My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 59

Charlie Gook stared at Mia Kyle for a long time. A young girl like her must not dare to play tricks. “I can give you 1000000 dollars, but if you dare to play any tricks.” Then he stopped. He believed she would understand what he meant Charlie Gook waved to his assistant and took out the cheque book to write. “Now you can say it.” Mia Kyle got up and sat next to Charlie Gook and pretended to be mysterious and said, “I’m telling you, Leo Kyle is actually a playboy. He even impregnated 2 children before. Of course, these news have been blocked by the Kyle family. It’s impossible to spread outside.” “I’m not interested in what he did before. I just want to know how to meet him. And what kind of women is his type?” Mia Kyle approached him which made Charlie Gook step back. He didn’t want to get close to her face. “Of course men like beautiful women.” Mia Kyle thought for a while and said, “He will attend a charity party in two days. You can meet him there.” Regardless of his reaction, Mia Kyle continued on, “Don’t always think too highly of Rovio Corporation’s leader.” “Sometimes he is just an ordinary man. Men must have a lot of emotions and desires. However, he has higher requirements for women than ordinary people.” Mia Kyle paused and continued, “Pretty is one of the factors, and temperament is also very important. If you can find a woman with a good appearance and temperament and send her to him, a lot of money will come your way.” “If you really can’t find a suitable one, then look for one that matches my appearance. If you find someone as beautiful as me, there will be no harm.” Mia Kyle talked a lot, but Charlie Gook only remembered a few keywords, which were the charity dinner and a woman with good appearance and temperament. “A temperamental woman…. Charlie Gook murmured these words over and over again, and a slim figure unconsciously appeared in his mind. Karen Daly. Although Karen Daly was not as delicate and lively as she used to be, she was still exquisite and fine, as if she had been carefully sculpted. She had a beauty of being mature. Metaphorically, it could be described that Karen Daly had evolved from a budding flower into a blossoming flower resting proudly on a plant. Unfair! A mature and beautiful woman like Karen Daly … did not belong to him. However, she should be his. He should be hers! If it weren’t for his parents’ objection in the past, and if it weren’t for Kevin Kyle’s interference… How could he not get her? How could that be! As he was thinking, Charlie Gook clenched his fists with a murderous look on his face. Now, he was no longer the useless teenager who had no strength and power in front of his parents, and he would not let others bully him – Karen Daly, he must get her! If he couldn’t get her..he would destroy her. Charlie Gook let go of the tension in his hands, smiled and looked at Mia Kyle’s bizarre face, and asked, “Are you sure that Leo Kyle will attend a charity dinner?” His smile was bright, but also creepy. Mia Kyle felt sick. Leo Kyle usually smiled. His smile was full of confidence. Looking at his smile, people would be cheerful. But why did Charlie Cook’s smile look so sinister? Mia Kyle felt chills in her heart. She just wanted to get away from the disgusting man as soon as possible. So she quickly replied with a smile, “Since I am brave to request this large sum of money from you, then I am 100% sure. Do you think I, a little star, dare to play tricks in front of you?” Mia Kyle’s confidence made Charlie Gook hesitate briefly. Recently, he did hear that the celebrities of Chatterton Town were going to hold such a charity dinner, but he did not hear that Rovio Corporation’s Leo Kyle would attend. If what the little girl said was true, then he could find a way to meet Leo Kyle and find a way to work with Rovio Corporation Now, he had to find some temperamental women to please Leo Kyle. He didn’t know if Duncan Miller that idiot, had found a suitable candidate or not. Charlie Gook did not respond for a long time, so Mia Kyle asked impatiently, “Mister Gook, are you satisfied with this news?” Charlie Gook stared at Mia Kyle for a long time, trying to read any cues from her heavily made-up face. However, he only saw how impatient Mia Kyle was and could not read anymore cues. After thinking over and over again, he got up and say, “Take your time to enjoy the meal. I’ll go first. If it’s done, I’ll reward you even more.” “Mister Gook, don’t forget to pay the bill when you leave.” Mia Kyle took the cheque and waved to Charlie Gook, grinning from eye to eye. She looked like a little girl who loved money. After Charlie Gook left, Mia Kyle looked the cheque with a triumphant smile. She made it. Leo Kyle was a typical conservative man. He was famous at a young age and an emperor of the business empire, but he lived a boring life like a monk with no desire. He only had a girlfriend three years ago. They had dated for about two months, but they hadn’t met up much. In the end, the woman abandoned him because she couldn’t see him frequently Mia Kyle doubted if her stupid brother didn’t know how to care for the woman and caused her future sister-in-law to run away Thinking of the past, Mia Kyle felt sad for Kevin Kyle again. If no woman liked him and he did not take the initiative to pursue women, the future of the Kyle family would be a barren one. Thinking about it, she spread the rumors… She was simply worried about the continuation of the bloodline of the Kyle Family. Jacky Ball, who had been standing next to Mia Kyle for a long time, finally spoke up. He said, “Polaris, if the young master knew you were doing this, he would drag you back to America.” Now that Jacky Ball reminded Mia Kyle of this, she became anxious. “Jacky Ball, how dare you mention this, if it weren’t for you who spilled on me, would Leo find me?” “Polaris, it was you who asked me to call him last time. Why did you blame me again?” The thing happened a few days ago was that Mia Kyle wanted to take advantage of Kevin Kyle’s news. In just a few days, this girl didn’t admit it and still put the blame on him. Jacky Ball felt that he had been taken advantage of..

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