My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 58

“Your problem is my problem. I would solve them for you if I could.” Kristine Daly smiled gently looking as delicate as a small flower. Everyone saw her would try to protect her. Charlie Gook held Kristine Daly and showed a gentle smile. “Since you are here now, you should stay here. After we have settled this issue, we will go back to Midwest together.” “Okay, I’ll listen to you everything you decide.” Kristine Daly nodded obediently. Charlie Gook said, “Let me walk you back to your room.” Kristine Daly shook her head and said, “Don’t you have something else to do? You don’t have to worry about me. You can handle your business first. I can go back to the room by myself.” As soon as Kristine Daly was done speaking, Charlie Gook hugged her and kissed her hard. He said softly, “Kristine, you are always so thoughtful. How can I not love you? Kristine Daly smiled subtly and patted Charlie Gook’s chest with her tender little hands. “I am your fiancĂ©e, I should take care of you and help you solve your problems. As long as you don’t think I am being a burden then it’s fine. Charlie Gook hugged her tightly and kissed her again. Til ask someone to walk you upstairs to rest. You are not feeling well, don’t tire yourself too much.” Kristine Daly looked at him affectionately. “I wanna watch you leave.” “Then I’ll leave first. You should rest early.” Charlie Gook reminded her again before he left with his men. As Charlie Gook’s figure was getting more and further away, Kristine Daly’s smile gradually faded away. She clenched her fists and muttered, “Charlie, I’ve stayed by your side for three years. I had a miscarriage with your baby, but you still haven’t gotten over her. What should I do with you?” In the Chatterton Town. In a luxurious restaurant. Mia Kyle glanced at the menu casually. The price of these dishes was very expensive. “Great!” She thought. Then she waved at a waiter to order. She ordered the most expensive dish and a dozen other different dishes. Jacky Ball, who was sitting beside her, wanted to say something but he held his thoughts and didn’t speak up. Mia Kyle knew what he wanted to say. It might b like “Polaris, how could you finish so many dishes all by yourself? Stop wasting money. Maybe next time young master will agree to produce a show especially for you.” Mia Kyle knew these people around her very well. They were sent by Leo to keep an eye on her. They were never her people from the beginning. It was not a big deal that the old-fashioned brother controlled and restricted her when she was at home, but she didn’t expect that these people around her were in favour of her conservative brother. They limit her from doing all the things she wants to do. There was no freedom for her at all. Besides, she didn’t want to use Leo’s money at that moment. She was still angry with him.” That day. Leo threw her into the swimming pool so mercilessly and she was almost drowned. Hmph! if he continues to make things difficult for her, she will play all kind of tricks on him and let him remember the lesson forever that he’ll never dare to cross her line again. She decided to resist and to take revenge, so she spread the rumors about Leo being a pervert purposely. She wanted girls to stay away from him and he’d have no one to marry him. Then, he would know how valuable she was to him. However, Mia Kyle did not expect that the rumour would attract Charlie Gook, the young master of the Gook family. The only impression she had about Charlie Gook was that there was a despicable screenwriter working under his company, who always stole others’ ideas and stories. When his behaviour was discovered, he still dared to say that he was just showing respect to the classic. Mia Kyle had seen all kinds of people, but she had never seen such a shameless person before. What’s worst was that the entertainment company owned by the Gook family did not punish this person, instead, they gave him their full support. Mia Kyle decided to take advantage of this opportunity wisely to teach him a good lesson. Then the person who wanted to meet her arrived and was walking towards her. Seeing Charlie Gook who was dressed like a gentleman, Mia Kyle almost couldn’t conceal her disdain. Although she hated Charlie Gook, she couldn’t show it on her face. She smiled and waved her hand. “Hi, Mr. Gook.” Charlie Gook looked at Mia Kyle and frowned subtly. Mia Kyle knew that he didn’t like her face. She deliberately overdid her makeup that day, trying to make herself look ridiculous. If she didn’t pretend to be ugly, she was worried that this unruly young master of the Gook family would fall in love with her. “Are you Polaris?” Charlie Gook looked at Mia Kyle from head to toe. He didn’t believe that Leo Kyle would have interest in such a weird girl. The thick makeup made this girl looked like a clown. Mia Kyle grinned. “Yes, I’m. Now, do you want to take a photo with a superstar like me?” Charlie Gook felt disgusted in his heart. He was not interested in such a “superstar”. Besides her skinny figure, the thick face powder on her face made people feel like vomiting Charlie Gook expressed his intention of meeting her directly. “Polaris, I think my secretary had already told you why I want to meet you.” Mia Kyle’s makeup was too dramatic. She looked like a ghost in some horror movies. Charlie Gook was trying his best not turn around and leave after seeing her like this. Mia Kyle blinked and said, “Take a seat and eat. I’ve already ordered the dishes. We’d better eat first before we talk.” But Charlie Gook said, “Or you could tell me the information that I need, then you could take your time to enjoy the meal. I’ll pay for the bill.” “You will pay?” Mia Kyle leaned towards him and asked. “Even if I overindulged in my meal, it won’t even be worth that much money. Is that the best you can do to get the information from me?” “Just tell me what you want, said Charlie Gook while inching back from her slowly. He couldn’t bear her makeup at all. Mia Kyle raised her hands and showed her index finger, indicating the number one. “Give me this and you can get any information you want from me.” “100,000?” “100,000 dollars? Do you think I am a beggar?” Mia Kyle shook her finger in front of Charlie Gook. “I want 1000000 dollars.” “You are crazy.” It was Lincoln Hill, who was standing behind Charlie Gook, that spoke up. “Mr. Gook, who’s the boss? Are you the boss or the one behind you?” Mia Kyle was good at provoking. Kevin Kyle might be the only person she was afraid of. If he could work with Rovio Incorporation Inc. this sum of money was nothing to Charlie Gook. The main issue was to see if this woman could provide any useful information to Charlie Gook..

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