My Husband, Warm the Bed – Chapter 60

“Dishes have been served. Sit down and eat with me, Jacky.” Mia Kyle remembered that she played the trick because she wanted to capitalize on the scandalous news with Kevin Kyle. She felt sorry for misunderstanding Jacky Ball. The servant and the host in the Kyle family never have dinner together at a table, so Jacky Ball didn’t dare to break this rule. He stood still and said, “Miss, take your time. I’ll eat later.” “Nonsense! If I ask you to sit down and eat with me, you should obey” Mia Kyle picked up the chopsticks and started to eat. She said while ate, “Besides, I ordered too much delicious food. I can’t eat them all by myself. It’s a waste.” Jacky Ball reminded her again, “The Kyle family motto taught us to respect our boundaries. If the young master sees you like this, you will have to learn etiquettes again.” Mia Kyle was chocked up after hearing Jacky Ball’s words. The Kyle Family had its own family rules, but they were not in the Kyle Family now. Must she still follow the rules? She rolled her eyes and threatened, “If you continue to talk about the family rules, I will exile you.” Jacky Ball finally shut up, and Mia Kyle enjoyed her food. No matter how powerful Leo was, he could not control her for the rest of his life. By the way, there will be a lot of ladies around him. It had been a while since they signed a new project. Innovative Tech was shrouded in unprecedented haze. People’s minds were wavering and they couldn’t focus at work Sunnie Olsen was not in the office, and the whole business department got lazy. There were not many people working hard. William Baker was chatting on the phone. It seemed that he had a girlfriend, “I miss you so much and love you” and so on, which made Karen Daly feel nauseated. May Lily and Alice Cole sat together and browsed Twitter. They talked loudly as if they had forgotten that it was working time. “Wow, Leo Kyle from Rovio Corporation Inc looks so handsome, but he’s too resolute. He doesn’t look like a businessman, but more like a soldier.” “Leo Kyle is very handsome, but he still lost to our Director Kyle. However, do you think that all men with the Kyle family name are so good-looking?” “Leo Kyle looks honest, but this post says that he is a playboy. Well, Director Kyle is loyal to his wife.” May Lily and Alice Cole were bantering away as they expressed their opinions on the two men. They didn’t know that Leo Kyle in the picture was not the real one at all. It was a trick played by Mia Kyle secretly. After Leo Kyle came to North Hill City, his news was released every day. Even if Karen Daly did not pay attention to him, she had heard a lot of news about him. For example, there was a lot of news with titles such as, “a young man that is very ambitious”, “a young man that was like an emperor in the business world”, or “he was a playboy”. To be honest, this kind of person was superior and unreachable, and naturally had nothing to do with ordinary people like Karen Daly. However, every time Karen Daly saw this person’s news, she would be reminded of the past – Charlie Gook in the past had been so radiant and vigorous, too. But what happened in the end? Karen Daly felt sad as she reminisced on the past. Power, money, status, reputation… She was an ordinary person and did not ask for these things. Now, she just wanted to live a quiet life with Kevin Kyle Karen Daly smiled subtly as she thought of Kevin Kyle. They were men. Compared with the playboy Leo Kyle, her husband Kevin Kyle was really like a saint. They had slept in the same bed for a long time, but nothing had happened… However, she could feel his desire every night. In the night, they lay on the same bed. The breathing sounds of each other were the last thing they hear as they end their day. Occasionally, they touched each other, either intentionally or unintentionally. At that time, Karen Daly could clearly hear Kevin Kyle’s increasingly intense breathing and her increasingly flustered heartbeat Karen Daly couldn’t express what she wanted. It seemed that she was looking forward to something, but she was scared. He had appeared in her life out of the blue and brought colours onto her dull life… But it was so sudden. The sudden happiness and bliss made her very uneasy. What if it is just a dream? Even if his heavy breathing could be heard, even if her accelerating heartbeat was so real, even if she could see him and feel him, she still did not believe this sudden reality. To make matters worse, the presence of Charlie Gook kept reminding her of her past, reminding her of her childishness. “Kevin Kyle.” As she thought of Charlie Gook, Karen Daly recited Kevin Kyle’s name. Kevin Kyle. A simple and short name, but always gave her great confidence when she recited his name. Buzz… Speaking of the devil, the phone on her desk suddenly vibrated. Karen Daly was so shocked that her hands shook. She stopped ruminating on her thoughts. What was she thinking during office hours? Karen Daly picked up her phone. It was Kevin Kyle. When she answered the phone, she heard Kevin Kyle’s pleasant sexy voice. “What are you doing?” “No, nothing.” Ah, his voice was so low, yet felt so nice to hear. “Oh?” Although it was just a one- syllable response, yet she understood the many meanings it carried behind the response. Her heart was beating fast. Karen Daly blushed, but she pretended to be calm and said, “What’s wrong?” “Mrs. Kyle, it’s time to eat.” The man on the other side of the phone said calmly. His tone was calm, but she could sense a smile in the plain tone. He called her Mrs. Kyle. He was such a serious man, but at that time he was flirting with her on the phone. Karen Daly let out a smile. Her clear eyes lit up and she answered happily. “Mr. Kyle, I’ll follow your order.” After that, there was silence on the other side of the phone. Karen Daly suddenly panicked and thought she had said something wrong. Just as she was about to explain, the deep voice came from the phone again. “Shall we go together?” He said that gently and courteously, which was something that Karen Daly had never experienced before, He was waiting for her answer. He hoped that she would agree. Karen Daly paused. She had the urge to just run up to him regardless of what others would think. She wanted to announce loudly that she was his wife, Mrs. Kyle..

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