She opened her lips slightly and said, “Charlie, you are the eldest son of the Gook family. You must have your own child. So no matter what method you want to try, I am willing to help you.” “Kristine Daly, do you really think so? Even if that person is…” Charlie Gook was happy and surprised. After this woman’s miscarriage, she could never be pregnant again and she will not be able to give birth to a child for the Gook family. She can’t blame him for trying to find someone else to continue the family line. Kristine Daly snuggled in his arms. “There are some things that may not be effective if you do it. Maybe when I do it, there may be different results. I am her sister and I know her temper better than you.” “You mean… Charlie Gook did not dare to believe that what Kristine Daly said. Did it mean he would be more confident to get Karen Daly back. “I will go and see Karen Daly.” Kristine Daly used this powerful trick to win Charlie Gook. “Kristine, you’re so nice to me!” Charlie Gook hugged Kristine Daly tightly as if he can see Karen Daly waving at him. He kissed Kristine Daly’s forehead. “Kristine, as long as you can help me, I promiss I will treat you well.”

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